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Jump to navigation. By Lee John Skandalakis. This book is not available online. Not on our shelves. Description What do all surgeons want? Fewer anatomical complications in the operating room! This new 2-volume reference, edited by John E. Skandalakis, will help surgeons, residents and students to achieve just that. The result of his 50 years of experience -- in both teaching surgical anatomy and in practicing surgery -- it provides an overall understanding of the body's processes through a greater awareness of embryology and anatomy.

It takes a fresh approach to surgical anatomy by appointing two anatomists and two embryologists as the other editors and more than 20 international general surgeons and specialists as contributors. All have participated in writing chapters to provide modern philosophies about: topographic anatomy relations to anatomic entities current surgical trends anatomic complications.

It is these surgical philosophies, not techniques, which are the focus of the book. The book is organised for quick and easy use. For example, everything a surgeon needs to study the stomach is included in the chapter by that name. Only if coverage overlaps are readers referred elsewhere in the book for additional information. Each chapter is a separate essay from an embryologic, anatomic and surgical viewpoint and follows the format below: historical table embryology and congenital anomalies brief surgical and topographic anatomy in relation to neighboring organs detailed histology and physiology brief surgical applications and anatomic complications detailed.

About the Author He's board certified, specializing in Surgery with expertise in several areas. Doctor Skandalakis is a highly experienced doctor, with 29 years of practice in the field Highly regarded by his patients. Graduated from highly rated Emory University. Doctor Skandalakis is a published author, having articles in peer reviewed journals.


2017, Number 3

Key words:. Epidemiology of Gallstones. Gastroenterol Clin N Am. Lammert S, Miquel J. Gallstone disease: From genes to evidence-based therapy.


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Se han incluido algunos datos sobre embriogenia, ya que la embriologa nos lleva a un entendimiento ms riguroso de la anatoma humana. Pncreas Marban; Manual de anatoma funcional y quirrgica del suelo plvico. EUR 22,00usado y nuevo 4 ofertas. Skandalakis Anatomia Quirurgica Pdf

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