Welcome Guest! Cannot load file or assembly 'Leadtools. Groups: Registered Posts: 4. I get an exception on the last line of the following code sorry for the format, won't let me post it any other way : LeadHelper. Load imageLocation ; The exception reads: System. An attempt was made to lead a program with an incorrect format.

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The Leadtools. Codecs namespace contains classes with properties, methods and events for loading, saving and converting any type of image file and for getting information about loaded bitmaps.

These functions allow you to work with files in memory buffers or at offsets within disk files. Both high and low level functions are provided. The RasterCodecs class is the main gateway to all file format features. Codecs namespace:. Summary of All Supported File Formats. Codecs Assembly Changes. Getting Started. Medical Web Viewer. Direct Show. Media Foundation. Media Streaming. Imaging, Medical, and Document. Your email has been sent to support! Someone should be in touch!

If your matter is urgent please come back into chat. Version History. See Also. Download our FREE evaluation. Codecs Assembly. Codecs Namespace. CodecsAbcLoadOptions Class. FastLoad Property. CodecsAbcOptions Class. Load Property. Save Property. CodecsAbcSaveOptions Class. QualityFactor Property. CodecsAnzLoadOptions Class. View Property. CodecsAnzOptions Class. FileName Property. Stream Property. Uri Property. CodecsCsvLoadOptions Class. BodyFontBold Property.

BodyFontColor Property. BodyFontItalic Property. BodyFontName Property. BodyFontSize Property. BodyFontUnderline Property. ColorMode Property. FirstBackColor Property. HeaderFontBold Property. HeaderFontColor Property. HeaderFontItalic Property.

HeaderFontName Property. HeaderFontSize Property. HeaderFontUnderline Property. HorizontalCellAlignment Property. SecondBackColor Property. TableBorderColor Property. TableBorderWidth Property. TableCellWidth Property. VerticalCellAlignment Property. CodecsCsvOptions Class. CodecsDocLoadOptions Class.

BitsPerPixel Property. CodecsDocOptions Class. CodecsDocumentImageInfo Class. IsDocumentFile Property. PageHeight Property. PageWidth Property.

Unit Property. ToRasterTagMetadata Method. Buffer Property. Cancel Property. Count Property. Id Property. MetadataType Property. CodecsEpsLoadOptions Class. ForceThumbnail Property. CodecsEpsOptions Class. CodecsExtensionList Class. CreateStamp Method. Dispose Method CodecsExtensionList. Dispose Method. Dispose bool Method. Finalize Method.

GetAudioData Method. GetExtensions Method. Flags Property. CodecsFaxImageInfo Class. IsCompressed Property. Abort Property. CodecsFpxLoadOptions Class. Resolution Property. CodecsFpxOptions Class. Info Property. CodecsGifImageInfo Class. GetAnimationPalette Method. AnimationBackground Property. AnimationHeight Property. AnimationLoop Property. AnimationWidth Property.

HasAnimationBackground Property. HasAnimationLoop Property. HasAnimationPalette Property.


RasterImageTypeConverter Class

The codecs parameter is in the form xyz, yuv The FastFileInfo allows you to determine whether a file will be rejected if the signature does not match one of the known file format signatures. As a result, the file format DLLs will not be loaded or called unnecessarily. IgnoreCodecs It is important to note that PreloadCodecs must be called prior to loading, saving or getting information on a file. Getting Started. Medical Web Viewer.


Leadtools.Codecs Introduction

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