At the end of the second period, release the MSG button for 1 second and momentarily press the button again. Following this sequence, the unit will automatically enter the Maintenance MNT pages. The KLN94 may be similar. Does your KLNB take a long time to acquire satellites for navigation? Are you getting error messages like: "user data lost", "Error ", hardware failure"?

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I have a database update to do; previously I was buying new cards but these are now cost prohibitive in comparison to the website download.

I'm in the UK. The cable is detailed in the KLN89B installation manual which can be found with google at a few places like here. See pages or there. I suspect the oddball plug may be the same as the KFC plug which is detailed here search for "plug" but the actual connector in your aircraft may be something else. A DB9 is commonly installed too and they are about 10p I also have a huge avionics manuals collection so if anybody needs anything, let me know.

Another approach may be to get a PC writer for the card s. I have this and the same or similar may be usable. I have never done the download option, as it needs a laptop to be run with an internet connection in the aircraft, and the Honeywell website is hugely bloated But a PC writer needs one to have at least 2 cards, so one can swap it right there in the aircraft.

This is quite funny. That's a great help thanks chaps. I assume this cable attaches to the back of the KLN89B as I can't find a data port for a jack plug on my instrument panel.

There is a bench rig you can plug it into, but it isn't cheap and IMHO it's not a good idea to keep pulling the GPS out of the panel, given the method of fixing. Last year I bought a used cable from someone who upgraded his avionics. So now I download the new database via the Bendix-King internet site onto my laptop and take it to the hangar to update the GPS. My cable is different from the one Lonestar offers for the 90B. It has a 9 pole female on one side where I put an USB adapter on for the laptop and the round jack, like for headsets but a bit smaller to plug into the aircraft socket.

I think its the same with the 89B cable. The 89B must be powered for the update. Back to Top. Active Threads Latest Posts. I also have a huge avionics manuals collection so if anybody needs anything, let me know Another approach may be to get a PC writer for the card s.

Hello Velar, try this regards norbert or even better another one. That Lonestar site is a great find. Normally the connector is underneath the panel. This thread is locked. This means you can't add a response. Threads possibly related to this one VFR only aircraft. Disclaimer: This is a publicly accessible system. The views and opinions of originators and contributors expressed on this site are their own. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy This site uses cookies.


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