Quick Links. See also: Workshop Manual , Operator's Manual. Table of Contents. Please read these instructions carefully and make sure. Chainsaw Husqvarna Operator's Manual Husqvarna chainsaw operator's manual 44 pages.

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Quick Links. See also: Workshop Manual , Operator's Manual. Table of Contents. Please read these instructions carefully and make sure. Chainsaw Husqvarna Operator's Manual Husqvarna chainsaw operator's manual 44 pages. Chain saws can be dangerous! Careless or incorrect use can result in serious or fatal injury to the operator or others. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand them before using the saw.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Long term inhalation of the engine's exhaust fumes, chain oil mist and dust from sawdust can represent a health risk. Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify the design and appearance of products without prior notice. You must use approved personal protective equipment whenever you use the machine. Personal protective equipment cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it will reduce the degree of injury if an accident does happen.

Page 5 1 Chain brake and front hand guard YOUR chain saw is equipped with a chain brake that is desig- ned to stop the chain immediately if you get a kickback. The chain brake reduces the risk of accidents, but only You can prevent them.

Page 6: Chain Catcher The way the chain brake is triggered, either manually or automatically, depends on the force of the kickback and the position of the chain saw in relation to the object that the kickback zone of the bar strikes. If you get a violent kickback while the kickback zone of the bar is farthest away from you Page 7: Stop Switch 5 Vibration damping system Your chain saw is equipped with a vibration damping system that is designed to minimise vibrations and make operation easier.

When you use a chain saw vibrations are generated by the uneven contact between the chain and the wood you are cutting. This is especially true of chain saw safety equipment. When you buy any of our products we guarantee the availability of professional repairs and service. Page 9: Throttle Lock 2 Throttle lock Make sure the throttle control is locked at the idle setting when you release the throttle lock. Press the throttle lock and make sure it returns to its original position when you release it.

Check that the throttle control and throttle lock move freely and that the return springs work Page Cutting Equipment 7 Muffler Never use a chain saw that has a faulty muffler. Regularly check that the muffler is securely attached to the chain saw. If the muffler on your saw is fitted with a spark arrestor mesh this must be cleaned regularly. A blocked mesh will cause the engine to overheat and may lead to serious Page 11 1 Cutting equipment designed to minimise kickback Faulty cutting equipment or the wrong combination of bar and chain increases the risk of kickback.

The only way to avoid kickback is to make sure that the kick- back zone of the bar never touches anything. Page 12 2 Sharpening your chain and adjusting raker clearance The risk of kickback is increased with a badly sharpened chain! When the chain is blunt you have to exert more pressure to force the bar through the wood and the cuttings will be very small.

To maintain cutting performance you must file back the raker teeth to the recommended height. Aim the tip of the saw at a light coloured surface about 20 cm away. Remove these with a file if necessary. Replace the bar if necessary. Page General Rules General rules If you understand what kickback is and how it happens then you can reduce or eliminate the element of surprise.

By being prepared you reduce the risk. Kickback is usually quite mild, but it can sometimes be very sudden and violent. Never use a chain saw if you are tired, if you have drunk alcohol, or if you are taking medication that Wipe off the spill and allow remaining fuel to evaporate. Page Basic Cutting Technique Before moving your chain saw switch off the engine and lock the chain using the chain brake. Carry the saw with the bar and chain pointing backwards. Fit a guard to the bar before carrying the saw any distance.

Never carry or hang the saw by the trigger. Page Tree Felling Technique 2 The log is supported at one end. There is a high risk that it will split. B Finish by cutting from above so that the two cuts meet.

Page 22 C Clearing the trunk and preparing your retreat Remove any branches that are in the way. To do this it is best to work from the top down and keep the trunk between you and the chain saw. Never limb above shoulder height. Cylinder cover. Front handle. Front hand guard. Starter cover. Chain oil tank. Starter handle. Adjuster screw, carburettor. Page Assembly Mounting guide bar and chain Always wear gloves, when working with the chain, in order to protect your hands from injury.

Check that the chain brake is in disengaged position by moving the front hand guard towards the front handle. Take off the bar nuts and remove the clutch cover. Always use special chain oil with good adhesive characteristics. This results in damage to the oil pump, the bar and the chain.

Otherwise the clutch can come loose and cause personal injuries. The following engine speed applies: Max. Always wear safety goggles for eye protection. A damaged air filter must always be replaced. A Husqvarna chain saw can be equipped with different types of airfilter according to working and weather conditions, season etc. Adjustments are made by turning the screw using a screwdriver or combination spanner.

The saw is supplied from the factory with the screw set to position 2. Turning the screw clockwise will reduce Page Daily Maintenance Below you will find some general maintenance instructions.

If you have more questions, contact your servicing dealer. Daily maintenance 1. Check the throttle trigger for smooth operation. If any binding occurs, or if engine fails to return to idle, the saw should be taken to your dealer, before it is used again. This manual is also suitable for: tac xp tac tac. Print page 1 Print document 36 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Husqvarna 346XP E-tech User Manual

View free page images online or download full PDF containing pictures, diagrams and information. Print or save to any suitable device. Repair and service the XP with this manual. The manual has diagrams and accurate information as used by mechanics and repair shops to troubleshoot and repair the chainsaw. View free page images online or download a full PDF that you can print or view on any suitable device. The manuals have plenty of pictures and diagrams to help with repairs and servicing.


Husqvarna 346XP/ 351 Operator's Manual

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Please r ead the operator's manual carefully and make sure you. Chainsaw Husqvarna Operator's Manual Epa i epa iii 44 pages. Chain saws can be dangerous! Careless or improper use can result in serious or fatal injury to the operator or others.


Husqvarna 346 XP WorkShop Manual

Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Chain saws can be dangerous! What is what on the chain saw? Congratulations on your choice to buy a Husqvarna product!


Husqvarna 346XP E-tech Chainsaw User Manual


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