Post a Comment. What does this mean? It is like us moving into a new house. Similarly, the transiting planets are said to change houses. Do planets move into a new house? Some may say this is disturbing, but the earth which we inhabit and where we live does appear as us sitting in the middle under a rounded sky.

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In other Panjangams it is on 24th December and so on. Let us not break our head with the small difference in date and time. Let us see what Lord Guru Baghwan has in store for us in the coming year. Predictions are published for one Raasi after the other gradually, as and when the impact is concluded.

Dhanur is your 9th Raasi. Makaram is your 10th Raasi. During his period of transit in Dhanur Raasi, Guru would have given you a good raise in social standing, financial standing and family relationships. Though, Sani in your 5th house Simham would have caused some obstacles, the overall performance of the one year would have been gratifying.

Now this is going to be a little retrograde this time. When Guru comes to your 10th house Makaram, time will turn out a little different. Not that everything is going to turn upside down. The change will primarily will be on your image or personality. The significance that you have been enjoying until now may show a slow down. Your performance in the official level will not be attracting its due recognition.

You will have to feel that persons who are lesser than you in their merits or performance are given greater importance and you are not recognized. Some type of character assassination may be recurrent during the period when Guru traverses in your 10th place. You may have to bear the blame for no fault of yours. You would not have done anything wrong.

Even then you will have to face a situation, as if you are responsible for any lapse or as if you have done something wrong. But you would have not done anything wrong. Still the blame will be on you.

You may be insulted for no fault of yours. If you are an employed person, this is time that you may me shifted to a lower responsibility or you may have to face a transfer to another location which you do not prefer. Some people may have promotion. But such a promotion will be associated with a change of location which will not be to your advantage. You should have limited and cautious talk. Talk only if you have to. But think over again and again before speaking a word out of your month.

What you speak in your normal course will be misconstrued and will spoil your name and relationship with the outside world. There will be obstacles in easy flow of money.

You will find it difficult to meet the expenses. Business may appear to perform well. In the end of the day, you will find it hard to tally the income and expenditure. For that matter, you may have to barrow money and increase your liabilities. Business competitions will be acute. Progress will be apparent and not actual. You will have to be cautious that you do not stand guarantee for any third party loans or financial transactions or the performance of any act of your friends or relatives.

This is time when friends will not be loyal to you. Even friends who seemed loyal until now will turn a hard face and will not be helpful. They will appear to be helpful to you - but actually you can not avail any help from your friends. Still then, there is some one in the corner who will be of help, whom you can find after exhausting all your energy and efforts. Family health will be a matter of concern. Expenses on medicaments will be on the rise.

Personal health will show signs of improvements, but with expenditure. Flow of guests in the family will add to your financial burdens. You will be able to tackle the financial problems with stress and strain. Some Subha Karya will take place in your family and you may have to incur expenses on that account. This may lead to further liabilities. You will acquire some property during this period and this will also increase your liabilities. In the overall, this is time when your personal image and respect may be at risk.

Even if you are not the reason, there are ample chances that you are blamed for any short-coming or failure. Exceptionally, persons awaiting marriage will get married. Separated families may reunite. All these, of course will take place at the cost of your personal image and respect.

A mental inhibition and loss of credit will be associated even with the good things that happen about you. Do not venture into any business during this period. It is preferable that even developmental programmes are also deferred for a year. Persons awaiting new employment avenues will have their chance - but in a little lesser position than what they actually deserve.

Better accept the available best opportunity and wait for a change. If you consider that no worthy opportunities are coming up, you will almost be wasting the whole year. If you are in the area of Arts like film field, advertising, modeling, playback singing, instrumental music, dance, costumes etc, be prepared for a year of lesser progress.

Do not expect too high an opportunity or returns. Efforts may end up nowhere. Opportunities may appear to become handy. In the end of it, you will find that it slipped between your fingers.

There will not be too much of financial stress. But financial stress will be there. Some relief will be there during the months of May, June and July There will be mental unrest and loss of credit.

This is inherent with the Dasama Sthana Guru. If you can withstand the small problems this year, the year thereafter will be too good. For people of all walks of life:. Do not be disappointed of the present failures.

Your present efforts will yield you good results after September , when Sani Baghwan moves into your 6th house Kanni. Keep trying untiringly and do not have immediate expectations. Even from August onwards, you are going to have a wonderful period. During the last about 3 months commencing August , everything you desired will return. Financial stress will release and you will have easy flow of funds. Family relations and health will also by and large improve.

The opportunities that you were missing during the currency of this Dasama Sthana Guru will return and materialize. Or new opportunities will come and take you to new heights. For many, a change of location to their desired place will also happen. This is period when persons awaiting marriage will find their spouse and marriage will settle down.

This is time when married persons longing for a child will conceive a child. Post a Comment. The actual time and date of Guru Peyarchi varies from Panjangam to Panjangam. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Member of Indiblogger. Social Bookmarking.


Guru peyarchi palangal 2011 in tamil dinamalar

In other Panjangams it is on 24th December and so on. Let us not break our head with the small difference in date and time. Let us see what Lord Guru Baghwan has in store for us in the coming year. Predictions are published for one Raasi after the other gradually, as and when the impact is concluded. Dhanur is your 9th Raasi. Makaram is your 10th Raasi.


guru peyarchi 2011 in tamil amr




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