As far as Im concerned, investors are not just buyers of assets, shares, etc. They are the people we invite in to our homes to work together, to develop together and to win together. In the same manner one does not want unwelcome guests, neither do investors look for unfriendly hosts. Therefore, we do not want to just "attract investment" but build lasting relationships based on correct knowledge, trust and common interests with people who want to experience the joy of discovering our region.

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North-East Regional Development Agency. Cosmin Cristal cosmin. Invest in North-East. They are the people we invite in to our homes to work together, to develop together and to win together. In the same manner one does not want unwelcome guests, neither do investors look for unfriendly hosts. Therefore, we do not want to just "attract investment" but build lasting relationships based on correct knowledge, trust and common interests with people who want to experience the joy of discovering our region.

The North-East Region is like a gift not necessarily perfectly wrapped, but valuable. It is a combination of value and age, underdevelopment and potential that you do not encounter too often.

The factor that gives me the greatest faith in our ability to match, if not exceed, the best in the world today is our people, the growing number of young people and not only young, but well educated and well trained people, that want to and will get involved.

So, I invite you to discover the places, the opportunities and the people here and I assure you that you will not regret it. Our Services. Connecting investors with the entrepreneurial environment through the business incubator Rubik HUB. Customized solutions for developing new or current working sites.

Romania — Country Overview. North-East Region — Overview. Part of the historical province of Moldova , the Northeastern Region of Romania is an area where history, culture and tradition complement the natural environment, particularly attractive. Educational Infrastructure. In the N-E Region a dual education system can be found as a form of organization of vocational and technical education with the following specific characteristics:.

Centers of Excellence in Research. Research Centers. High university degree for the population aged Road Infrastructure. At a national level, a Master Plan for Transport of Romania TEN-T has been developed on short, medium and long term, document that is designed to provide a clear strategy for development of the transport sector in Romania for the next 15 years. Air Infrastructure.

Tarom Romania. Blue Air Romania. Wizz Air Hungary. Austrian Airlines Viena Austria. Local authorities and the European Union invested approx. Why invest in the North-East Region?

Solid network of training organizations and HR integrated services;. Strong university center;. Qualified human resources, flexible and creative, good English literacy;. Rich pool of local resources and opportunities;. Less bureaucracy — more proficiency — timely, customized and efficient business support services provided by the North-East RDA;.

Wide range of banking services available;. Quality life — unspoiled nature, quality food, well-known tourist area;. Supportive regulatory framework for regional development including the recent fiscal relaxation ;. Easy access to local institutions.

Industries with traditions in the region;. Land availability;. Variety of foreign languages spoken;. Competitive costs for utilities and real estate;. Power of adaptability. Business sector. Public Bodies. Industrial Parks. Ease of access:. Total area: , sqm, with possibility of expansion to , sqm; Available workforce. The number of jobs per 1, inhabitants is twice as low as compared to the counties in Western Romania; T he average gross salary in Suceava County is lower by Euros compared to the average net salary being paid in Western Romania;.

Transport link:. SIRET - industrial park. Key sectors. Based on that, our team started a mapping and appraisal process of the existing high potential value chains in the region. The main focus of this process is on closing the loops in each value chain, to make the transition to a circular economy, and to transform the missing links into investment opportunities.

Agricultural sciences. Responsible exploitation and sustainable management of green heritage New plant genotypes with increased resistance to climate change.

Precision agriculture. Enzymatic systems for pollution monitoring. Waste water treatment technologies Waste recycling technology Focus on activities like collecting, sorting, recycling and waste recovery from: Textile waste Packaging composite materials, plastic, PET bottles Construction demolition and decommissioning Automotive waste tires, plastic, metal Agricultural waste Electrical and electronic equipment waste.

Smart factoring — energy efficiency and waste water valorisation. Industrial water monitoring, surface and ground water management Focus on the following actions:. Water recirculation and industrial water consumption reduction Clean and safe water — diminishing the nitrite and nitrate level Supplying the Region with drinking water Sludge valorification. Pharmaceutical biotechnologies obtaining effective antitumor, antiviral, antimicrobial vaccines preparations.

Biofuels, bio-catalysts of industrial use. Biology and. Bio Nano technologies markers and imaging for early diagnosis. Food engineering. Agrofood biotechnologies new improved products. Chemical engineering. Advanced biomaterials Innovative product design nano bio textiles, incorporated sensors. Technology of. Functional textile with applicability in medicine Intelligent textiles Exploitation of natural fibres Technical textiles, composite textile structures.

Engineering of. New materials for constructions Ecologic materials ZEB zero emissions buildings. Waste collection and recycling up-cycling, slow fashion New business models digital fashion, interaction with the customer. Artificial intelligence robotics, manufacturing integrated systems, computing systems, voice recognition Improved energy efficiency, energy-net, Smart city Cybernetic security. New media. Public health. Big-data analysis applied in telemetry, telematics, tele-assistance, telemedicine e-Medicine, e-inclusion Real-time monitoring of social systems Tracking food products along the whole value chain.

Nano electronics, optoelectronics Industrial software. Sustainable development of field crops production — circular agriculture secondary and tertiary crops Culture of technical plants Focus on the hemp value chain.

Development of new products, practices, processes and technologies in horticulture Agrofood products processing technologies, winemaking technologies, plant genetics Focus on the pomiculture value chain. Healthy, sustainable and competitive zootechnics Intelligent farms Fishery techniques, aquaculture, biotechnology.

New innovative business models for traditional products Safe food products — organic products certification and selling with focus on domestic products Nutritionally optimized food products additives, concentrates and nutritional supplements Focus on the potato value chain. Forestry and wood engineering. New innovative business models for traditional products Bio-energy Development of new products, processes and technologies. New media — Creative and cultural industries. Creative marketing and promotion.

Healthy food. Coupled with a tax system that is one of the friendliest in the EU, even more accessibility is the next step for growth.

The government is committed to aiding emerging entrepreneurs through more and more incentives. Employment cost structure. Social Security Contribution — between Pension Contributions — applied to the monthly gross income earned by the individual, capped at the level of five times the medium gross salary;.

Health Fund Contribution — applied to the salary income subject to income tax;. Health Fund Contribution — applied to the gross salary fund; starting with January the health fund contribution will be capped;. Medical Leaves Contribution — applied to the gross salary fund, capped. Unemployment Fund Contribution — applied to the gross salary fund;.


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