Geoscience e-Journals. Graniczny, M. Jurajskie dziedzictwo geologiczne Litwy i Polski. Ozonek, H. Geologia regionalna Europy, cz.

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Plik W. Jaroszewski Przewodnik do cwiczen z geologii dynamicznej. Procesy Geologia dynamiczna - M. Kosmiczne katastrofy w historii Ziemi.

Geologia dynamiczna Marian Ksiazkiewicz. Geologia dynamiczna - M. Geologia dynamiczna dla geografow. Wydawnictwa Naukowe PWN,. Warszawa, s. Mizerski W. Geologia regionalna kontynentow Wlodzimierz Mizerski. Plik Ksiazkiewicz M. Geologia dynamiczna. Ksiazkiewicz M. Join Ghana SchoolsNet. Sign Up or Sign In. June 24, to June 10, — Chandigarh,India. July 3, to July 2, — New York.

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Geologia dynamiczna mizerski pdf chomikuj filmy

According to the definition by Depciuch and Lis it is "a set of tectonic structures formed by a single, distinct tectonic phase". Formations which together form a structural stage are not a result of continuous sedimentation, but were tectonically deformed together. They are also characterised by a similar stage of metamorphosis. Therefore, any structural level is a product of one phase of the tectonic evolution of a continental platform which relates both to the crystalline basement and the sedimentary cover. This structural stage constitutes a single sedimentary-diastrophic cycle. The term has been introduced in the context of geosynclinar theory, and was related to one cycle of a closing geosyncline. Comparison of the age of sedimentary strata belonging to a structural stage indicates the age of tectonic processes responsible for it.


We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. This paper attempts to show the relationship between joints observed in flysch formations in the field and microfracture fabrics invisible to the naked eye in hand specimens. The spatial orientations of these microfractures have been measured, and their dynamic-elastic properties have been found to correlate with the orientation of macroscopic joint sets measured in the field. The elastic properties measured vary because of sedimentary diagenetic processes that occured during the tectonic deformations of these flysch rocks in the Podhale Synclinorium of Poland. The structural discontinuities detected by ultrasonic measurements can be perceived as an incipient phase of the macroscopic joints already visible in the field and are attributed to the in situ residual tectonic stresses. Such historical stresses impart a hidden mechanical anisotropy to the entire flysch sequence.

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