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Switch off transmitter immediately. Switch equipment on and set to Channel Make broadcast to "All Stations" giving your vessel's name, callsign and DSC number, and cancel the false distress alert. Hazardous voltage which can cause electrical shock, burn or serious injury exists inside the equipment. Only qualified personnel should work inside the equipment. Do not disassemble or modify the equipment.

Fire, electrical shock or serious injury can result. Use of a wrong fuse can result in fire or permanent equipment damage. Do not use the equipment for other than its intended purpose. Other Settings 6. System Confirmation 7. Dedicated in the design and manufacture of marine electronics equipment for half a century, FURUNO Electric Company has gained an unrivaled reputation as a world leader in the industry.

This is the result of our technical excellence as well as our worldwide distribution and service network. The transceiver unit contains a VHF transmitter, receiver, and channel 70 watch receiver module. The performance and operation are controlled on its front panel.

The antenna may be of any type available from FURUNO or market and the recommended type is a vertically polarized non-directional type. The first antenna works for transmitting and receiving and the 2nd antenna for watch keeping. Auto position automatically reduces white noise. Pressing the control changes the operating modes: Dual watch, Scan and Off. To turn the power off, turn the control fully counterclockwise until you hear the click.

The International version of FM has no such selection. Transmitting Press the PTT Press-to-talk switch on the handset or microphone to talk, and release it to listen for the response. Dual watch The dual watch allows you to keep watch on channel 16 and another channel. CH16 and another channel are watched at intervals of 0. When the receiver finds a signal on channel 16, it locks on CH16 and restarts dual watching after the signal on CH16 has gone.

If another channel has traffic, it still continues dual watch. The speech is heard intermittently. Channel: Voice communication channel To communicate with a coast station, a station sends its position data to the coast station and the coast station determines the channel to use. A station may only use CH16 distress channel in the event of distress.

External time input from radionavigational equipment cannot be used. Silences the receive alarm. Stops repetitive alerts. Transmits the distress alert. Cancels wrong data and restores previous menu. Adjusts illumination of LED and keys in four levels. Changes settings of items appearing with blinking question mark. ENT Registers key input. Blinking item is registered when key is pressed. Selecting and registering items The arrow keys [t] and [s] function to select items on the LCD.

After selecting item, press the [ENT] key to register it. Preparing and Transmitting Messages There are two methods by which you can prepare and transmit messages, and they are shown below. Preparing message for immediate transmission Prepare message and then transmit it.

Normal display Press the [ENT] key. After preparation, press the [CALL] key to transmit the message. Distress call: inoperative about 3 seconds, other calls: inoperative about 0. An individual message cannot be automatically acknowledged when it is received while the handset is off hook. Commence voice communications with coast station on CH Distress call 2 This is; 3 The name of your vessel and call sign three times. In this case, enter position manually as below. Conditions necessary for relaying distress alert: 1 When the station in distress is not itself in a position to transmit the distress message, or 2 When the master or person responsible for the vessel not in distress, or the person responsible for the coast station, considers that further help is necessary.

Procedure when in area A1 1. Listen on CH16 for 5 minutes. No Is distress traffic in progress? Yes Yes Is own vessel able to assist? Reply received Communicate with vessel in distress. Relay the distress alert to a coast station by DSC. Follow the instructions of the coast station. Begin search and rescue operation for the vessel in distress. Then, press the [ENT] key successively to view contents of distress message.

Press the [ENT] key. Nature of distress? To enter position of vessel in distress. Distress alert transmitted relayed for about 3 seconds. Returns to normal display. DSC Communication 4. You should receive it within five minutes. Detailed procedure Prepare and transmit a message as follows. Previously selected format appears here. To select format. To enter other station ID.

To return to previous menu. Address: Category? To select category. To select telecommand 1. From previous page. If Received station ID coast station was called, however, 1Alarm sounds. To diaplay Setup menu. Proposal from transmittion station is not acceptable. Telecom1 Press the [ENT] key. To select reason why unable to comply.

To change working channel. After transmitting message, you can communicate by voice over the FM Press the [CALL] key. Begin voice communications. The procedure for voice communication is shown on the next page. Telecom2: No information Channel? To enter working channel.

Equipment automatically switches to working channel. Caller's voice can be heard. Alarm sounds. Listen to voice message. Below is the sequence for receiving an All Ships Call in auto acknowledge. Detailed procedure Below is the sequence for manually acknowledging an All Ships Call when the handset is off hook.

Watch manual Listen to contents of message. To select file number under which to save message. To assign file name. File No. Simply prepare a message and store it under file number of unnecessary file. Procedure Example: You want to write over file saved under file number


Furuno FM-8500 User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. Table of Contents. Furuno fm vhf radiotelephone operators manual 37 pages. Furuno vhf radiotelephone operator's manual model fm pages. Furuno marine vhf radiotelephone operation's manual fm 43 pages. Furuno marine vhf radiotelephone owner's manual 56 pages.


Furuno Fm 8500 Users Manual



Furuno FM8500


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