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Under the bylaw, stores that sell cigarettes could no longer display them openly. Displaying the name or logo of any brand of cigarettes would be prohibited as well. The council handed the draft bylaw to the city administration in a plenary meeting on March Rather, it added, it is aimed at regulating smoking in the hope of protecting people from secondhand smoke exposure and preventing the up-take of smoking.

The draft bylaw is the latest measure taken by the Jakarta administration to curb cigarette smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke in the city. With the signing of Gubernatorial Decree Pergub No.

Earlier, Pergub No. It is hoped that Jakarta will be free from outdoor and indoor cigarette ads before the end of this year. The tougher restrictions on outdoor and indoor cigarette advertising have drawn sharp criticisms from tobacco manufactures. To prevent negative impacts of tobacco advertising, four years ago the government issued Government Regulation PP No.

According to PP , tobacco companies can still advertise their products in outdoor spaces but need to meet some requirements. The size of each ad displayed must not exceed 72 square meters, for example.

They are also not allowed to display tobacco ads on main roads. The regulation also restricted the broadcasting of smoking ads on television to between p.

Hasan said all legal products had the right to advertise and this was constitutionally protected. Hasan said the Jakarta gubernatorial decrees that banned both outdoor and indoor cigarette advertising were not constitutionally valid because PP allowed tobacco manufacturers to advertise their products. While PP places restrictions on tobacco advertising, he said, the two Jakarta gubernatorial decrees seemed to have a vision of completely banning tobacco advertising in the city.

Cigarette advertising restrictions are one of the three main elements of tobacco control delivered by PP , the other two being the inclusion of graphic warnings on cigarette packets and the designation of smoke-free zones in public spaces. Advertising, promotion and sponsorship are blamed as the main factor responsible for the continuous increase in tobacco use in Indonesia.

This guide, he said, placed some restrictions on cigarette advertising, such as sponsorship at sporting events. This is because sports are for health. Ridwan said that actually, PP had adopted quite tough restrictions on tobacco advertising. A tobacco ad must carry health warnings, he cited as an example, and display the minimum age requirement of A tobacco ad may also not manipulate consumers by saying, for example, that smoking is good for your health.

Also, tobacco ads cannot be directed at children, adolescents or pregnant women and are not allowed to use cartoon figures. PP also strictly regulates broadcasting hours of cigarette ads both on television and radio, he said. Although established to enforce the code of ethics in the advertising industry, Ridwan said, the PPPI had no authority to impose sanctions on code-violating advertisers. We are an association of advertising companies.

Commenting on the removal of cigarette billboards from roadsides, Made said in many foreign countries, conventional billboard use had been replaced by digital advertising, which according to many studies had an even higher impact on smoking initiation among adolescents. A sociologist from the University of Indonesia, Roby Muhamad, said that with the use of peak data on social media, companies could advertise their products with a high precision level.

They no longer have to lavish their ads on because they are targeting individuals.


Cigarette ad ban gets irate manufacturers in a puff

Danang Trijayanto. Thesis of S2 Degree. Gadjah Mada University. The communication technology is revolutionize marketing activities to mobile marketing, one of which is with Short Message Service SMS advertising. Mobile telecommunication corporate use this marketing method to the advertising of products operator services. The problem is the marketing strategy of telecom products that tend to harm customers because of the mismatch between the content of the ad and the product obtained, which is affected by the completeness and clarity of product information.


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