To use magnetic resonance imaging to assess the prevalence of foot and ankle ligament injuries and fractures associated with ankle sprain and not diagnosed by x-ray. We included consecutive patients with a history of ankle sprain, assessed at a primary care service in a month period. Magnetic resonance imaging findings were recorded and described. We found ligament injuries, 9 osteochondral injuries, 19 tendinous injuries and 51 fractures. Only 14 magnetic resonance imaging tests 7. We observed a positive relation between injuries of the lateral complex, syndesmosis and medial ligaments.

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Clinical measurement tools for ankle functional assessment: a systematic review. Lateral ankle sprain is the most common injury among athletes and physically active adults. The adoption of valid and reliable clinical assessment instruments is basic for determining the most adequate therapeutic intervention, hence to achieve better rehabilitation. This is a systematic literature review to search for available and reliable outcome measures questionnaires and functional scales in the assessment of individuals who suffered lateral ankle sprain.

After a search in Medline and Scielo databases a total of 11 instruments were selected and critically analysed. The Lower Extremity Functional Scale and the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure showed the best methodological properties and provided more information concerning measurement features and clinical application but have not been translated into Portuguese. The AOFAS was found to present a more thorough analysis of its properties and applicability, being thus suggested to be used for functional assessment of ankle and hindfoot in Brazil.

A validade, de uma maneira geral, refere-se ao grau no qual um instrumento mede o que de fato se deseja medir. A busca no Medline retornou 1. Escores mais altos indicam maior instabilidade funcional do tornozelo. Reliability and sensitivity of the Foot and Ankle Disability Index in subjects with chronic ankle instability. J Athl Train.

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Epidemiology of injuries due to ankle sprain diagnosed in an orthopedic emergency room




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