Manuals Brands E. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for E. Confeo Premix Boiler E.

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Manuals Brands E. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for E. Boiler E. Fortius Service Manual 24 kw open flued gas combination boiler bithermic type 24 kw room sealed fan assisted gas combination boiler bithermic type 24 kw room sealed fan assisted gas combination boiler monothermic type 28 kw room sealed fan assisted gas combination boil 42 pages.

Summary of Contents for E. The boilers are suitable for room ventilated or room sealed operation and are supplied for use with either natural gas or LPG. This is checked by qualified person. Main board provides all the functionality and safety of the boiler. Page 10 agram fig.

Additionally, the clearances around the boiler should be as shown in fig. It should be within in the building. Page 15 WARNING: For room ventilated operation, the boiler location and flue gas discharge connections must obey national and local requirements, gas safety regulations and relevant standarts.

Page Mounting The Boiler Mounting The Boiler Having determined the boiler location, - Use the paper template to mark out the positions of the fixing holes of wall and mounting brackets the mounting bracket is an optional part.

The amount of condensate water depends on the working conditions of your appliance. This can be up to 1,7 litres of condensate water an hour. Page 19 fig. Page 21 fig. Page 22 fig. Page 24 fig.

Page 25 fig. Combustion air is provided from This kit is suitable for the installation room and products of combustion is discharged by means of the flue gas ducts. Page Electricity Supply Electricity Supply Electrical installation should be made according to the national and local instructions. The boiler must be earthed and a standard V AC - 50 Hz supply is required.

Page 32 Open hot water tap to check DHW circuit. Check any leakage water pipes. Check whether flue kit is comprised of original parts or not according to the instructions and regulations.

LCD display shows actual CH flow temperature default. Page 35 c The service mode is activated by turning the CH potentiometer fully clockwise. This function is only for qualified person not for users.

The setpoint value appears on the LCD display and left dot is flashing. After 10 seconds, actual CH water temperature will appear instead of the setpoint and left dot is disappeared. The boiler will modulate to the desired temperature fig. And then, the appliance goes back to the previous mode fig.

Page 39 Frost Protection The appliance goes on and off automatically depending on actual water temperature values measured by the sensors for protecting water circuits against freezing. Page 41 a Flow Adjusment b Offset Adjustment fig. Page 44 fig. The BCC is used to update the parameters of the main board when the appliance is converted to the another gas type.

LCD is not ON. Lockout exhaust fume flue - Insufficient flue draught. NTC break off or become seperated from its connection. Failure CH return sensor - A relevant wiring cable may - Consult qualified service.

Maintenance and service operations must be carried out only by qualified person. This manual is also suitable for: Confeo premix cp 30 hst. Print page 1 Print document 52 pages.

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E.C.A. Confeo Premix User Operating Instructions Manual



ECA Confeo Premix S 24 Condensing Combi


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