The Conterra Scarab is a small, simple and strong device that can easily perform general rescues, pickoffs, twin rope systems, controlling of heavy rescue loads plus more. It is incredibly strong and simple to use. The Scarab has two models available to suit either urban or wilderness rescue environments, or where light weight gear is a preferred option. The Conterra Scarab TI is an ultra light mountain rescue tool.

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That may have been legal, but ethically, that type of action is lower than whale dung. I regret having purchased these. Descenders ]. The Scarab is made from stainless steel. The frame is milled from There are two horns on each end. Each horn is The brake bar is turned from two pieces of stainless steel probably threaded together.

The assembled bar is One end has a slot cut in from the end to accept the frame, and is threaded for a locking cap which holds the bar onto the frame. The other end of the bar has a The locking cap does not support load. The center of the main bar is bored out to The Scarab copies the ideas introduced decades before with the Bonaiti Robot and then adds some improvements.

The Scarab is suitable as a rappelling device and a lowering device. It works equally well on single and double ropes. When rappelling, it does not give enough friction when used as a straight brake bar neither Conterra nor I recommend doing that , but the horns allow looping the rope over the top to get enough friction.

If you need more friction, you can then loop the rope under the lower horns and then back around to the other top horn. Do NOT loop the rope under one of the lower horns before passing it over the top, since this hinders bar movement.

The instructions warns that this can also damage the Scarab, but I find that hard to believe. The horns also make it easy to lock off. The workmanship on the Scarab is exceptional. Conterra's instructions emphasize the Scarab's strength, and while I don't place much value in excess strength beyond what is needed, there is no question: the Scarab is strong.

There are some sharp edges on the brake bar where the slots are cut. The rope can run over these, possibly leading to sheath damage, so I recommend rounding these edges before use. My main complaint with the stainless steel Scarab is its weight: although not extreme, for a constant friction device, it is a bit heavy.

The titanium version is much lighter. The Scarab Ti is similar to the Scarab so I'll use the same description, shading the unchanged portions". The Scarab Ti is made from titanium alloy.

The brake bar is turned from two pieces of titanium alloy threaded together. The other end of the bar has a 9. Not only is the Scarab Ti made from titanium alloy, it is smaller than the stainless steel Scarab. Storrick, All Rights Reserved. Open for Rigging.


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Conterra Scarab Rescue Tool


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