It's a complete game in one book, though there are several commercial product supplements and online freebies available for it. The book is harcover with colour, glossy pages. Its solid binding means you can lay the book comfortably on the game table without the pages flipping around, and it means your book should last a long time under normal wear. For example, pacts allow sorcerers to consort with demons and other dark forces and derive power from them. These critters can be directly involved in your main plots, or provide endless side-plot fodder as scholars with pacts journey along their paths to power. Another example would be sacrifices.

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Stay Logged On. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The game was produced by Mongoose Publishing, but it is out of print now as Mongoose no longer holds the Conan License. Although no game is without detractors, the majority of d20 players consider the game a superior set of d20 rules. An updated edition was published and referred to as the Atlantean Edition. The third and last update of the game is called the Second Edition, and it is a cleaned up, better written edition of the previous rule sets.

I thought it would be neat to have a thread for Conan GM's to post various ideas, rule tweaks, NPCs, adventure ideas, and what not--a single thread that a Conan GM can peruse and maybe find ideas for his game. That's why I started this thread.

I'll start, with a few ideas of my own. Feel free to add your two silvers. Last edited by Water Bob; at PM. I highly recommend that the serious Conan GM download all of this material and it is a lot, too--almost pages worth of Conan goodness from the various issues to use in your game. The mag now has this adventure downloadable for free. Go to the Ancible download page and download issues 2- 5 to get the entire adventure.

You'll have to use your Google-fu. For example, there's stuff on Thulsa's site. Some of these are full adventures that you can download for free. You can buy the pdf or a hard copy through Lulu which is what I prefer. The Spider God's Bride is a great bargain, providing you 10 adventures, from level If you buy it recommended , then be sure to download Thulsa's free Conan RPG conversion document he wrote for converting that compilation of adventure to the Conan RPG.

I'm sure there's more if I kept looking and if you do, post it here so that the rest of us can benefit! You might find useful information on blogs, too, like This One. Please post in this thread anything that you think other Conan GM's would like to see.

When the news came out that Mongoose would no longer publish the game, Empires was released by the company for free to Conan fans. I highly recommend all three. The first is dynamic where the world scales with the level of the player characters. Then, as the PCs gain experience and levels, an adventure designed for level characters will have town guards at level 2 or 3, and the Captain at level 7.

The other type of universe is stagnant, where character levels remain what they are regardless of the PCs' level. Town guards are always about the same level, no matter where you go, and a Captain of the Guard of similar experience will be the same level, no matter the level of the player characters. Feared Pict savages are 1st level Barbarians.

And, from the point of view of a Commoner classed character, even one that is level 10, that 1st level Pict truly is something to be feared. A GM that prefers the dynamic scaling method for his games can certainly game that way. But, I will note that keeping the Conan universe low-level think of it like a E game will keep the grit and lethal flavor of the Hyborian Age that comes across so atmospherically in Howard's Conan stories.

What Does A Level Mean? Half the game universe's NPCs should be in the 1st-3rd level range. For clarification, a section was added to the 2E core rulebook that provides guidelines to GMs when making decisions on character levels. See pg. But also note that many NPCs are 1st level.

A character can be a novice for years or even most of his life. The elites. A leader of a bandit band or the fiercest warrior of a band of pirates. Clan chieftans. Infamous sorcerors. Army generals. Warriors of great renown. Where as the first edition and Atlantean Edition used few examples to illustrate this point, the Second Edition of the rules drove the point home with the afore mentioned new section describing various character levels and several new examples in the Bestiary chapter of the book.

The entry for Picts reveals that they are 1st level Pictish Barbarians. Typical Zamorian Thief? Typical Turanian Light Cavalryman? Typical Peasant? Typical Merchant? Typical Hyborian Socerer? Typical Zingaran Dancing Girl? Typical City Guardsman? Typical Bandit? There's an example of a Sellsword, which is described as a dangerous mercenary and killer for hire.

Also note page of 2E Conan. The majority of a kingdom's military forces are 1st level Soldiers. Lower-ranking officers are 2nd-5th level Soldiers.

Peasant militia are usually 1st level Commoners armed with war spears. The Commoner class is meant for NPCs. You'll see it listed on page of the 2E Core Rulebook. This class maxes out at level 10, uses a d4 Hit Die, is illiterate a character must spend skill points to be able to read and write , and comes with few class perks in the way of free Feats and class abilities.

For example, a 1st level Soldier character gets maximum hit points 1st level Commoners do not get maximum--it must be rolled , uses d10 hit dice, is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light, medium, and heavy armor, and shields.

Plus, the character is given the Two-Weapon combat feat for free in addition to other bonuses. In contrast, the 1st level Commoner must roll his starting hit points--he does not get maximum points. He is illiterate and two skill points must be spent in order to make the character educated enough to read and write. And, proficiency is given for one simple weapon--that's a single weapon, not all weapons classed as "Simple" as with the Soldier.

Point of View: Upon first glance, a 1st level Pict Barbarian doesn't seem all that scary. But, a GM should look at the 1st level Pict from the point of view of a Commoner of any level.

From that vantage point, the Pict savage is certainly something to be feared. I like to use this stuff in games. For example, take the image below. Who is he? It looks like he's got a real problem with that left arm.

Sometimes an image like this will inspire me for an encounter--or even an entire adventure. Using the pic as a guide, I'll stat this guy up and place him in the game somewhere. Maybe he's a hook to start an adventure. Think the PCs will help him find a cure for his arm? Or, maybe they'll be too late, and this guy will become something else in the middle of the night?

Let your imagination run. Last edited by Mark Hall; at PM. However, we made some tweaks to the combat mechanics, particularly concerning Massive Damage rules. We didn't nix the Massive Damage Save per se, but removed those crazy 2d10 weapons and nerfed Power Attack somewhat. What's generally really cool about this system is that it effectively removes item dependency. There are no magic items, and you need no magic items.

I applaud that. However, in the long run you experience a drawback of this change: there is not really anything for the player to aim for. In Conan D20, there are no such toys. Your basic needs for weapons and armour are quickly met. So after a while, things will get a bit repetitive. This was also basically the reason why we eventually ended our Conan campaign and went back to 3. Last edited by Firechanter; at PM. Let me give you a brief rundown of an average Post-3E Era fight: You attack an enemy and start kicking his shins.

He then starts kicking your shins, then you take it in turns kicking until one of you falls over. It basically comes down to who started the battle with the biggest boot, and the only strategy involved is realizing when things have gone tits up and legging it. The good news is that you really only need one of the rule books to run a Conan game using the Mongoose rules.

I've noticed that the first core rulebook as of this writing can be found for a reasonable price. Although I prefer the Second Edition rules, in reality, there is not a lot of difference between any of the three Mongoose editions.


Conan - The Roleplaying Game (Atlantean Edition)

Howard in the s. The project of the game started in Mongoose Publishing when the British company acquired in a license for a Conan role-playing game. In December the first printing was ready and the publication and distribution of the game started in January Bunce's map was included as an illustration among the pages of the Atlantean Edition rulebook and almost simultaneously released in a folded poster format with the Conan gamemaster's screen. A second edition of the game was published in , [3] with numerous supplements compatible with both editions and finally, in , Mongoose dropped the license and stopped the line of all its Conan gaming products.


Changes in Conan Second Edition

Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. Shrink Wrapped. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted. For example, "SW NM " means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition.


Hyborian Age d20 Campaign Site hyboria. Contributed by: Thulsa , with additional feedback from Trodax and Gareth Hanrahan. If you find differences between the two editions that are not on the list, please let me know. Overview p.


Quick links. Logout Register. I purchased the Conan RPG earlier this year, but my players and I are just now getting around to playing it, and now I find out there is an updated "Atlantean" edition of the game which is supposed to have new changes and an incorporated errata. Is there any official listing of the changes and errata outlining the changes between the original Conan RPG and the Atlantean edition? I own the original, and I do not wish layout another 50 bucks for another book. I have looked at the Conan "Atlantean Edition Key Feature Changes" and "Official Errata" on the Mongoose website, but the "Changes" document only briefly describes what has been changed, not the actual rules.

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