To select adjust parameters, use? Selected parameter will be highlighted. For some of parameters the default values are given on the same table. It is usefull to adjust screen voltage.

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Hitachi TV Model: CTN Nokia Stereo Plus Chassis Very strong red content in the picture, sometimes the fault would clear with the strong red content fading until the correct greyscale was achieved After much searching around i found the problem.

There was a very small crack in the solder at RH23, this is a 2K4 surface mounted resistor located at the back of the tube base. Resoldering both sides of it cured the fault. Also it is worth replacing Q anytime these sets come into the workshop with a BF Check R and D Replace R with a 47k 1 Watt version This value should be no less than ohms. As there is evidence of scorching on the board the use of a more substantial component would be indicated perhaps with small heatsink.

Check all large electrolytics in the secondary Ie bigger that uF , check all capacitors around IC error amp. Most capacitors you will find are leaking electrolyte. Might be a long job!!! A plastic cap fits on the spindle of the motor. This slips and doesnt grip the motor hence does not turn the drive gears. Just glue or replace the part use loctite or super glue. Fermendi TV F19 Chassis Procedure to invoke service mode I have used this method and it works supplied from the makers manual.

With tv off, hold volume up button on tv, switch tv on and keep holding volume up button whilst pressing standby on remote this must be done within 4 secs of switch on at no time let volume go, press the yellow memory button on the handset to store. Toshiba TV Model: 28W23B 11AK37 Chassis Picture displaced vertically, picture too high or low This problem was cured by entering the service mode menu then 4,7,2,5 , then pressing the green fastext button to access geometry settings, selecting VP1 vertical position and adjusting as necessary.

ToughDog, Sony has bulletin out on this model. Plasma TV's.


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11AK37 Brand, Model, Chassis


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