If your an IMG who is interested in doing a residency in California Here is what you need to get it done:. First make sure that your medical school is approved by California by searching for it on this list of medical schools recognized by the Medical Board of California. Next Download the required Application Forms These are the forms needed below in Here are the minimum required application and supporting materials required for an international medical school graduate to obtain a PTAL.

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One of the many questions and considerations International Medical Graduates IMGs face while preparing their applications for medical residency programs is where in the US they should apply.

Among the most strict states with extra restrictions for IMG residency applicants is California. There are many steps you must take as a residency applicant in order to apply to residency programs in California. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the PTAL. This is not counting any fees for obtaining items for the application itself. Getting the required materials together for the PTAL takes a lot of time.

Once you have submitted your PTAL application and paid the fee, the processing time is around 60 days 2 to 3 months. Programs will sometimes accept a PTAL receipt as a placeholder for the processing document. For example, some programs want to see the PTAL at the time of application, while others want to at least know you intend on completing it by the time you start residency in July.

Keep this in mind when completing your PTAL application. Whether or not you decide to pursue residency in California is up to you. It is important that you understand which states you are eligible to apply to in advance of applications. Phone Toll-Free. Email webmaster mbc. You might also like. Get Started.


IMG Program Overview

Many of you don't apply to California programs just for one reason, you think getting a PTAL is difficult, no it is not, it needs some work from your side but trust me you will get it. California has many IMG Friendly residency programs that are thirsty to invite you for interview because they lack applicants, indeed. Many of my friends who are in California residencies tell me that they don't have much applicants as they are told by their PDs. Before starting my explanation, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to direct it to the Medical Board where they are very welling to help you in any step of the procedure: webmaster mbc. Wait for the confirmation which you have to print it out for the Medical Board of California. Keep copies of it for your personal records.


No More PTAL and the New PTL in California 2020


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