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Sacred Name Bibles are Bible translations that consistently use Hebraic forms of God's personal name, instead of its English language translation, in both the Old and New Testaments.

Most sacred name versions use the name Yahshua , a Semitic form of the name Jesus. None of the Sacred Name Bibles are published by mainstream publishers. Instead, most are published by the same group that produced the translation. Some are available for download on the Web.

Therefore they are commonly used by Messianic Jews as well. It does not occur in early manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. For centuries, Bible translators around the world did not transliterate or copy the tetragrammaton in their translations.

Modern authorities on Bible translation have called for translating it with a vernacular word or phrase that would be locally meaningful. A few Bible translators, with varying theological motivations, have taken a different approach to translating the tetragrammaton.

In the twentieth century, Rotherham's Emphasized Bible was the first to employ full transliteration of the tetragrammaton where it appears in the Bible i. Some translators of Sacred Name Bibles hold to the view that the New Testament , or significant portions of it, were originally written in a Semitic language, Hebrew or Aramaic , from which the Greek text is a translation.

Although no early manuscripts of the New Testament contain these names, some rabbinical translations of Matthew did use the tetragrammaton in part of the Hebrew New Testament. However, despite his adherence to a Semitic original of the New Testament, Lamsa translated using the English word "Lord" instead of a Hebraic form of the divine name.

Sacred Name Bibles are not used frequently within Christianity, or Judaism. Only a few translations replace Jesus with Semitic forms such as Yeshua or Yahshua.

This pattern is followed in languages around the world, as translators have translated sacred names without preserving the Hebraic forms, often preferring local names for the creator or highest deity, [7] [17] conceptualizing accuracy as semantic rather than phonetic. The limited number and popularity of Sacred Name Bible translations suggests that phonetic accuracy is not considered to be of major importance by Bible translators or the public. The translator Joseph Bryant Rotherham lamented not making his work into a Sacred Name Bible by using the more accurate name Yahweh in his translation pp.

These Bibles systematically transliterate the tetragrammaton usually as Yahweh in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as a Semitic form of the name of Jesus such as Yahshua or Yeshua. They consider the names of both God the Father, and God the Son, to be sacred. These Sacred Name Bibles use the tetragrammaton without vowels. They follow this practice in both the Old and New Testaments though some translations are not complete.

Some translations use a form of " Jehovah " or "Yahweh" only sporadically:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bible translations that consistently use Hebraic forms of God's personal name.

Main article: Aramaic primacy. The Bible Translator Sacred Name Bible translations in English: a fast-growing phenomenon.

Scriptura — The Bible Translator. Amsterdam: Netherlands Bible Society. Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum. Paul's Epistle to the Romans , by W. Oxford Clarendon L "Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church". Preface, V.

Names of God , accessed 12 December The core text uses the God's Word translation. The print edition has divine names printed in brown and includes a commentary. The text is available at BibleGateway. Robert M. Bowman, Jr. Ed Komoszewski, Darrell L.

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