Condensation occurs at virtually every point along the compressed air treatment process. In most cases, it contains oil and dirt particles that should not enter the compressed air system. The condensate discharge requirements are ultimately determined by the purpose for which the treated compressed air is used. We aim at offering our customers optimised solutions for their specific applications. With our comprehensive range of condensate drains, we cater for virtually all compressor types and performance levels, system pressures and operating conditions — including of course highly specialised applications.

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Save resources, increase efficiency. Prices are recommended retail prices. Retailer prices may vary. When producing and conditioning compressed air, condensate inevitably accumulates, oily and frequently polluted with dirt particles. Features and Benefits:. For the scope, duration, content and the guarantor, please refer to the guarantee conditions. We are not liable for printing errors, mistakes or incorrect presentation.

Technical and optical changes are reserved. Delivery is made exclusively according to our terms of delivery and payment. The sale is carried out via the specialized trade.

Put a request Find Trader. Description Technical Specifications Scope of delivery Accessories When producing and conditioning compressed air, condensate inevitably accumulates, oily and frequently polluted with dirt particles.

A capacitive sensor detects the level of the condensate. At maximum level, a diaphragm opens, through which the condensate is discharged through the system pressure. The membrane is closed before compressed air can escape The advantages at a glance No unnecessary compressed air losses Derivation according to the amount of seizure Sensor detects every type of condensate Insensitive to dirt simple electrical installation V Low maintenance Including service unit Economical: Complete replacement of all wearing parts and pressure-bearing parts with just one handle.

Compressor output 2. Dimensions and weights Length approx. Unit: pc s. Packaging unit: 1. Service Unit. Service unit Bekomat Through the use of cookies, we can enable you to make better use of our pages. You must agree to the use of cookies and can change your agreement at any time. We do not use cookies without your agreement. Read more. I agree. I don't agree.



Even more reliable, with fast and problem free installation. Maintenance that once took hours, now takes only seconds. BEKO achieves these targets through a construction that has never been realized until now, and consists of only two units joined by a simple, snap-fi t connection. Compressor Around 60 percent of the total condensate is produced in the after cooler of the compressor. Receiver More than 10 percent of the total condensate stems from the air receiver. Dryer Up to 25 percent of the total condensate separates from the vapour in the refrigeration dryer.


Beko BEKOMAT 31 condensate drain service modular 2.5 M3/min*



BEKO BEKOMAT 31 No-Loss Drain Valve 115 VAC


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