Monday night The Pioneer Woman was in town for her book signing tour. So the night before the signing, I worked on making her a little treat. I thought it would be nice to bring her something sweet to snack on while she signed away. I decided on cake balls. But, made them smaller than usual, so they could easily be eaten in one bite. I was right in the middle of finishing them when I received an unexpected invitation for dinner.

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Businesses have been launched and products have been created to help make them, shape them, display them, and decorate them. Cake Pops have become regulars at coffees shops, bakeries, birthdays, weddings and more. Dipping can be tricky to get on the first go. But through the last several years, I know one thing.

They have brought endless smiles to so many. When the book debuted, I had the incredible opportunity to travel around the country to meet you guys. It was and still is one of the best experiences of my life.

We laughed and cried and hugged and talked dipping and candy and you guys showed me your designs and it was unbelievably exciting to meet everyone who shared the same passion for cute and cake. I have to give a little shoutout to these cupcake pops, too. It was these cuties that I first posted on the site in February of that unknowingly started a cake pop phenomenon. These were my first shaped pops and I could have never guessed how much people would love them and want to learn how to make them back then.

It was your enthusiasm for these tiny treats that sent me on a mission to see what else I could to with a little ball of cake on a stick and some candy. I had to know how many ways I could make them and make you smile. And now I know the answer is endless. And I fell in love with the smaller size, too.

Besides the books, I created a few gift items with my publisher Chronicle Books. It comes with a small book, treat bags, treat tags, ribbon, cake pop sticks and a cute paper cake pop stand. And these are four different mini kits, each with treat bags, ribbon, tags, and cake pop sticks for specific projects. A cute little way to send someone sweet nothings. Oh…… and the toy! It was available at Toys R Us for a couple of years and I only have a handful of them left.

Sad face. It has a cake crumbler, mixing bowl, dipping bowl, cake pops tray, cake pops stand, cake pop sticks and four fun molds to help you shape cake pops. Candy wafers, candy molds, decorettes, pastry bags and more. You can see all of it online here. This site focuses on fun and easy baking. You may even find yourself smiling from all the sweetness. Jun 2. May May 5. May 4. May 1.

Some you may know about … and some maybe not. I mean how can you not smile at those spooky sweet faces. Welcome to bakerella! Reader Favorites most popular posts.

Food Blog Forum and new friends. All hands on… cake! Butterscotch Brownie Bars. Inked in Sweets. Doggone Cute Christmas Cookies. Instagram bakerella. Follow Me. Subscribe stay connected Subscribe to receive new posts via email:.

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Cake Pops Halloween Book

When I started this blog I would never have thought of myself having a book. Especially one about cake on a stick. I mean really. Crazy wonderful. I can hardly believe it. But it is real.


Cake Pops by Bakerella

These sugar cookies say it all! Use the sugar cookie and royal icing recipe on this post and the template below to use for the shirt cookie cutter. If you buy a shirt cutter, you can print the template out at different percentages to match. Sugar cookies are like little blank canvases. You can have so much fun decorating them with endless possibilities. So why not put an eat more cookies phrase … on a cookie. Feels right!


Books & More

I have a new cake pops book to share with you! There are also printable templates to help make your treats, gift tags for your cake pops, and garland for your get-togethers. Hope you enjoy the new book and use it to help get ready for the most deliciously spooky night of the year. Make the most of the Halloween season with the eBook — no wait for shipping or trip to the store, with all the info, ingredients, recipes, and the like right at your fingertips, wherever you are on the device of your choosing. Find the digital format from your favorite e-tailer below:.

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