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Entrar Registrar. Novas mensagens. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Duna Frank Herbert.

Enfim, um prato cheio. Contine lendo Bah, um dos meus livros favoritos! Gostei pra caramba! E o que tu achou desse escrito pelo filho do Herbert Tataran? Tataran disse:. Lana Lane disse:. Brigada Tiago! Rare Dune art from Omni reveals Frank Herbert's original vision. Bruce Torres Let's be alone together. Mitou miticamente! Frank Herbert, a freelance writer with a feeling for ecology, was researching a magazine story about a US Department of Agriculture programme to stabilise the shifting sands by introducing European beach grass.

Pushed by strong winds off the Pacific, the dunes moved eastwards, burying everything in their path. Herbert hired a Cessna light aircraft to survey the scene from the air. Above all he was intrigued by the idea that it might be possible to engineer an ecosystem, to green a hostile desert landscape.

About to turn 40, Herbert had been a working writer since the age of 19, and his fortunes had always been patchy. There his only significant time living on the east coast he attended the daily Army-McCarthy hearings, watching his distant relative senator Joseph McCarthy root out communism.

Herbert was a quintessential product of the libertarian culture of the Pacific coast, self-reliant and distrustful of centralised authority, yet with a mile-wide streak of utopian futurism and a concomitant willingness to experiment. He was also chronically broke. During the period he wrote Dune , his wife Beverly Ann was the main bread-winner, her own writing career sidelined by a job producing advertising copy for department stores.

Unsatisfied, Herbert industriously reworked his two stories into a single, giant epic. The prevailing publishing wisdom of the time had it that SF readers liked their stories short. Though Dune won the Nebula and Hugo awards, the two most prestigious science fiction prizes, it was not an overnight commercial success.

Its fanbase built through the 60s and 70s, circulating in squats, communes, labs and studios, anywhere where the idea of global transformation seemed attractive. Fifty years later it is considered by many to be the greatest novel in the SF canon, and has sold in millions around the world.

As part of a Byzantine political intrigue, the noble duke Leto, head of the Homerically named House Atreides, is forced to move his household from their paradisiacal home planet of Caladan to the desert planet Arrakis, colloquially known as Dune. The climate on Dune is frighteningly hostile. Water is so scarce that whenever its inhabitants go outside, they must wear stillsuits, close-fitting garments that capture body moisture and recycle it for drinking.

Spice is a drug whose many useful properties include the induction of a kind of enhanced space-time perception in pilots of interstellar spacecraft. Without it, the entire communication and transport system of the Imperium will collapse. It is highly addictive, and has the side effect of turning the eye of the user a deep blue. Spice mining is dangerous, not just because of sandstorms and nomad attacks, but because the noise attracts giant sandworms, behemoths many hundreds of metres in length that travel through the dunes like whales through the ocean.

Have the Harkonnens really given up Dune, this source of fabulous riches? Of course not. Treachery and tragedy duly ensue, and young Paul survives a general bloodbath to go on the run in the hostile open desert, accompanied, unusually for an adventure story, by his mum. Paul is already showing signs of a kind of cosmic precociousness, and people suspect that he may even be the messiah figure foretold in ancient prophecies.

His mother, Jessica, is an initiate of the great female powerbase in an otherwise patriarchal galactic order, a religious sisterhood called the Bene Gesserit.

Witchy and psychically powerful, the sisters have engaged in millennia of eugenic programming, of which Paul may be the culmination. For Smith, altered states of consciousness were mainly tools for the whiteous and righteous to vaporise whole solar systems of subversives, aliens and others with undesirable traits.

Herbert, by contrast, was no friend of big government. He had also taken peyote and read Jung. In , a sailing buddy introduced him to the Zen thinker Alan Watts , who was living on a houseboat in Sausalito. Every fantasy reflects the place and time that produced it. If The Lord of the Rings is about the rise of fascism and the trauma of the second world war, and Game of Thrones , with its cynical realpolitik and cast of precarious, entrepreneurial characters is a fairytale of neoliberalism, then Dune is the paradigmatic fantasy of the Age of Aquarius.

Remember that European beach grass binding together those shifting dunes? Paul Atreides is a young white man who fulfils a persistent colonial fantasy, that of becoming a God-king to a tribal people. Fremen culture is described in words liberally cribbed from Arabic. They are tough, proud and relatively egalitarian. The harshness of their environment has given them an ethic of fellowship and mutual aid.

Herbert, whose female characters are consistently strong and active, has also ditched the strict sexual divisions of actually existing Bedouin culture.

Thus Fremen women do their share of fighting and fearlessly contradict their menfolk, though there is still a fair amount of child-bearing and housework to be done while the men are off riding worms. They are the moral centre of the book, not an ignorant mass to be civilised. In Islamic eschatology, the honorific Mahdi has a long and complex history. Various leaders have claimed or been given it.

Most Shia identify the Mahdi with the 12th or Hidden Imam, who will imminently reveal himself and redeem the world. To the British, it will always be the name of the warrior prophet who swept through the Sudan in the s, killing General Gordon on the steps of the palace in Khartoum and inspiring a thousand patriotic newspaper etchings. In , the story of a white prophet leading a blue-eyed brown-skinned horde of jihadis against a ruler called Shaddam produces a weird funhouse mirror effect, as if someone has jumbled up recent history and stuck the pieces back together in a different order.

He wrote about education for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and lectured at the University of Washington. He built his own solar collector, wind plant and methane fuel generator.

Since his death in , his son and another writer have produced a further 13 books. By rights, Dune ought to have become a big movie. Jodorowsky had extraordinary collaborators: visuals by Moebius and HR Giger, spaceships designed by the English illustrator Chris Foss.

Pink Floyd and Magma were on board to do the soundtrack. After a period of film industry bloodletting, David Lynch shot a version in , only for Universal to release a cut that he hated so much he had his name removed from the credits. Actually, the great Dune film did get made. Its name is Star Wars. Though in his later years he enjoyed huge success, Herbert, the man who dreamed of greening the desert, had mixed feelings about the future.

This is as true of humans in the finite space of a planetary ecosystem as it is of gas molecules in a sealed flask. The human question is not how many can possibly survive within the system, but what kind of existence is possible for those who do survive. In Dune , Paul knows that if the desert planet is made to bloom, it will support a larger population, and the ethic of individualism will be eroded.

He himself, as he is transformed from aristocrat to messiah, loses his individuality and begins to dissolve into myth, becoming part of a Jungian collective unconscious. But perhaps Herbert would take heart from the thought that history does not appear to be teleological and some long-term plans do not take on the character of destiny. They want to return the dune processes to their natural state. Li o primeiro livro da trilogia. Primeiro pela folha em Polen Soft papel amarelado e segundo pela capa que ficou bem bacana.

Autores como Arthur C. Essas criaturas — que podem passar de centenas de metros de comprimento — se movimentam pelas areias de Arrakis como se nadassem em um oceano, procurando qualquer coisa para devorar.

Algumas coisas precisam ser ditas sobre o universo de Duna. Vale a pena conferir! Pena, que ele nunca foi feito. Show hidden low quality content. Valinor Termina em: 31 Dez Doar Ver. Basta clicar AQUI. Tolkien sejam os livros ou obras derivadas como os filmes.


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