Butterfly Valve- Arita 50mm actuated A 50mm wafer style butterfly that will open and close with the fitting of a directional control valve. You can count on the Arita brand for quality and good pricing. Need more information? Unable to submit your request at this time.

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Contents Sanitary Valve Industrial Pump Gate Valve Lockable Ball Valve. Globe valve Diaphragm Valve. Check Valve Butterfly Valve Clorius Control Valve. Instrumentations Material : Cast Iron, Stainless Notes : Our company can make special steel pump teams, pump control cabinets according to clients requirements. No moving parts in the measuring measuring pipe, no pressure loss. Various liner and Various liner and electrode materials satisfy electrode materials satisfy most industrialt most industrial applications.

Excellent Small applications. Excellent Small Flow measure- Flow measurement accuracy, can measure ment accuracy, can measure duplex flow. Underground sensor IP The measurement can not be influenced by the change Ceramic Liner.

The inside of Resistant, High temperature measuring tube do not have the parts to block the flow move, no pressure loss, low resistant.

Totally deal with Pulse, Alarm Outputs. With the function of measuring two way flow, can show the positive and reverse flow. Inside have three counters,which can separately show positive cumulation, reverse cumulation and D-value calculation. With RS or RS digital communication signal output. With self-check and diagnosis functions. Simple structure, no moving parts wear.

Can be long-distance transmission of flow be long-distance transmission of flow signals, and computer networking, signals, and computer networking, centralized management. Unique design centralized management.

Unique design of the amplification board, gas or liquid of the amplification board, gas or liquid can be used. High temperature, high can be used. High temperature, high flowrate. DPS Dynamic response speed : 0. DPS digital signal processing technology, high digital signal processing technology, high anti-interference ability.

High accuracy anti-interference ability. High accuracy flow measurement, accuracy can be flow measurement, accuracy can be 0. Flexible english display 0. Flexible english display transmitter, diversied tranducers can transmitter, diversied tranducers can achieve different industrial sites. Heat achieve different industrial sites.

Heat and cold measurement. Circuit board and cold measurement. Circuit board welding adopt international advanced welding adopt international advanced SMD automatic welding process. CNC precision machining alumunium alloy precision machining alumunium alloy housing material.

Steel New double bend coriolis mass flowmeter, Belt : It can help sensor fixed in pipe. Material of sensor and pipe. Improve the accuracy. Ul- mesuring pipe : SS Material og shell trasonic sensors : To promise the accuracy, : SS Measuring fluid flow rate directly recommended measure purewater.

Support It is significant to the energy measurement RS to transmit data to computer fast and chemical reaction during the producing and easily.

Battery poweres last for over 14 detection. Wide Application Besides hours continous operation. Low Installation Requirement: there is no requirement for straight pipe upstream or downstream Reliability, low maintenance rate. Anti Vibration. Wide flow ratio Stainess Steel. Connection : Pressure sure compensation. Material : Cast Iron, Cast Steel. Connection Plastic. Pressure 1.

Output mA Digital Type. Operating Temperature : 0 Low pressure loss in gas and deg C. Damper for gas and steam Body Material : Acrylic. Float Material : SS. O-ring Material : Slicion Rubber. DN 15 - DN Intelligent measuring. Working Pressure 1 Mpa. Heat measurement. Working Temperature 30 deg C High accuracy measurement. Cold Water , 90 deg C Hot Water.

Ultrasound measurement,No rota- Support duplex communication. Real-time valve control. RS, mA Real-time meter reading. Working Temperature 30 deg C No need for external power supply. Electrogmagnetic compability. Early warning system. Remote control. DN 65 - DN IP68 Water temperature : 0. High accuracy measuring. Voltage : Vdc. Ultrasonic measurement, No rotation, No moving partsUltra-thin design. Measuring range: 10kPa-1MPa. Measuring range: PaMPa. Media Reference accuracy: 0.

Process connection: pressure. Approvals: CE, EX-proof certificate. Measuring medium: Liquid, gas, or steam. LED indication. Solidstate or relay output. Solidstate No calibration required. Oper- Explosion proof unit available. Wide range of use in probe versions. Unique SD22 design, switch body and tip disconnects. Stainless customized to your application.

Floats for almost reliability. Cost-effective design. Marine Explosionproof and corrosion grade approval. Microswitch or reed switch output. Marine grade approval units.


Arita New Valve



Butterfly Valve- Arita 50mm actuated- Arita CBV-L-W-050DA


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