DLL provides universal access for other applications, regardless of the language in the environment Win OS. DLL for use in their projects comply with the agreement on stdcall-calls. Type of calling convention is declared after You seem to have CSS turned off.

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Page Count: Review the following safety precautions to avoid injur y and prevent damage to this. To avoid potential hazard s, use the prod-. These statements identify condit ions or practices that could.

These statements identify conditi ons or practi ces that could. Speci fic p recauti ons. Use proper Fuse. To avoid fire hazard, use only the fuse type and ra ting. Do not operate w ithout covers. To avoid personal injury , do not apply any. Electric overload. Never apply a voltage to a connector on the product that is. Avoid electric shock. To avoid injury or loss of life, do not con nect or disconnect.

T o avoid electric shock , do not operate. The mete rs prov ide many fu ncti ons and f eatures , Depend ing on y our mete r. The follo wing list provides a compa rison of t he featu res betw een meter s. Peak Hold 0. Batte ry 9V 9V. Measurement function dial. Black labels are the initial settings, blue labels are. Indic ator Uni t Indicator Unit. K kilo F Farad. M mega Hz Hert z. G gega n nano. Prediction : Buzzer beeps once for eve ry key-press. Buzzer beeps twice for every invalid key-press.

The beeper sounds with e ach new update. Every reading is subtracted by refere nce in. When store is full, Every press beeps twice. Data qu antit ies : 40K r eadi ngs fo rm as sequ ence. RA NGE fu ncti on is on ly enab le in j ust da ta log mode. Any posit ion m easuri ng func tion c hange escaps out. P ause time is s econds, exceed pause.

Pause and Log Rate setting quantities are 3. Au to Po wer Off functi on is d isabled. Data L og functi on mo de escaps, other wise, an y press o n this. Press Range. Refer to. The meter checks the integrity of the internal fuses for th e mA, A measure-. If an open fuse is detected, ProbE is displayed and beep so unds continuously. A single beep indicates correct operat ion ; two bee ps indicate a warning or.

Press button while turning meter on from OFF position. Restore power by switching dial. All specifications are warranted unless noted typical and appl y to the DMM N. Characteristics Description.

Bargraph segments 42 Segment Graph. Display count 20, or 4, Polarity display Automatic. Overrange display OL is display ed. Temperature Coefficient 0.

Power source One 9V dry cell battery. Overload protection mA connector 1A V fast blow fuse. A connector 15A V fast blow fuse. Battery Life hours typical alkaline. Functions with 0-count mode divide the [ number of least digits ] by 1 0 when on. DCV N N. ACV N N. Add additional 20 for reading under 0. Specifications excl ude under 0.

Overload Protection : V dc, V rms. DCA N N. ACA N N. Range : 20mA, mA, 2A,10A. Burden Voltage : mV max. OHM N N. Resolution : 0. Open Circuit Voltage : 3. Open Circuit Low Voltage : 0.

Input Protect ion : V rms. Continuit y Threshold : Approx. Test Current : 1. Capacitance N N. Resolution : 1pF in the 4nF range. Sensitivity : 0. Frequency : 5Hz. Temperature N N. Input protec tion : V rms.

Dimensions H x W x D mmx90mmx42mm. Weight with battery 0. With holster 0. Altitude Operating 2, m ft. Non-Operating 12, m ft. Input rating. Pollution Degree 2 Do not oper ate in env ironments where cond uctive pollu tants. Certifications and compliances cont. Compliance was demonstarted to. EN Safety requirements for electrical e quipment.

Protect the meter from adverse weather conditions. The meter is not waterproof. Do not expose the LCD display to direct sunlight for lon g period of time. To avoid damage to the meter, do not expose it to sprays, liquids,.

Clean the exterior of the meter by removing dus t with a lint-free cloth. Use care to. Avoid scratching the clear plastic display filter. For further cleaning, use a soft cloth or paper towel dampened with water. To avoid damage to the surface of the meter, do not use abrasive. Disconnect the test leads from any circuit under test and tur n off meter. Loosen the plastic screws on the battery cover.





APPA 109N Manuals


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