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Here Are Files Of Mine. All files are tested by me so you can download and enjoy! We have drivers, software, games, music, video and any other known files. You probably want to bookmark this blog. I guess my standards for computing equipment are just a tiny bit higher than accepting hard reset as a viable option. Personally, I have neither the time nor the inclination to re-install all the applications and files back on the device following a full reset.

Your mileage may vary. As for firewalls, unfortunately having an access point with a firewall does approximately diddly squat to protect the What is needed is something like Zone Alarm or equivalent on the itself. Think of it this way: if you walk into a local Starbucks with WiFi enabled, well, it's sort of like wearing milk bone undies inside a kennel.

Originally posted by TJOtala I guess my standards for computing equipment are just a tiny bit higher than accepting hard reset as a viable option. Click to expand.

Just because someone does a hard reset it doesn't mean they have low computing standards. I work in the field of information technology as a Desktop Analyst at a Helpdesk.

Sometimes a computer comes in that has been totally messed up because some amateur user decided to upload some software they were suppose to.

An uninstallation of the program and cleaning out the registery doesn't always help. That's when we have to restore the computer back to it's original settings and start from scratch, otherwise I could give the user back the computer that has been messed up by the software and say, oh well, deal with the problems.

The point I'm trying to make is that the hard reset on a handheld was made for a reason. This is one of those reasons. When you are out of options you either do a hard reset or learn to just deal with your problem and go on with it, in this case, not have wi-fi.

Yup, that about sums it up what I meant by low standards. The last IT person I met who was very fond of suggesting that particular solution did not stay in IT for long. FWIW, I am a professional software developer by trade, and nowadays manage teams of other software developers.

In my line of work, that way of thinking is simply unacceptable as it means the end product would be promptly RMA'd at a great cost to the company. At any rate, this discussion isn't very helpful to the problem at hand. It seems there is no adequate solution to this problem, so I'll look for other alternatives.

All the Pocket PC out there, I have found the solution to the problem!! I had the problem that the new WPA drivers on Ambicom's website would not work, with encryption turned on, turned off, different settings, the router broadcasting the SSID turned on, etc.

Basically, Ambicom's website is misleading. Net 4. Let me know if this worked for you, my email is. Today - Yesterday - Total -. Ambicom Wlc-cf Drivers For Mac.


AmbiCom Wave2Netâ„¢ IEEE 802.11b Wireless CompactFlash Card WL1100C-CF Leaflet



Default password for AmbiCom WL1100C-CF router


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