Post a Comment. The radio arrived in perfect condition with virtually no wear and tear. There is little information on Google search about this model. This radio was released by Alinco around the mid 's likely from what I can see from the user manual I downloaded off the internet. It is UHF only so perfect for 70cm repeaters. It runs 3.

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Bought this radio so long ago, I've forgotten This radio was ultra-miniature in its day, but seems a little clunky next to a recent tiny Yaesu. Actually has a decent, substantial belt-clip.

Accessing the cross-band repeater via a CTCSS tone, it works over two miles away for full-quieting at mw, and near my house on just milliwatts. Has that classic Alinco audio, and everyone comments upon its excellence.

It also receives very well with the antenna folded down, preventing breakage, but must be flipped up to transmit effectively. I clipped the internal wire that opens up transmit and filled the extra channels with FRS, where it functions perfectly legally at mw.

The total score of this review is deceptive because several hams chose to criticize a QRP rig for being low-power and a folding antenna for not being a beam, and thus could not hit the repeater 10 miles away. Despite all the tiny radios available today, I use the S41 because it is robust, it works, even in extreme outdoor cold.

They're cheap these days, and if you find one, nab it! I bought mine new at a ham fest about 15 years ago. This is one of the finest little radios I have ever owned. I use it mostly as a mobile microphone so I don't have to be tied to a larger mobile radio in my radio room. I just put the bigger mobile in X-band repeat and use this radio as a mobile microphone. If you put this little radio in low power TX the batteries last around days of daily use.

Rag chewing sometimes hours at a time. I have been doing that for the full 15 years I have owned it. I also use it for events where I have to TX back to my mobile to get out. If you get a chance to get one, buy it quick. Another really cool thing about these radios is the flexible fold away into the side of the radio antenna. Never has broke and still using the original antenna. The 2-meter ones have a telescoping antenna that gets broke quick.

I wish they still made these. One of the best designed quality HT's ever made. The key to long battery life is using low power TX. Or use rechargeable batteries.

Since most of the time I'm using it to X-band, the base antenna does all of the work and I don't need high power. I've used it out hunting and fishing talking back to the mobile and it still does fine on low power. I seldom get more than or yards from the mobile.

But I have stood on top of a mountain and worked a repeater line of sight about 25 miles away with no problem. Remember I said on top of a mountain and I could see the mountain that the repeater was on. No obstructions. It won't perform miracles but it does a great job within reason. I LOVE the size and the capabilities of the package. In fact, after only a few days of mostly receiving and calling short ID's to the local repeater, I found that the three AA batts wouldn't hold a transmit power level for more than a couple of seconds.

Now I can carry on long QSO's without any fading problems. Also, by attaching a standard DC plug to a 12v gel-cell battery, I can carry the radio, regulator, and battery to a hilltop and operate all day without having to switch batteries all the time. This solution works so well that I can only consider operating the unit on AA batteries as an emergency measure. Minor complaints are that I can't attach an external antenna, and that the PTT button is very stiff and makes my thumb sore after awhile.

If you see one at a hamfest, buy it. Better yet, buy a couple and loan one out to your ham friends. Great rig! I love this little radio.

On low power I talk on the Johnson County, Texas repeater about 5 miles away with no problems. The batteries go for about 4 days of regular use and because I use rechargeable AAA,, cost is not an issue. I would recommend this radio to anyone who wants an easy to carry and dependable vest pocket rig.

It's over 5 years old now. Time Owned: more than 12 months. The DJ-S41 is a phenomenal little handheld for accessing local repeaters. I live near Cleveland, and am able to actually hit about 6 or so repeaters from inside my house.

Audio reports were fine too. It's amazing what mW of output power can do on UHF. Of course, if you live in a rural area a good distance away from 'machines', this rig will not cut it. Poor antenna performance makes this radio of not much use.

For size and the money you can't beat it. I used it in the Philly area and it did well. I can hit just about all the repeaters in the city and fold it up and put it away. Its fantastic here in NYC. What else can I say. Time Owned: N. More than 12 Months. There is a delay before newly submitted reviews are Approved. The delay is for new review screening and approval. The delay varies from minutes to a day or more.

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Alinco DJ-S41T


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