The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. In December , new collective agreements on pay increases, variable pay and other issues were concluded for Germany's private and public banks. For the first time, however, cooperative bank employers refused to sign joint agreements with the other parts of the industry. The agreements were reached after more than half a year of negotiations, which were accompanied by strikes involving about 70, banking employees DEF.

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Type of publication. Type of publication narrower categories. Published in Showing 1 - 50 of 1, Sort Relevance Date newest first Date oldest first. Losing control? This paper documents the evolution of sector-level collective agreements in Italy and estimates the wage effects of the diffusion of non-representative agreements, often signed by unknown organisations i.

Using employer-employee data from Social Security Archives, we find Saved in:. Ist Zeit das neue Geld? Im Gesetzentwurf vom Wage equalization and regional misallocation : evidence from Italian and German provinces. In many European countries, wages are determined by collective bargaining agreements intended to improve wages and reduce inequality. We study the local and aggregate effects of collective bargaining in Italy and Germany.

The two countries have similar geographical differences in firm Aktuelle Erhebungen machen deutlich: Der Stress am Arbeitsplatz nimmt vielerorts zu - und mit ihm die Belastungen. Staatliche und tarifvertragliche Sozialpolitik sind je nach Branche und Politikfeld in unterschiedlicher Weise aufeinander bezogen.

Does pattern bargaining explain wage restraint in the German public sector? German public sector wage restraint has been explained through the presence of a specific type of inter-sectoral wage coordination in the industrial relations system - i. This paper has a twofold ambition. First, as a literature-assessing exercise, I Productivity and wage effects of firm-level collective agreements : evidence from Belgian linked panel data.

How do firm-level collective agreements affect firm performance in a multi-level bargaining system? Using detailed Belgian linked employer-employee panel data, our findings show that firm agreements increase both wage costs and productivity with respect to sector-level agreements.

Relying on a The sources of the union wage gap : the role of worker, firm, match, and jobtitle heterogeneity. Addison, John T. Using matched employer-employee-contract data for Portugal - a country with near-universal union coverage - we find evidence of a sizable effect of union affiliation on wages.

Gelbach's decomposition procedure is next deployed to ascertain the contributions of worker, firm, match, and Early counselling of displaced workers : effects of collectively funded job search assistance. Employment Security Agreements, which are elements of Swedish collective agreements, offer a unique opportunity to study very early job search counselling of displaced workers.

These agreements provide individual job search assistance to workers who are dismissed due to redundancy, often as Lump-sum severance grants and the duration of unemployment. The well-known positive relationship between the unemployment benefit level and unemployment duration can be separated into two potential sources; a moral hazard effect, and a liquidity effect pertaining to the increased ability to smooth consumption. The latter is a socially optimal response Econometric analysis of the effects of economic conditions on the health of newborns.

Berg, Gerard J. We examine whether economic downturns are beneficial to health outcomes of newborn infants in developed countries. For this we use merged populationwide registers on health and economic and demographic variables, including the national medical birth register and intergenerational link registers Wage adjustment policies in Russian firms.

Rozhkova, Ksenia V. German public sector wage restraint has been explained through the presence of a specific type of inter-sectoral wage coordination in the industrial relations system — i. Wage floor rigidity in industry-level agreements : evidence from France. Die anhaltende Transformation des Sozialstaats ist mit einer Bedeutungszunahme tarifvertraglicher Regulierung von sozialer Sicherung verbunden.

I recenti sviluppi delle relazioni industriali in Italia. Handbuch Produktionswirtschaft Die Auswirkungen des Tarifeinheitsgesetzes auf das Arbeitskampfrecht. Gender differences in the union wage premium? Trade unions have transformed from male-dominated organisations rooted in manufacturing to majority-female organisations serving predominantly white-collar workers, often in the public sector. Adopting a comparative case study approach using nationally representative linked employer-employee A quantile correlated random coefficients panel data model.

Graham, Bryan S. We propose a generalization of the linear quantile regression model to accommodate possibilities afforded by panel data. Specifically, we extend the correlated random coefficients representation of linear quantile regression e. We show that panel data allows the The legal and institutional framing of collective bargaining in CEE countries : between Europeanisation and decentralisation.

Deinert, Olaf ed. Curbing inequalities in Europe : the impact of industrial relations and labour policies. Labour market inequalities in conditions of limited social dialogue : the case of the Baltic States. Industrial relations and inequality in the Spanish labour market : resilience and change. Reducing inequalities in Europe : how industrial relations and labour policies can close the gap.

Vaughan-Whitehead, Daniel ed. Income inequality, now at its highest level for the past half-century, may not only undermine the sustainability of European social policy but also Industrial relations in Singapore : practice and perspective. Trade unions : then and now -- Trade unions : legal framework, structure and management -- Employers and employers' federations -- Roles of the government in industrial relations -- Union representation and recognition -- Collective bargaining -- Collective agreements -- Disputes resolution Januar The bad end of the bargain?

Marianno, Bradley D. Der Konzerntarifvertrag : Wege zur einheitlichen Tarifgestaltung im Konzern. Prospects and contradictions concerning social partnership in Russia in the age of globalisation. This book provides an analysis of the contradictory nature of the social partnership system in Russia which was triggered by the process of neoliberal globalization. Being part of the growing economies BRICS and rapidly integrating into the world economy through opening for foreign direct Tarifbindung im Einzelhandel: Trends und Lohneffekte.

Accessorizing : the effect of union contract renewals on consumption. Results per page 10 25 50 Sitemap Contact us Imprint Privacy.


New collective agreements signed in banking

Kessler Francis. Les clauses autres que l'obligation de paix sociale contenues dans la partie obligatoire de la convention collective de travail allemande R. La convention collective de travail ouest-allemande est surtout connue par la clause de paix sociale qu'elle renferme obligatoirement. The german collective agreement is well known by its social peace provision. The agreement parties can also adopt some other commitments.


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