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Warhammer 4 Imperio En. Uploaded by danimiralles. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Oct 10, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. When the mountains erupted into flame and the lands were riven by earthquakes the Dwarf Empire was finally broken and its people scattered.

Many of the Dwarf Holds that escaped. A few Holds survived, most notably Karaz a Karak, the Dwarf capital and greatest underground city of al, With the decline of the Elves and the Dwarfs new creatures began to grow in number and power.

Fighting with weapons of stone and bronze, The records also describe the humans as fierce and determined, recounting how they battled against the Ores for possession of the empty lands Somewhere, somehow, the Dwarfs and the humans begin a relationship that was to prove mutually beneficial over the next few hundred years. Many Dwarfs fled westwards away from the ruins of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and. The human tribes were divided amongst themselves, but the Dwarfs were able to strike up alliances which brought thousands of well-armed, fierce warriors eastwards.

This powerful gift was gladly received and subsequently wielded effectively in many battles, earning Sigmar his nickname of Heldenhammer. Upon the death of his father, Sigmar became chieftain and began to draw the human, tribes together under his leadership. The few human tribes that opposed him, mostly ancient enemies of the Unberogens, were defeated in battle or driven beyond the Grey Mountains to the south and northwards into the forests beyond the Middle Mountains.

There have since been many battles at this strategic crossing place, but this was the first, the greatest and the most hard fought.

Afier many hours of fighting Sigmar Heldenhammer drove the greenskins from the field in rout and ended the threat to the Dwarf Empire for many years. The calendar of the Empire is reckoned from the year of Sigmar's crowning year 1. During this time the rough villages blossomed into small towns, the people multiplied, and many new settlements were founded. Of course there were still enemies to fight: marauding Goblins continued to cross over the Worlds Edge Mountains, and there were plenty of savage human tribes in the northern forests beyond the Middle Mountains.

Of Sigmar's reign very little is known, for the Dwarf annals are concerned chiefly with their own affairs and Sigmar's part in them. All that is known for certain is that Sigmar eventually put aside his crown and journeyed eastwards, supposedly to Karaz a Karak 10 meet his old friend Kurgan Ironbeard, If he ever arrived at that most famous of all Dwarf Holds the Dwarf records do not tell.

The time of Sigmar passed, and he became a legend, the heroic forebear of his people. Temples and shrines were built to his memory, ind a cult grew up 0 venerate him as founder of the Empire. The first Grand Theogonist was Johann Helsturm, and he became one of the most powerful men in the whole land, with many thousands of loyal followers. From its inception the Empire was therefore a loosely organised confederacy of allies, bound by common, friendship and a mutual loyalty to the Emperor.

The new provinces occupied pretty much the same areas as they do today, The leaders of the provinces took the tile of Count. Would the counts now war amongst themselves to establish the strongest? Over the years the body of Electors grew from the original Elector Counts to include representatives of the ccults of Sigmar and Ulric.

Some of the early Emperors built tombs and temples which survive in part, and whose intricate carvings can still be made out. A few of the better examples are of superior Dwarf workmanship, and on these can be read Dwarf runes which tell something of the history of the Emperors and their times. Later chroniclers attempted to compile this information into histories of the Empire, and some ventured to make lists of reigning, Emperors, Even these compilations are incredibly ancient, and not always consistent or reliable themselves.

That the Empire grew in power is certain, but there were civil wars, periods where there was no Emperor, where rival Emperors wwarred against each other, and times when Ores and Goblins plundered the lands. On the whole, the Empire's fortunes were good, and the land remained united despite interludes of disarray.

In the reign of Boris Goldgather a great disaster overtook the Empire. According to legend, the rule of Boris was something of a disaster: the Empire struggled under the burden of excessive taxation and corrupt officials, while the army was neglected and many border forts abandoned. Many thousands died over the winter of Whole villages were wiped out at a stroke, towns were abandoned, and in the chief provincial cities nearly three quarters of the people were taken by disease.

With its population reduced to little over a tenth of pre-plague levels, many villages were abandoned, and much of the Empire became wasteland, After the devastation an uneasy peace settled over the Empire, Count Mandred, the acclaimed defeater of the Skaven, was elected Emperor and his respected generalship and charismatic personality held the Empire Together during a vulnerable period of recovery. After his death at the hands of a Skaven assassin in the Elector Counts failed to reach a decision as to who should be the new Emperor, Personal rivalries and conflicting ambitions drove them apart.

Ouilia, the Elector Countess of abecland, declared war on her rival the Elector Count of Stirland, and open hostilities broke out between the two provinces. In cffect, Talabecland had ceded from the Empire, and was joined at various times by other provinces that were dlissatisfied with the current elected Emperor. By the provinces themselves had become ungovernable, with even the Elector Counts facing rivals and rebellions within theie own lands.

In , when the infant Countess Magritta of Marienburg was elected Empress, the Grand Theogonist himself refused to acknowledge the appointment and the Imperial system wwas effectively ended, The Elector Counts did not meet again for over four hundred years. During this time the cities governed their own affairs and many of the larger towns became prosperous under the leadership of Burgomeisters elected from the mercantile classes and, other wealthy citizens, The power of the Elector Counts declined as that of the Burgomeisters grew, and many cities begin to recruit their own troops.

It centres upon the roughly circular territory around the north pole, directly below the ancient collapsed warp gate which pours magic energy into the world. The whole area around the Realm of Chaos is polluted with magic. This desolation is known as the Chaos Wastes or the Northern Was surrounded in turn by only slightly less corupted distorted tees and broken rocks called the Troll Country.

All these lands lie to the north of the Empire, beyond the land of Kislev. The wastelands are inhabited by all kinds of monstrous creatures and it is here that the armies of Chaos gather their strength. When the tides of magic flow strongly from the broken warp gate the Realm of Chaos expands, the Northern Wastes are swallowed up, and the armies of Chaos pour down through the Troll Country into Kislev and the Empire.

The success of these Chaos armies further strengthens the tides of magic, and the Realm of Chaos grows even larger, threatening to overwhelm the north. The deep division within the provinces of the former Empire meant than no-one had sufficient forces to root out the Beastmen.

As the power of Chaos grew the warp gates began to spew out dark magic and the Realm of Chaos expanded quickly In the winter of the Chaos armies moved southwards, fuelled by the growing darkness of Chaos, Daemons moved with them, sustained by the fresh tides of life-giving magic, and everywhere the agents of Chaos became powerful.

A mighty army of Kislevites and the Elector Count of Ostland was crushed north of Praag, and the Chaos army advanced along the western foothills of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Spring of was noted as the coldest for centuries, and the Chaos army crossed the river Lynsk above Praag, destroying a contingent of Kislevites defending its bridges. Those citizens unlucky enough to still be alive were swept into the Realm of Chaos, their living bodies melted into the walls of the city itself so that it was no longer possible to tell man from stone.

Distorted faces peeted from walls, agonised limbs writhed from the pavements, and pillars of stone groaned with voices th came from once human lips. Praag had become a living. A leader arose from among the confusion and panic of those troubled times: Magnus, a noble of Nuln, He later became known as Magnus the Pious because of his unflinching devotion to the cult of Sigmar and to the ideals of nationhood which Sigmar still signified in the divided Empire.

Magnus was a great orator whose rousing speeches soon, created a massive following among the common folk of the Empire.

He marched northwards from city to city, addressing the people in the market places, gathering bout him an army, The Flector Counts and Burgomeisters recognised in Magnus a leader they were all prepared to follow, and soon the citizen army was swollen by provincial troops and the troops of the Elector Counts themselves.

This army arrived too.. This second army discovered the city already under attack by the Chaos hordes and attacked immediately. The battle went well for Magnus initially: the Chaos forces were scattered and their generals unable to prevent wholesale slaughter. Soon the greater numbers of the Chaos force began to tell, and Magnus's army was gradually pushed back into a defensive circle. As the Chaos army regrouped for its final attack, the Kislevites returning from Praag arrived from the north and.

Caught between no less than three armies the Chaos hordes faltered and began to charge in every direction, bewildered and confused by this new turn of events. The Kislevites were driven to wild fury by what they had witnessed in Praag, and the Chaos army began to crumble before their implacable anger. Magnus seized the opportunity and led is troops forward.

The Dwarfs and remaining Kislevite defenders burst from the city itself. The Chaos troops fled and many were caught and destroyed as they tured to run. Magnus the Pious proved an extremely able Emperor and immediately set about restoring order to the provinces of the Empire, The servants of Chaos were hunted down in the forests, and many wild and long-abandoned lands were re-settled.

Included among them is King Kurgan Ironbeard. Upon the death of his father, Sigmar becomes chief of the Unberogen tribe. An alliance of human tribes led by Sigmar and a Dwarf army under Kurgan lronbeard defeats a large Ore and Goblin army. Sigmar is crowned Emperor by the High Priest of Ulric.

After a half century of building and prosperity in the newly proclaimed Empire, Sigmar vanishes into the east. The plague lasts until , and almost nine-tenths of the human population Of the Empire is wiped out, Skaven erupt to take advantage of the disaster. Many small settlements are abandoned due to falling populations and the depredations of the Skaven. No successor is elected during the ensuing anarchy. Assassination of the Emperor Mandred. The Elector Counts cannot agree upon a successor and the Empire divides into self-governing provinces.

There are now three Emperors. None of them commands much loyalty amongst the other provinces and each effectively rules an independent state. Solland is overrun and Eldred Count of Solland slain — after this Solland ceases to exist as a separate land. The Solland Runefang is eaptured by Ores. Gorbad advances north along the Upper Reik. Altdorf is besieged.


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