Post a Comment. Dark Elves Army Review. I usually field a large 40 man unit of them for a steadfast block in the center of my army. I bring a level 4 shadow when I do this so that if the enemy charges them and becomes tarpitted, I can cast okkam's or the withering into the combat to utterly destroy the enemy. Without magical buffs or army tactics built around this unit I believe that they are over costed.

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Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Hi all, I'm just starting up a Dark Elf army to play 8th edition with my housemates and I'd like some feedback. I played VC around the End Times so I have had a decent grasp on the game, but not this army, so any help would be appreciated. My principal opponents will be ogres and dwarfs. This is just a list for fun among my friends, nothing competitive but I'd like to know how seriously I'd get beat if I tried this.

The knights with the Dreadlord and the Master will take a flank while the hydra takes the other, looking for opportunities at flank charges. I'm unsure about the Master, the standard could be used to hold the centre but I'm not too sure and I'm not too familiar with Delves.

Any feedback is appreciated. Adrift within the vortex of my imagination. Not a lot for pts, you have a lot of bloat in this list. It autowounds but does nohing against armour, your nasty sword has the -1 save fpor S4 only. This character costs pts will be good against ogres but will struggle against dwarfs. A dreadlord is for Ld10, you have nasty monsters to lay on the hurt. Supreme Sorceress - Tome of Frion is for a level 1 or 2 sorceress.

At level 4 you have to be really unlucky not to naturally generate one spell you want. Dark magic has a lot of samey spells, if you have a level 4 blaster sorceress you will be able to do what you want. Sacrificial dagger is the usual choice. He is there for the reroll. Darkshards - No problems, but don't overestimate them as they are. Consider deploying them in four ranks for static combat resolution halving the ifrepower but offering a nasty anti chaff unit that also holds as a line unit with a bonus over Bleakswords of getting a 'free' stand and shoot.

Witch Elves - Take one unit of 30 or 40 Witch Elves and the remainder if any in a small flanking unit. One box of ten, champion and musician, you can go for a standard if you want to. Deploy them as a small flanking unit and inflict a heavy damage spike on an already engaged target.

Vulnerable but highly efficient in destroying an engaged enemy via combat resolution overload. Watch out for stubborn units.. Three or four boxes of ten, three is enough, with full command with magic standard and the Altar of Khaine and a Hag. Hellebron is an optional extra but don't skimp on any elements. Use as your main combat block deployed in horde formation, use all the extra rules you can get including extra attacks and the ward save. You will likely win, then bathe in blood while drinking your opponents tears.

Watch out for bait units for your girl frenzy. Support with magic and missiles. Cold Ones - Ten cold ones is a problem, they are expensive because you pay for a nasty mount, yet you get no supporting attacks from cold ones, which is where the post charge staying power is.

Have cold one knights in a single rank, you can toughen them by adding a hero, but not the Dreadlord, if any, you need the general in the infantry line. Executioners - No problem there, 20 is about right. Better than Black Guard, though you can have both. War Hydra - Cant go wrong there. At pts it would not be unfair to take two.

Missing options. Both Dark Riders and Doomfire Warlocks are very effective, the latter being one of the most broken units in the game. I only assembled mine as Dark Riders because they look good and are a milder flavoured cheese. Bolt Throwers are almost always a solid option.

Cold One chariots have T5 and are one of the better chariots. Though they lack the high strength of other heavy chariots they dont cost as much as most other heavy chariots, with exception of boar chariots.

Choose targets well, choose to fight opponents that will not like being chewed on by two raptors and have a problem with T5. The combination of high attack volume, modest strength but high resilience make them good bully units for messing up light troops and can grind away after the charge.

General Principles Dark elves win battles by winning combats. This might sound like a redundant comment but consider basic inftry armies like Empire. Their units lose combats but stay due to the general and BSB and help from a warpriest or spell, they hold due to steadfast and keep grinding away until the battle is won elsewhere. Chaos wins by decapitating the opponent in challenges and annihilating select opponents in a drawn out battle. Wood elves deny combat until they have won elsewhere.

Dark Elves are a high damage outpt army. Most units set upon the opposition with either solid high strength attacks or a very number of low strength attacks that get through on volume. They also get to reroll a lot due to Murderous Prowess and Hatred, What they cant do is fight in attrition combat. Dark Elves cause damage spikes, however with the way rules are written if the enemy unit is big enough it will get to swing, and most Dark Elves are not well protected.

This makes the army difficult to play, you need to combine multiple high damage causing units, chariots and hydras are key here, backing up combat blocks that can also deal out a lot of pain, such as Witch Elves and Executioners. The idea is to cause such a damage spike as to remove steadfast in a single round of combat. If you cant do that fight elsewhere if you can, as Dark Elves can also apply damage at range and are fast enough for a denial game.

Now here are your problems, Dwarfs are a problem match up. There is no point when you can say you have enough overkill to charge into a dwarf battleline, they tie with Nurgle daemons as thetop defensive army in the game. Thankfully high mobility means that you can work other solutions that the standard Druchii overkill rush cannot manage, not as well as a true denial army like Wood Elves, but when facing dwarfs, or Nurgle, the difference in speed between the different types of elves are irrelevant.

I wont lie to you, Dwarfs are tough opponents, you will need a cerebral gameplay style patience and care to set up your attacks to make them as once sided as you need them to be to get away with having T3 and light armour, or bikinis, as your main defence on a low model count army.

Ogres are tough too, bit its mostly a style of toughness, as armies go Ogres are by no means one of the particularly resilient ones. You can use overkill strategies against them, but cant stop them from holding just long enough to force a bill in dead elves. By picking fights carefully you should be able to stay ahead on attrition.

Watch out for gnoblar scrappers, they can get in the way of your pre charge maneuvers and are disproportionately effective against you. Use Darkshards on them. By the juice of the brew my thoughts aquire speed, my mind becomes strained, the strain becomes a warning. It is by tea alone I set my mind in motion. Orlanth wrote: Not a lot for pts, you have a lot of bloat in this list.

The first thing I noticed about this army is that you have no Chaff. You will lose almost every game played if you don't know how to control the board. You need minimum 2 units of Dark Riders, Harpies or Shades. You can't just slam into an enemies front line and expect to win with Dark Elves, you have to hit them where they're most vulnerable and re-direct their most dangerous threats away from you. Never take fancy magic weapons that do unnecessary things.

All you need is strength. It allows you to wound better and pierces armour. Because it does both of those things, it's really the only stat you should be looking for in a weapon. It's there to kill models, no wound them, not make them stupid. Just kill. Ogre blade or go home. That being said, you should probably drop the Dread Lord, he's a lot of points and isn't contributing much to your army. You could buy another unit for him. As Orlanth pointed out, Tomb of Furion is for low level casters.

You'd be better off with a dispel scroll and a ward save. Give them protection and a decent weapon. You don't really need the standard. Executioners could be bigger. They aren't benefiting from that extra rank of attacks, but you are making them wide enough to be unwieldy and prone to being charged.

If you only want to take 20, but the BSB in there and run them 3 ranks of 7.


Warhammer Army Project/Dark Elves

Great work!!!!! Can you tell me what is a Drider? Well, they are half dark elf, half spider, like the post says. Try searching for Drider on google, you'll get a good idea of them then ;. Funnily enough I was working on Driders myself in my Mindflayer based Underdark army book. I had them booked down as T5 with stronger ranged attacks as befitting a Monstrous unit, see Ushabti and the likes but all in all they're pretty solid. That being said I can really dig the overall changes, monsters appear to be balanced now, Doomfire Warlocks got knocked down a peg and Sea Dragon cloaks now kind of remind me of Horo Cloaks as an optional anti-ranged choice rather than a must-have.


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Dark Elves

Do you want your Elves to take the next logical step in their belief of 'we're better than everyone' over to 'so we should be allowed to kill them? Then Dark Elves are for you. In the long long ago, in the before time, in 6th edition, Dark Elves were a finicky and difficult army. Limited unit choices, overpriced and underpowered units and difficult to use tactics made them a favorite of smart and tactical players. Then came the 7th edition update and they rocketed up to being the 2nd best army in the game behind Daemons and while the 8th edition book has balanced things a bit, they remain a powerhouse army. Dark Elves are not for people who expect all their units to have the toughness of Lizardmen or Dwarves, or the hitting power of Chaos Warriors or Ogres. Yes, the Dark Elves have units that hit like a ton of bricks Hydra most notably but they are the minority.


Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition such a thing. It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it later on, go ahead. Do you want your Elves to take the next logical step in their belief of 'we're better than everyone' over to 'so we should be allowed to kill them? Then Dark Elves are for you.


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