Apr 02, Jill Konrath, bestselling author of Selling to Big Companies , participated in a minute teleseminar on Mar. Roberti : Please take a moment to tell us about yourself, your sales background and how you became an elite sales trainer. Konrath : I worked at Xerox for many years, then moved into selling technology, and I was often frustrated that the marketing department would not always give us salespeople the information we needed to be successful. Too often, we got a lot of information about the new features in the product, but nothing about how they would benefit our customers. I started my own sales training business in Then, in , I wound up losing my two largest clients when they were ordered to cut back all non-core expenses.

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Digg This Save to del. Got some free time this weekend? I'm part of the faculty, along with some other people whom I highly respect. It's well worth your time! He offers some excellent insights that can help you get more business. Click here now to see the "Communicate Your Value" videos.

This morning I got an email from a CRM provider about a free ebook on the social sales revolution. It piqued my curiosity. Before you know it, I was registering to download it. But -- and now I'm going into true confession mode -- I didn't use my real name or phone number on the form.

Nor did I give out my easily identifiable business email address. Instead, I used a generic one. Why do I want to remain incognito? Because I'm just interested in learning. I don't want to talk to anyone.

I don't want to be a "lead. But, based on the email I received just a few short minutes after downloading the ebook, you'd think I was one a hot prospect. Many customers who have taken this initial step have found it extremely valuable to set up a brief 10 minute call with me to answer any questions they have and explain how our different products and services could bring value to their specific situation. This typically helps shorten your evaluation process and gives you exactly the information you need to help make any comparisons or decisions.

Wait a minute. I think there's a major disconnect here. I simply signed up for an interesting ebook they promoted and suddenly they've got me in the midst of a CRM decision?

Exactly 34 minutes after the initial message, the next message arrived. They were having trouble reaching me on my clearly fake phone number. Don't they get that I want to remain anonymous? Thank you for your interest in ourcrm. Is there a better number to reach you at? Please let me know if it makes sense to connect. I would be happy to lend you a hand to further evaluate ourcrm. Then just two minutes later I heard from the CRM company again. Now they're really starting to get serious with me.

They want to know about my currrent CRM systems, issues, challenges and decision timelines. If you feel more comfortable communicating via email, please take a moment to answer the questions listed below. To provide you with the best overall customer experience, it is important for us to understand your specific business needs and objectives. What is your current CRM system?

What challenges are you facing with your current system? How do you envision using ourcrm. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support 4. Ideally, what are you looking for the CRM to do for your company? How many users do you envision using the application? What other CRM solutions are you looking at? What is your timeline for implementation? What is your HQ address? How many full time employees do you have?

And to think all this started because I downloaded an ebook on the social sales revolution. Yet they were pursuing me as if I was in the midst of a major decision.

Unfortunately, many companies are setting up their automated lead gen systems like this. They're misconstruing my intentions and ticking me off. I can't imagine that that's their ultimate goal -- yet that's exactly what's happening. With over 70 limericks entered in the contest, it was a real challenge to pick the winners.

Of course, it was entirely subjective too. What criteria did I use? They had to be in actual limerick format which some weren't. Also, I picked the ones that made me laugh the most or were really clever. And it was really hard to decide. Also, I expanded the numbers of winner to six: 5 in the sales category and 1 in the pandering category -- meaning they wrote about me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the winners of the Sales Limerick Challenge. A salesmen is quick with his tongue For on quotas his incentives are hung. And if his mouth isn't telling A story compelling His stomach's slow groans will be sung. Then along came the phone And he now lies prone Selling high tech to those who he wooed.

His spiel he'd deliver Like the pints to his liver, Which sadly now rests in a jar. He snapped up your book And took a quick look And now his sales figures are swelling. There once was a gal from Nantucket Whose sales were down deep in the bucket. She had value to sell But could not do it well And with each click of the phone she said, "Shuck it. Aren't they fun!

Now, which one did you like best? Click here to read the winning sales limericks. A few weeks ago I went to Ireland to speak to a group of entrepreneurs. While there, I was inspired me to write some limericks, an Irish form of nonsensical poetry. They were so fun to create, that I decided to sponsor the There once was a lady named Bella Who was trying to sell to this fella. When they finally did meet, She didn't miss a beat 'Fore she put him through PowerPoint hella. There once was a man name Peter Who wanted to buy a new heater.

But he was so appalled When the sales lady called Without thinking, he quickly delete her. Remember, limericks always have five lines and their rhyming scheme is aabba. But since we're recording it, you can listen to it when it fits your schedule. Sign up now to ensure your access. Join me and Seth Godin to learn what it takes to achieve unparalleled succes s with today's crazy-busy prospects. You know what your prospects are thinking -- all the time? Every time you interact with them, they're evaluating you and asking themselves: "Is this a person company I want to work with on a long-term basis?

If they feel pressure from you, the answer is no. When you do, it shifts your relationship to a whole new level from the very start. Case in point. Several years ago a regional engineering firm contacted me about helping with an upcoming presentation. They'd been invited to make a presentation to a buying team, along with five other companies. As a regional firm, they were delighted to be included with all the industry giants. When I first met with the lead engineer and business developer, they truthfully didn't believe they could win the business.

Their goal was simply to make the final three. They asked me to help them make a good showing. Of course, my goal was to help them win! They wanted tons of information about the company, its background, their qualifications, clients, and more.

It was clear to me that their competitors were going to come into that meeting with a whole deck of PowerPoint slides and cover that information in excruciating detail. And just imagine their prospects having to sit through six of those presentations in one day. I told my client, "We're going to do something different. Your job is to go into the meeting as if they were already your customers. They didn't understand what I meant.

I explained it more: "Let's assume they gave you the contract. What would you do next? Well," they said.


Selling to Big Companies

Digg This Save to del. Got some free time this weekend? I'm part of the faculty, along with some other people whom I highly respect. It's well worth your time!


Jill Konrath Discusses How to Sell RFID to Big Companies

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Selling to BIG Companies

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Notes on Selling to Big Companies

Pick up the key ideas in the book with this quick summary. Being a salesperson can be a thankless job. Why is sales so challenging? The issue is one of attention.

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