Titratable acidity, soluble nitrogen and oil separation index values of control recorded low levels when fresh or during cold storage period, while Total Volatile Fatty Acids TVFAs and the meltability values were in the opposite direction. The sulfur containing amino acid s were lower in cheese analogue while arginine, histidine, isolucine, lucine, lysine, alanine, aspartic, glutamic and proline were higher. Traditionally processed cheese is made by mixing and heating natural cheese, emulsifying salts, water and fat. The conversion of these materials into processed cheese was originally developed in the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries and was used as a preservation measure and mainly extending the shelf life of the cheese.

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We provide a full range of dairy ingredients for different alternative cheese formulations, like recombined cheese, processed cheese and analogue cheese. Alternative cheese is a dynamic market. This suggests a promising future for cheese applications.

Such growth can be explained by different elements, but the central reason is insufficient supplies of local fresh milk in developing countries. That is why Asia and Middle East are the most dynamic zones; they need alternatives to produce cheese. Other elements driving market evolution include:. Our manufacturers seek recipe cost optimisation, flavour enhancement and texture improvement.

We have all the dairy ingredients to provide optimal solutions for them, such as:. In response to the growing demand for pizza in emerging markets, analogue cheeses are a cost-effective alternative to traditional cheese. Its key benefit is to preserve the same properties while optimising costs.

Ingredients used in imitation cheeses must therefore allow a short hydration time to increase productivity. When analogue cheeses are meant to be used on pizza they must give similar properties to mozzarella: a maximum stretch, a homogeneous melting, and a limited browning. In some regions of the world, there are insufficient supplies of high-quality local fresh milk, which affects cheese production. LACTALIS Ingredients provides an excellent solution to this dilemma by offering a non-standardised skimmed milk powder with specific properties for cheese making.

Linked to its high protein content and consequently to its high casein content, the lactose is lower than in standardised milk powder. Moreover, this product undergoes ultra-low heat treatment, drastically limiting protein denaturation and ensuring better functional properties. For these reasons, recombined cheese is the best solution for manufacturers seeking cost reduction and regular product quality on a long-term basis.

From 1 to 4 years old, the babies start gradually eating family food. To ease diet transition and to ensure giving toddlers the essential nutrients, maintaining a growing milk helps to complete the dietary diversification initiated. In a context where food safety is a major issue, Lactalis Ingredients is rolling out its awareness campaign for sensitive people in its newly renovated Verdun plant.

Lactalis Ingredients will now be able to offer more Flowhey volumes. Aller au contenu. About us Why work with us? Market overview Alternative cheese is a dynamic market. Westernisation of dietary lifestyle: people are eating more and more cheese, which makes processed cheese a dynamic market. Moreover, populations are changing their habits by eating increased amounts of pizza and ready meals. For this application, analogue cheese is an economical alternative to natural cheese. Society has become much more concerned about its health, and alternative cheese can have a lower cholesterol level than natural cheese.

Request Information. Our quality ingredients for cheese applications. Our range for processed cheese. Our range for analogue cheese. More specifically, we can provide premium casein for longer stretch, especially created for pizza. Our range for recombined cheese. Lactalis ingredients renovates a factory and raises awareness to ensure food safety for infant nutrition. All news.

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Cheese analogue

Cheese analogues more widely known as cheese alternatives are products used as culinary replacements for cheese. These include vegan cheeses as well as some dairy products, such as processed cheese or Kraft Singles , that do not qualify as true cheeses. These foods may be intended as replacements for cheese, as with vegan products, or as imitations, as in the case of products used for salad bars and pizza-making, which are generally intended to be mistaken for real cheese, but have properties such as different melting points or lower costs that make them attractive to businesses. As with plant milk , vegan cheese may be made from soybeans , rice, almonds, nutritional yeast and other non-dairy ingredients.


Production of Functional Spreadable Processed Cheese Analogue Supplemented with Chickpea

These high-performing products are designed for specific industrial applications, manufactured using both dairy and vegetable ingredients. Our product range includes a wide variety of different cheese types smoked scamorza, spicy provolone, gorgonzola, mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental … and textures, with many different options for product customization, depending on customer requirements. These food preparations are based on cheese and milk derivatives, formulated with the addition of specific raw materials , to offer products with flavors characteristic of the Italian and other culinary traditions , depending on customer requirements. Our vegan products are cheese analogues containing no milk derivatives, making them free of any ingredient of animal origin. We currently offer a cream cheese and a hard cheese for slicing. The IPAS cheese preparations can be customized in different ways depending on customer requirements, both in terms of texture and sensory profile. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


Processed Cheese and Analogues



Processed Cheese and Cheese Analogue


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