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Binoculars are the perfect camera accessories to add an element of fun and excitement when viewing faraway objects. The joys and pleasures of having a pair of binoculars is immense. If you are looking to buy a pair of binoculars, you will be surprised with an overwhelming choice of makes and models at the online store of Paytm Mall. Whether you want to buy binoculars for birding, hunting, for astronomy or during stadium events or races, star gazing or observing wildlife, you are sure to be left spoilt for choices at the online store of Paytm Mall.

Whether you are interested to buy a compact model or a full-size standard model, we have got you covered. When you plan to buy a new binocular, you need to first figure out when and where you intend to use them. Once, this is sorted, you can further check out binoculars on the basis of various technical specifications like magnification power, type, the field of view, objective lens diameter, prism type and so on to pick your choices.

Paytm Mall presents you with a hand-picked selection of binoculars that score high on versatility, durability and are packed with brilliant zoom capabilities. The most basic thing that you need to understand when buying a pair of binocular is their magnifying power. A binocular with 10X magnifying power means, it magnifies the object 10 times. In order to make an informed decision, you should also be aware that higher the magnification power, the smaller area you see.

This is called as Field of View. Another important thing to note here is the diameter of the objective lens. The larger the lens the brighter image you see is. Binoculars with greater object lens size make the binocular a lot larger and heavier which may become inconvenient for you to carry around them with you.

There are so many different types of binoculars that might confuse you as to which one to go for it. To help you find the best binocular for your needs, we present you different types of binoculars and their amazing features.

Binoculars - Whether you are a casual wildlife enthusiast or die-hard explorer, binoculars are the perfect aid to bring distant objects into clear view. Binoculars make use of two lenses and are widely used for various outdoor activities.

Browse through the vast collection of binoculars available online at Paytm Mall with brilliant features like center focus, aspherical lens elements, built-in dioptric corrective adjustments, UV rays protection, anti-reflective lens coating, grip rubber coating, light in weight and so much more. If you wear eyeglasses, binoculars with Eye Relief specifications are a must.

At the online store of Paytm Mall, you can narrow down your choices on the basis of size, power and price range. Find monoculars with features like dual focus capability, non-slip grip, single hand operation, wrist strap on the monocular and much more. Spotting Scope - It is a kind of telescope that comes in smaller sizes. The smaller size of the spotting scope makes it amazingly handy and transportable.

The most prominent difference between the telescope and spotting scope is it provides an erect image instead of an inverted image. The amazing variety of spotting scopes available at Paytm Mall are premium in design and boast excellent features like water-proof, fog resistant, fully multi-coated lens, angled-eyepiece for easy viewing and so on. Spotting scopes provide superior magnification and can be attached to a camera to get a long ranged picture of faraway animals or other objects.

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