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Want to Read. Shelving menu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Wasps by Aristophanes. Wasps was first performed at the festival of the Lenaia early in B. It is arguably one of Aristophanes' most entertaining and characteristic works, and the lack of serious difficulties in the te… More. Shelve Wasps. Frogs by Aristophanes. Shelve Frogs. The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. The Shadow over Innsmouth is a horror novella by H. It forms part of the Cthulhu Mythos, using its motif of a malign undersea civilization.

It references several shared elements of the M… More. Shelve The Shadow Over Innsmouth. When A Space Odyssey first shocked, amazed, and delighted millions in the late s, the novel was quickly recognized as a classic. Since then, its fame has grown steadily among the multitudes … More. Shelve Odyssey Two Space Odyssey, 2. Nathan Pyle. E se um grupo de extraterrestres viesse viver no nosso planeta? Quais de nossos costumes seriam mais estranhos a esses novos moradores?

In Electric Universe , David Bodanis weaves tales of romance, divine inspiration, and fraud through a lucid account of the invisible force that permeates our universe. In these pages the virtuoso scien… More. Birds by Aristophanes. Birds is generally recognized as one of Aristophanes' masterpieces, for its imaginative plot it is the source of the word "Cloudcuckooland" , and its charming and original lyrics. This abridgment of … More. Shelve Birds. Philosophy of everybody's business. As human beings, we all have the ability, and even the proclivity, to philosophize.

We all engage in philosphical thought in the course of our daily live. What is p… More. Clouds by Aristophanes. This new paperback edition of Aristophanes' popular play includes the complete Greek text and extensive notes and commentary. Dover examines the two versions of the play, recounts the history of the t… More. Shelve Clouds. The Art of Memory by Frances A. One of Modern Library's Best Nonfiction Books of the Twentieth Century In this classic study of how people learned to retain vast stores of knowledge before the invention of the printed page, Franc… More.

Shelve The Art of Memory. The Bacchae by Euripides. Euripides' classic drama about the often mortifying consequences of the unbridled--and frequently hysterical--celebration of the feast of Dionysus, the God of wine.

Shelve The Bacchae. Prometheus Bound and Other Plays by Aeschylus. Shelve Prometheus Bound and Other Plays. A Tale of Two Cities by A. The titles in this series are mainly new editions of titles in the Longman Simplified English Series. They are suitable for students at upper intermediate level, including those preparing for the Camb… More. Shelve A Tale of Two Cities. Shelve Problemas? Tanto para os jovens quanto para … More. Todas as Respostas by Max Gehringer.

Shelve Todas as Respostas. Hesiod, one of the oldest known Greek poets, stands out as the first personality in European literature. The Theogony contains a systematic genealogy of the gods from the beginning of the world and an… More. Alternate cover edition can be found here , here , here , here In the Oresteia—the only trilogy in Greek drama which survives from antiquity—Aeschylus took as his subject the bloody chain of murder and re… More.

Plutus by Aristophanes. The story of 'Plutus' concerns Chremylus, a poor but just man, who accompanied by his body-servant Cario, consults the Delphic Oracle concerning his son, whether he ought not to be instructed in injus… More. Shelve Plutus. The Ecclesiazusae or Women in Council by Aristophanes.

The 'Ecclesiazusae, or Women in Council, ' was not produced till twenty years after the preceding play, the 'Thesmophoriazusae' at the Great Dionysia of B. Shelve The Ecclesiazusae or Women in Council. Ajax Translations from Greek Drama by Sophocles. Written in the fifth century B. A brutal farewell to the valor and v… More. Shelve Ajax Translations from Greek Drama. The Knights by Aristophanes. Shelve The Knights. Incapaz de se lembrar do que aconteceu, el… More.

Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. A classic Victorian vampire novella, which influenced Bram Stoker's later treatment of the vampire mythos in Dracula. Shelve Carmilla. Electra by Sophocles. Shelve Electra.

Under normal conditions a whole person has a decided advantage over a handicapped one. But out in deep space the normal may be reversed--for humans at any rate. Shelve All Cats Are Gray. Upon becoming a new mother, Eula Biss addresses a chronic condition of fear--fear of the government, the medical establishment, and what is in your child's air, food, mattress, medicine, and vaccines.

Shelve On Immunity: An Inoculation.


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