Possible impact by the "dry law" prohibition law in attendance to victims of traffic accidents in an emergency unit. Rio de Janeiro-RJ. E-mail: analuap msn. Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery. Brasil E-mail: angelabreu globo. E-mail: louiseppaixao gmail.

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Obviously, in not comtemporary times we are supposed to think of the dry laws enforced in Russia circa and in the US mainly in the period For example, "The Lei Seca Dry Law makes it a criminal offence to drive with a blood-alcohol concentration of 6 decigrams per litre or higher.

No licence to that kind. Many conscientous people are not selling, with or without law, but the. Dry laws are laws that prohibit the sale and purchase of alcoholic beverage within a given time frame or area. Dry laws may vary from state to state. Even within a single state, dry laws may vary by county or jurisdiction. Some counties may prohibit alcohol sales at night time, while some may restrict sales only on Sundays until noontime.

Dry counties are counties that prohibit the sale of alcohol altogether. A dry county may enforce its liquor prohibitions for on or off-premises sales. Or some counties may prohibit some types of dram shops liquor-selling establishments within certain geographic boundaries. Violations of dry law rules and regulations can result in legal penalties.

Dram shop owners and business owners who violate dry laws can also face legal penalties. These may also include fines and jail time. Finally, violations of dry law rules can complicate all other alcohol-related charges, such as driving under the influence, possession of alcohol by a minor, or public drunkenness. If a person has violated both an alcohol law and a dry law, they may face increased legal punishments due to the multiple violations.

As with any law, ignorance of dry laws is no excuse and will not serve as a defense in court. Contents of this forum are copy-free. No licence to that kind of business. Many conscientous people are not selling, with or without law, but the other ones


How the Zero Tolerance Law Changed Brazil




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