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Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Get Latest Price. Thanks to its small size and outstanding performance, the actuator LA12 provides a practical and cost-effective alternative to small-scale traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The LA12 is ideal for applications requiring short linear movements. After many years on the market, the actuator LA12 demonstrated that it is a very reliable and robust actuator that can handle almost any situation and challenge.

View Complete Details. The LA27 actuator is a powerful actuator designed for e. The LA27 actuator is developed for both push and pull applications and has a very robust construction because of the ultrasonic welded plastic housing. The LA27 actuator is equipped with a plug for connection of exchangeable cable with mini-fit connector.

This gives the possibility to order standard actuators and combine them with different cable lengths. The LA27 actuator has a small standard programme where only a few standard lengths and built-in dimensions are available.

This gives the possibility of ordering standard actuators and combining them with different cable lengths. The LA27C actuator is for the leg rest and backrest function in a bed. LA28 is primarily a system actuator. Some benefits of the LA28 compact are:. Thrust: 6, N in push application Max. Thrust: 4, N in pull application Max. A special feature is the flexible back fixture, which can adapt misalignments in e.

The LA32 is a powerful actuator that can be supplied with a ball screw spindle to give outstanding performance. The LA32 has many special options including a safety nut, splines, quick release F and an optional protection class up to IPX6 standard.

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Interested in this product? Get Best Quote. Yes, I am interested! With its small size the LA14 is well suited for applications that require short linear movements. Thrust: N N in 12V Max. The LA23 actuator is a small and strong push or pull actuator up to N. The LA23 can be used in various applications where size is important.

Thrust: N Max. The LA27 with CS27 has integrated electronics, ensuring optimum usability for the end-user. The LA27 actuator is developed for both push and pull applications and is equipped with a socket for cable connection.

The actuator is the perfect choice for these types of applications as the motor is very compact and silent. Thrust: 3, N Max. Some benefits of the LA28 compact are: Compact design and small installation dimensions Metal back fixture makes the actuator capable of withstanding high static pull force and ensures high safety Quiet operation N in push with strong motor and N in pull Options such as spline and safety nut to ensure safe operation at all times Available with protection class IPX6.

The LA31 actuator fits into very narrow places, as it is very compact. Thrust up to 3, N. Thrust: 6, N Max. The strong LA34 actuator is made in a low weight composite material. Thrust: 10, N in push application Max. Thrust 6, N in pull application Max. The LA40 is a low noise and powerful actuator which is available in a N and an N version. Based on the extensive knowledge and experience from previous actuator families, LINAK has developed new gear and braking principles that improve the efficiency of the new LA These innovative solutions are covered by several patents.

Equipped with a socket for exchangeable cables, the LA40 has the same flexibility as previous families, and existing minifit cables can be used. With the LA40, LINAK offers a new durable actuator with high speed and high performance making it the right choice for the future market.

The LA40 versions are rated up to IPX6 Washable and have a very smooth design, enlarging their field of application due to easy cleanability and mounting flexibility. The LA40 is designed for a wide range of applications within both the medical and beds market such as e.

The system is for example an advantage when there is no space for a control box. Baselift Get Latest Price. Revolutionary, innovative, smart. The Baselift is an obvious choice for a wide range of applications where sit-sit or stand-stand adjustment is needed to get an optimum working height and comfort. With its compact size the Baselift only takes up mm in height, which can typically be fitted into existing bases without compromising on space or storage room to get comfort.

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Powerful actuator designed for care beds. Ideal for leg support and backrest. Comes with Quick Release option. The LA27 is a powerful actuator designed for applications, such as homecare beds.



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