It concluded the Kosovo War. Despite the initial agreement, for instance, on a withdrawal timetable for the Serbian forces in Kosovo, NATO's Operation Allied Force was still underway, pending the completion of full withdrawal of the Serbian troops. There are sources that cite the role that Russia played in the immediate resolution of the accord. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. An initial agreement between the two parties was reached, which involved a commitment on the part of NATO to cease its airstrikes and a willingness to remove a passage it wanted to include in the Kumanovo Agreement in exchange for Russian support for a forthcoming UN Resolution agreed by the Group of Eight. The NATO presence was sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council on the strength of Resolution , which authorized UN Member states and international organizations to maintain an international security presence via the KFOR in Kosovo until an agreement is finally concluded and its terms implemented.

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To register. Why to register? Forgotten password! Article metrics. The end of break-up of Yugoslavia marked the beginning of the aggression against Serbia, with the aim of achieving the Western powers claim to the East.

The West knew that Kosovo and Mathai was the weakest point of Serbia, but also its cornerstone. The rights of minorities in Kosovo and Metohia were protected like nowhere else in the world. The biggest falsehood was that more than a million Albanians were expelled from Kosovo and Metohia.

Under the Rambouillet Agreement, humiliating conditions were imposed to Serbia. These conditions were worse than Hitler's conditions and among other things, they said: "NATO personnel will have together with their vehicles, combat aircraft and equipment, free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access to the entire territory of the FRY, including flying airspace and the territorial waters". Adolf Hitler said in "The Axis Forces will not seek the passage of their troops over the Yugoslav territory, not the use of roads and a railway network purposes".

Serbia was offered an ultimatum in Rambouillet, which had been secret until then, and which questioned country's independence. On the Brussels secret agreement on March 13, NATO members decided to attack Serbia The date of the start of the attack was set for March 24, The following conclusions were reached: 1.

Operation Alligator should serve to humiliate Yugoslavia and with Blitzkrieg humiliate the army and police in Kosovo and Metohia. In case of resistance, Yugoslavia is to be destroyed by the most destructive weapons using depleted uranium and cassette bombs. The International Court established in the Hague, should rule in a swift procedure to the political, military and police leadership of Yugoslavia. Judge for the most serious crimes in the field of war low: for genocide, war crimes and violation of laws and customs of war.

The response to Yugoslavia's resistance should be to kill civilians, demolish bridges, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, infrastructure, power stations and power lines. Destruction of refineries would cause an ecological disaster. Create the conditions for the creation of an independent state of Kosovo that will function only with the presence of NATO forces, which will be retreating over the period of the last 20 years. Kosovo will later join Albania and taking territory from Serbia south Serbia to near Aleksinac , Western Macedonia and Malesia from Montenegro, will create a Greater Albania that will dominate the Balkans.

The Serbs offered heroic resistance. After the bombing, the FRY was broken. Avramov, S. Vranje: V. Politika, Beograd , Vojno delo, Beograd , vol. Guskova, J. Kosovska Mitrovica: Filozofski fakultet. Hofbauer, H. Beograd, Hepi televizija, Morales, J. Stover, E. Vlajki, E. Novi Sad: Dnevnik.


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Kumanovo Agreement




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