On this page we've gathered some essentials to get you started, from connecting to Wi-Fi and setting up your account to accessing your discounts and free software. We are constantly improving our services to ensure that you have all the latest tools and technology so that you can do great work. We hope that you'll enjoy your time with King's, and if there's anything that IT can do for you - please let us know. As a King's student or member of staff you can connect to Eduroam - a free wireless network that is used by many organisations, including most universities in the UK and abroad. Once connected, you'll be able to stay online even when travelling and visiting participating institutions. To connect, pick 'Eduroam' from the list of networks on your device and log-in using your k kcl.

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Information Services and Systems. Generic configuration parameters. System requirements. Connecting for. How to modify the stored user name and password. Subsequent connections at King's. Subsequent connections at other organisations. Configuration for Windows Vista. Configuration for Windows 7. Configuration for Mac OS X The eduroam network is available to all King's email account holders.

The acceptable use policy of the organisation you are visiting. Visited organisations are required to make their local policies easily accessible, for example through the JANET Roaming web pages or their local login page. As all support for eduroam is provided by the user's home organisation, you will not be able to obtain support from the visited organisation and it might be difficult to diagnose your problem remotely when you are away from King's.

If you are a Windows or Apple Mac user, you are strongly advised to:. Install the latest updates and service packs for your operating system. Ensure that you have the latest available device driver for your wireless adapter. Visit the web site of the manufacturer of your computer or wireless adapter, then download and install any available updates.

The information will generally be provided on the organisation's web site. If so, you may have to modify your wireless connection's encryption settings to match. The procedure is described in the section "Subsequent Connections at other organisations" for each operating system. Eduroam configuration guide.

Page 2. Page 3. Protocol for PEAP properties:. Validate the server's certificate:. Yes The certificate is issued to eduroam. Authentication method:. Identity for PEAP:. Your King's password. Other organisations may use different network encryption e.

If so, you will need to change that part of your network configuration. You should check the visited organisation's web site to determine which encryption settings to use. Page 4. These instructions assume that you are using the standard Windows XP wireless network configuration utility.

Connecting for the first time. This attempted connection will fail, but it will ensure that Windows is aware of the network's existence. Page 5.

Set Data encryption to AES. Page 6. Uncheck the box marked Authenticate as computer. Uncheck the box marked Authenticate as guest. Ensure that the box marked Validate server certificate is checked. This is important! Page 7. Click on the balloon. Logon domain:. Leave blank. Page 8. On successful connection, the status of the eduroam network in the list of wireless networks will change to connected.

Once you have entered your username and password for the eduroam network and connected successfully, Windows will remember it forever. On subsequent occasions your PC should connect to eduroam automatically and you will not need to re-enter your credentials. If this is not what you want, you will need to change the order of preferred networks:.

Page 9. You should check the organisation's web site to determine which encryption settings to use. Click on OK , then OK again to finish. Page Now click Cancel. Network name:. Security type:. Encryption type:.

Start this connection automatically: Yes. Connect even if the network is not broadcasting: No. A dialog titled Successfully added eduroam will appear.

The eduroam network should now be listed there:. A Connecting to eduroam message will be shown. On successful connection, this will be replaced by the message Successfully connected to eduroam. You will next be prompted to select a location for the eduroam network. If you need to change the stored credentials:.

Right-click the network icon in the system tray and select Network and Sharing Center. If you are connected to eduroam , click on Disconnect. Click on Manage wireless networks , right-click on eduroam and select Properties. Select the Security tab and uncheck the box marked Cache user information for subsequent connections to this network. Click OK. Connect to eduroam again. This time you will be prompted for the new credentials.

If you want the new credentials to be remembered, repeat the procedure but this time check the box marked Cache user information for subsequent connections to this network. Click on OK to finish. Then click on eduroam and click the Connect button. User name :. Click the network icon in the system tray. If you are connected to eduroam , click on eduroam and then click on Disconnect.

Right-click on eduroam and select Properties. Make sure that eduroam is present in the list of available wireless networks and select Open Internet Connect. Wireless network:. Unselect all items except PEAP.

You are now ready to connect. At this stage you may be presented with a Verify Certificate dialog which says The server certificate is not trusted because there are no explicit trust settings. The displayed certificate should be have the name eduroam. After a few seconds, the Status: indicator in the You can now quit the Internet Connect application.

On subsequent occasions the connection to eduroam will be established automatically. You will not need to re-enter your credentials but you may be prompted with a dialog asking " Mac OS X wants permission to use the "eduroam" item from your keychain. Do you want to allow this? Click on Always allow if you do not want to be prompted again. Then drag the eduroam item to the top of the list and click on Apply Now.

To change the encryption settings to use WPA:. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.


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Information Services and Systems. Generic configuration parameters. System requirements. Connecting for. How to modify the stored user name and password. Subsequent connections at King's.


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When you're a student or a member of staff at King's, you can enjoy access to various free software, with many available for download on your personal devices. We offer free Office , Skype for Business, and your own 1TB of online storage, as well as specialist statistical and analytics software and applications. Having difficulties logging into your email, connecting via King's RemoteApp, connecting to Wi-Fi or navigating through a tricky application? Every student and member of staff at King's gets a free Office licence with an option to download applications on up to five personal devices.


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