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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Posted: Thu Apr 11, am. It's here folks. Looks like I'm late to announce this one. Oh well Karma is now available. I have to remind you that this is the " untitled Anna project " I have been posting previews of for a while.

The story mainly revolves around Anna and her reluctant companion Cathy. Maria DiFotze also stars. I know that Anna is a controversial character , so I expect to see some intense discussion on her.

I am very curious about your opinions about her storyline. The plot for this was written about a year ago, and I have been gradually setting the scene for this story since then.

Some mysteries about our raven haired "villainess" will be revealed in this episode. And I already have a plot for a sequel, which will take us abroad for a change. As I mentioned before, the story follows the events depicted in BG 7 through 9 , so some pre-reading is recommended.

If you don't have those, do not worry. The comic works fine as a standalone story. I'll write a full review later, but Sorry E I was not really impressed. It was almost entirely girl-on-girl, which has never excited me to begin with.

The quality of E's work continues to be far better than the other dofantasy stories, but compared to the high standard set by recent works like "Society" "SC 2" and of course my favorite, "BG 8" this was quite disappointing.

What made BG 8 great was we had gotten to know the characters over a long period of time, so they seemed like real people. The characters in this story were all ridiculous exaggerations. And we spent no time getting to know them.

I could not relate to them at all. So a bunch of carton-characters of super-humanly scary tough guys showed up and Anna was afraid of them. So the hell what? Who fucking cares if some mysterious tough guy with a scar broke Anna? I know nothing about that guy. He is not REAL. Anna dominated and humiliated all the real guys with believable characters.

Peter, Steve, Paul… these are the characters that we have spent the time to get to know as real believable human beings. The fact that E had to invent some new guy to finally get her is utterly unsatisfying. As I often say, no matter how artistic and skilled these comics get, they are first and foremost pornography.

They first and foremost are supposed to be erotic and exciting. I literally could not get hard when I was reading much of this story.

I never came once. As I mentioned this was mostly girl on girl, which has never excited me to begin with. This story reads like a female-oriented fantasy. It was all girl-on-girl, and then at the end a mysterious exaggerated man showed up to ravage her. This guy was the kind of guy a woman might fantasize about if she tried to imagine the toughest, scariest possible guy to ravage her, but he was flat, he was not a real person. He was just a stereotype left over from bad movies. I think this story was target towards female fantasies.

Who the hell cares? That was intimate, that built up that was incredibly fun. This was so fucking random. Besides that, it happened so goddamn quickly. I want to enjoy Anna breaking slowly, this was just POW! And it was over. It should have been some real character, that we had time to get to know, who got Anna. Perhaps Lidia even probably they will still meet eventually. But some random guy we have never seen before? No pay off at all. It was better when Steve got her. This was a huge let down.

Sorry I am being so mean to your creation E, I am a little drunk now, I will probably regret writing all this in the morning. You're still my favorite, by far. I am just venting. Thank you E for another masterpice The story is perfect for me. Specially the ednding and that part before. Everything is about Sex except Sex. Sex is about Power! I know why otherguy is disappointed because it's quite different to previous comics but that's a good thing IMO.

Maybe I'm biased but I thought the girl-girl emphasis in this was fantastic and it was something quite new and it's completely appropriate for Anna's character. You know sometimes you're watching a gripping tv show and then it ends and you think, wait has that been an hour already?

It was a bit like that with this. I didn't want it to end and can't wait to read the sequel I think it was great! After the Anna and Maria scene together the comic took a very dark turn. It got intense in a way we never saw in dofantasy comics before. I loved it. I don't understand why you think this has too many girl on girl scenes.

It doesn't have any more than previous ones. Actually Slavecop 2 has actually more. You just don't recognize that because it has more fighting than licking. I also liked the deus ex machina approach. It was apropriate and very well done.

A lot of mysteries about Anna solved and with a big bang too. Here is a list of superb moments I enjoyed a lot. I'll use spoiler tags to prevent accidents p15 - reverse angle shot of Peter's birthday orgy. Nice detail. Ginger actually showing up at midnight. I didn't expect her to do that. But I think there can be a story about them later?

That is a classic moment story about the sword is great. Some history revealed. Delicious moment. Steve nor Peter could never conquer Anna because what she had already gone through is clearly beyond their ability to master. Posted: Thu Apr 11, pm. Loved the comic. I thought it would be darker.

I do love the new master. His lines crack me up. We finally get anna's background and it turns out to be very dark. I look forward to seeing her home life and meeting her other close relative. I think E fleshed her character out very nicely, though some things don't make sense. Such as the scene of when she gets caught. I think the flashback was the weakest part of the comic.

Though I did enjoy seeing Maggie and even how Anna saw her as a potential threat. I liked Maria's part in the comic and it makes me wonder if there might be more girls going back to the mother land.


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It shows no real people or events. I n the near future, many countries have passed the 'Compulsory Female Slavery Law' and legalized the sexual use and trade of nubile women over 18 years of age. But in a world where slavegirls are legal, what does crime look like? Who exactly are the criminals in this world, and how much worse can life get for a poor girl who is captured and sold into the illegal, un-regulated black market for slaves? Not long ago, Anna was a tough dominatrix and Cathy was a frightened slavegirl, but Zalupatsin has reverse their roles, making Cathy is favorite and Anna nothing more than a dog-girl who is constantly gang-raped. In fact, much of his business is in countries where slavery is illegal.


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