Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e Indisponible. If you are new to programming with Windows Shell Script and are looking for a solid introduction, this is the book for you. You will acquire the skills that you need for more practical Shell Script programming applications, and you will learn how these skills can be put to use in real-world scenarios. Best of all, by the time you finish this book you will be able to apply the basic principles you've learned to the next programming language you tackle. Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.

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Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e Indisponible. For developers, WPF is a cornucopia of new technologies, including a new graphics engine that supports 3-D graphics, animation, and more; an XML-based markup language XAML for declaring the structure of your Windows UI; and a radical new model for controls.

By page two, you'll have written your first WPF application, and by the end of Chapter 1, "Hello WPF," you'll have completed a rapid tour of the framework and its major elements. The next generation of Windows applications is going to blaze a trail into the unknown. WPF represents the best of the control-based Windows world and the content-based web world; it's an engine just itching to be taken for a spin. Inside, you'll find the keys to the ignition.

Chris Sells in an independent consultant, speaker and author specializing in distributed applications in. In his free time, Chris hosts various conferences, directs the Genghis source-available project, plays with Rotor and, in general, makes a pest of himself at Microsoft design reviews.

He also works as an instructor, teaching courses on. NET for DevelopMentor. Ian holds a degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University. Tous nos rayons. Nouveau client? Votre panier contient 0 article. Poursuivre mes achats. Meilleures ventes Informatique. Construction durable. Conduite de chantier. Urbanisme Urbanisme Droit de l'urbanisme Histoire de l'urbanisme Voir tout Meilleures ventes Construction. Meilleures ventes Entreprise. Meilleures ventes Sciences.

Livres audios. Nature Animaux Voir tout Meilleures ventes Vie pratique. Meilleures ventes Droit. Programming Windows Presentation Foundation features: Scores of C and XAML examples that show you what it takes to get a WPF application up and running, from a simple "Hello, Avalon" program to a tic-tac-toe game Insightful discussions of the powerful new programming styles that WPF brings to Windows development, especially its new model for controls A color insert to better illustrate WPF support for 3-D, color, and other graphics effects A tutorial on XAML, the new HTML-like markup language for declaring Windows UI An explanation and comparison of the features that support interoperability with Windows Forms and other Windows legacy applications The next generation of Windows applications is going to blaze a trail into the unknown.

En savoir plus. Programming WPF. XAML B. Interoperability C. Voir tout. Avantages Eyrolles. Wpf par la pratique. Silverlight 2. Advanced Windows Debugging.

Microsoft Windows Forms. Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model. Programming Windows. Liste active. Type de liste Liste de souhaits.

Liste de recommandation. Adresse de votre liste. Partager votre liste. Livraison partout dans le monde. Service clients 0 79 56 75 sav commande. Annuler Supprimer. Gestion de vos cookies. Valider mes choix Tout autoriser. Chris Sells , Ian Griffiths.


Microsoft Windows Shell Script Programming



Programming Windows Presentation Foundation




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