Enjoyable read The impression this book left me was an attempt to He lives in California. Steve Wozniak , Gina Smith.

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Enjoyable read The impression this book left me was an attempt to He lives in California. Steve Wozniak , Gina Smith. The mastermind behind Apple sheds his low profile and steps forward to tell his story for the first time. Before cell phones that fit in the palm of your hand and slim laptops that fit snugly into briefcases, computers were like strange, alien vending machines. They had cryptic switches, punch cards and pages of encoded output.

But in , a young engineering wizard named Steve Wozniak had an idea: What if you combined computer circuitry with a regular typewriter keyboard and a video screen? The result was the first true personal computer, the Apple I, a widely affordable machine that anyone could understand and figure out how to use. Wozniak's lifebefore and after Appleis a "home-brew" mix of brilliant discovery and adventure, as an engineer, a concert promoter, a fifth- grade teacher, a philanthropist, and an irrepressible prankster.

From the invention of the first personal computer to the rise of Apple as an industry giant, iWoz presents a no-holds-barred, rollicking, firsthand account of the humanist inventor who ignited the computer revolution.


iWoz (Summary)

More titles may be available to you. Sign in to see the full collection. This honest memoir of Apple innovator Steve Wozniak's life runs from a childhood spent discovering how things work to his breakthrough: building the first affordable computer with a keyboard and monitor. Written in an unconventional, first-person style, this autobiography is chatty, and sounds almost childlike. The first half of the book covers his life before Apple, and the second half tells of Apple's birth as a company, and his life during and after Apple. Book Publisher: W.


Ebook iWoz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Along the Way Free Download

Before slim laptops that fit into briefcases, computers looked like strange, alien vending machines. But in "the most staggering burst of technical invention by a single person in high-tech history" BusinessWeek Steve Wozniak invented the first true personal computer. Wozniak teamed up with Steve Jobs, and Apple Computer was born, igniting the computer revolution and transforming the world. In iWoz the mischievous genius with the low profile treats readers to a rollicking, no-holds-barred account of his life—for once, in the voice of the wizard himself. He lives in California.

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