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Los mejor calificados por departamento. Departamento actual. Todos los departamentos. Arte y Manualidades. Belleza y Cuidado Personal. Celulares y Accesorios. Salud y Hogar. Hogar y Cocina. Herramientas y Mejoras del Hogar. Instrumentos Musicales. Productos de Oficina.

Productos para Animales. Deportes y Actividades al Aire Libre. Juguetes y Juegos. Ver menos. Por ThermoPro. Trust your body. It knows something is wrong!! What's not to like? This thing works great. I own a brand new home with a Bryant housewise smart thermostat. We noticed that the house seemed cold even though the thermostat was reading 73 degrees. I eventually broke down and purchased this hygrometer. When it arrived it was compact and pretty much all I needed. I put the battery in it and decided to leave it next to the thermostat for 1 hour.

As you can see from the photo, it was way off! At 67 degrees on the thermostat the thermapro was reading 58! No wonder we were freezing! We like the house around So through experimentation, I found that setting the wall thermostat to 76 degrees, it would give us 67 to 68 degrees like we desire. To verify the thermapro was accurate, I placed it outside for an hour. Por Christopher Colon. Great so far I received this small humidity and temperature monitor promptly and found the setup to be very easy.

Its small size makes it unobtrusive and I believe it is accurate so far. I wanted it to determine the humidity in my bedroom so I would know when to operate my room humidifier to help my sinuses at night.

Warranty registration was easy but I fear I will now be spammed by revealing my email address to the company. I will edit this review in the future if anything changes. Por Beverly S. This little gadget is about5 degrees lower than our thermostat. I have move it around the house but the difference stays, so I want to give it some time trying it out.

One thing that concerned me when registering it for the warranty is a warning that popped up saying I would have damage to my phone if I proceeded with the registration. I am going to keep moving this around the house comparing reading. Edit - it continues to be lower in temperature than any other thermometer, usually 4 degrees lower. Por Sabrina. Esta cosa funciona muy bien. Tengo un nuevo hogar con un termostato inteligente Bryant. Como se puede ver en la foto, estaba muy lejos!

A 67 grados en el termostato el thermapro estaba leyendo 58! Nos gusta la casa alrededor de Voy a seguir moviendo esto por la casa comparando la lectura. Traducido por Amazon. Ver comentarios originales. Ver todas las opiniones de los clientes. Por AcuRite. Small physical size but large easy to read primary displays 2. Well-designed hole for hanging plus 2 strong magnets. NO fold-out easel stand but wide flat base allows it to stand up pretty well 3.

Setup controls are not too complicated 4. Smaller digital readout of temperature and humidity history. The temperature one is for the past 24 hours, the humidity one can be switched from past 24 hours or lifetime until the battery is replaced at which time it resets.

Por PhotoGraphics. As near perfect as it gets. Of course it shows humidity and temperature it would be pretty stupid if it didn't , but it also show highs and lows for either 24hr or all time, along with the trend for each.

The settings on mine were pretty close out of the box, but if desired, it can also be calibrated so that what it displays is very accurate. Both are easily seen from across a room.

It can be mounted to a wall with a screw, or it has two magnets that allow for mounting to a metal surface. Por David Kasper. I think the sensor is accurate, but the firmware was not written correctly. I called customer service at Acurite and they were extremely incompetent. I eventually gave up with them with trying to deal with the issue because they kept passing me around and closing my case without resolving my issue.

Por eric. Sin caballete plegable, pero la base plana ancha permite que se levante bastante bien. No es tan grande. Tan cerca de perfecto como se pone. Awesome conversationpiece, and functional, too So, my girlfriend is a CNA at a local nursing home. She saw this thing in one of the resident's rooms and was amazed!

She thought it was the coolest thing and just HAD to have one! She snapped a pic and sent it to me to find out what it was and where to find one. A few minutes searching on Amazon and we found it. Basically, it's a 16th century weather station. The tall cylinder houses a handful of floating balls, each filled with a different liquid, each with a different density so as the temperature rises, the balls rise or fall.

You read the temperature on a small metal tag attached to each ball - the lowest one is the temp. Cool huh? There's also the globe - which works as a barometer.

Por Dan P. Very nice product I have broken a couple of these thermometers that belong to my husband. He was thrilled when I ordered this one as a replacement. The only thing that I did not like about it is that the pieces are not mounted to the base, and lets face it, two down In all seriousness though, this is a nice looking piece that looks good in our living room, or smashed on the floor. Por Tabi. What a score!! This thermometer is beautiful AND accurate.

Instructions are easy, for liking the globe. Por Angela. Unos minutos buscando en Amazon y lo encontramos. Producto muy bonito. Sin embargo, con toda seriedad, esta es una pieza de aspecto agradable que se ve bien en nuestra sala de estar, o aplastada en el suelo.

No lo dudes Great product.


Instrumentos Meteorológicos

Los mejor calificados por departamento. Departamento actual. Todos los departamentos. Arte y Manualidades. Belleza y Cuidado Personal. Celulares y Accesorios. Salud y Hogar.



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Meteorological instruments


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