This study was developed to help the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria to strategically define and suit their training offer in their area of influence, to the market needs. The aim was to identify the training qualifications required by individuals from top to bottom in the organization, i. Fifty two questionnaires were collected within travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants. Middle managers also identified management as a training need. All the professional categories among post graduate course, bachelors, technical courses and continuous training, stated continuous training as the qualification that they wish to attend.

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Carlos Zorrinho, relator. Mariya Gabriel, membre de la Commission. Anne Sander, au nom du groupe PPE. Vandaag gaan zij de dupe worden van de verspilzucht van de Europese instellingen.

Een jaar geleden stond voorzitter Juncker inderdaad hier, het is reeds aangehaald, en lanceerde hij in zijn State of the Union het ideetje van gratis wifi voor de burgers. Ik heb hiertegen drie concrete bezwaren.

Ten tweede zullen de senioren en de doorsneetoerist, twee doelgroepen die toch expliciet geviseerd worden, amper gebruik maken van een gratis hotspot.

Ik zie geen senioren, die weinig mobiel zijn, zich plots naar het marktplein begeven om hun e-mail te checken.

Toeristen zullen, nu we gratis roaming hebben, hun plekje op het strand heus niet verlaten om hun Facebook te gaan checken.

Ten derde leidt het plan ook tot de uitbreiding van de transferunie, want goed presterende regio's zullen gestraft worden. Daarom zeg ik: Europa moet niet inzetten op het uitdelen van dure cadeaus maar wel op jobs, veiligheid en migratie. We have also heard now somewhat reluctant words. I would say the truth is somewhere in between. It is an opportunity: the programme itself has certain elements which are relatively new.

I think they definitely cut the administrative burden, which is already a precedent for, let us say, other initiatives in the future. Secondly, it is a carrot in the telecom package. I think it is a carrot which can create impetus, and that is important.

Of course, whether it be four, six or eight thousand communities, it will not be a revolution. But we all know that in a number of Member States, in some remote areas, the culture is relatively low in this respect in terms of developing in this field, and that is what I understand the initiative to be: to create an impetus that would really make a difference.

If I were a mayor of a village which has not applied, and I see that in the next community they have applied and they have received their contribution and WiFi is being engaged, I might see people from my community suddenly leaving for the next village in the evening for entertainment or something else, but that is an added value.

What I am looking for is a spillover effect, and that is why the Commission should be very careful and very pragmatic in terms of evaluation of the effect that will have. Promotion will be absolutely key, so if we really want to achieve what we are aiming at — and I see a number of positives: single authentication, low administrative burden and a relatively speedy approach — then I think that gradual implementation and the permanent engagement of the Commission is crucial.

I hope that we will comply with the statement that is existing on the table and that we will increase the budget. Das ist jetzt leider eine Umsetzungsfrage; wir konnten es nicht im Gesetz verankern.

Ein letzter Punkt: Auf Datenschutz muss wahnsinnig viel Wert gelegt werden. This is something which can be done perfectly well at nation-state level. Is it going to be properly audited, what is going to happen to it? And why are we looking at it in a European perspective? I think not. There is good wine in Australia and South Africa. EUR, wie heute gesagt wurde.

Jerzy Buzek PPE. Thanks to the Maltese Presidency, the negotiations were not very complicated because there was great political support for the idea.

Even if there are some doubts, listening to our colleagues, if we think of a more inclusive Europe, of course we should start with such an idea. It is quite obvious. It is a big step towards our digital union.

In the ITRE Committee we are committed to developing better connectivity throughout Europe, better coordination of the radio spectrum, for example, which is very important, and to stimulate investments in the high-capacity networks across the continent. So if you would like to fight for a more inclusive Europe, let us go forward. Even if it is a great success, we should not stop now. Digital union is a very important idea in front of us.

Ganz generell betrachtet sind das die Bestrebungen, den digitalen Binnenmarkt zu verwirklichen. Innerhalb eines Jahres wurde die Verordnung umgesetzt. Das zeigt uns, dass wir auf dem richtigen Weg sind. James Nicholson ECR. As with the elimination of roaming charges, this has the potential to benefit tourists, residents and businesses alike. However, it is also clear that we have some way to go in terms of our broadband infrastructure, particularly in rural areas.

In the modern era, access to the internet has become almost as important as utilities such as electricity. It is deeply concerning that there is a level of inequality in the terms of access to broadband connections.

For instance, broadband provision in my own constituency of Northern Ireland lags behind the rest of the United Kingdom as a whole and, within Northern Ireland, there is a divide between urban and rural areas.

I want to see our rural communities flourish and local businesses grow and remain competitive in an increasingly digitised marketplace. We need to support businesses and consumers with high-quality broadband infrastructure and equality in terms of access.

Christelle Lechevalier ENF. Angelika Niebler PPE. Ich finde den Vorschlag sehr gut, und ich bedanke mich bei der Kommission und auch bei unserem Berichterstatter und den Kollegen, dass sie hier diesen Vorschlag auch noch etwas verbessert haben. Was soll das? Warum machen wir das? I congratulate colleagues Zorrinho and Sander for the work they have put into bringing this forward. Internet access for all citizens is crucially important and this means that nobody should be excluded, particularly because they happen to live in rural areas.

Rural growth is dependent on increased connectivity, and WiFi4EU will help in this regard and perhaps be a blueprint for similar bigger initiatives. With this initiative, we take one of the needed steps to reduce the digital divide by putting wifi terminals in public spaces.

This simple and fast financing mechanism can deliver high-quality internet quite quickly and I welcome its potential to revitalise rural communities. As a representative of the Ireland South constituency, this is particularly relevant to me. Parts of my constituency still see some of the lowest broadband speeds in Ireland, with our average speeds being around half of those found in Dublin. Examples can be seen in places like Murroe in Limerick, Dromahane in Cork, Clonmore in Carlow and Cahir in Tipperary, all of which have to put up with internet speeds that are way below what is acceptable.

While the WiFi4EU is not the ultimate solution for such areas, it would at least be a help. I hereby invite Irish communities with poor connectivity to get their applications in for this great new initiative and reap the benefits of this excellent EU initiative, and thus make their areas more attractive to live in, more attractive for investors, and stem the tide of rural decline. Henna Virkkunen PPE. Pascal Arimont PPE.

Wir sind hier in einem Parlament. Da sagen die einen, es ist schlecht, und die anderen sagen, es ist gut. Ich finde es ausnahmslos gut, was wir hier machen. Denn zum einen bedeutet das, dass Europa sehr konkret wird, und zum anderen ist es — Frau Niebler hat es eben gesagt — auch ein Signal. Es ist eine gute Initiative. Dann hat jeder etwas davon. We all know the reasons: internet access gives people access to information and the ability to get entertainment.

It is key for government to provide online services to serve citizens better at lower cost and it is also essential for job creation and support for tourism that is very vital for these small communities. There are hundreds and hundreds of companies that provide internet connections, but their focus is on large communities.

In small places, for economic reasons, they do not do it because the investments are not matched by the revenues and, as a result, people there do not have access to services and this will undermine development of their communities. This is exactly the moment when the governments should step in and some of them do, but some of them do not. As a consequence, people will be at a big disadvantage.

We should assign importance to that because these people are Europeans, they should have at least the chance, and this is where the project can play a very important role if it is implemented properly. We are not talking about huge amounts of money and a huge impact, but we are talking about good things, about an important message and example, an example that I believe will be followed, that is why it has my full support. Fernando Ruas PPE.

Marijana Petir PPE. Il regolamento che approveremo quest'oggi prevede un meccanismo di finanziamento semplice per l'installazione di punti di accesso locali senza fili, e si rivolge agli organismi investiti di attribuzioni di servizio pubblico. Considerata la limitatezza dei finanziamenti disponibili per ogni progetto e l'elevato numero di potenziali candidature, occorre assicurare un sistema amministrativo che garantisca decisioni rapide ed efficaci. Je voudrais conclure en distinguant deux aspects.

Je remercie M. Written statements Rule Ne place sau nu, smartphone-ul, tableta sau laptop-ul au devenit accesorii indispensabile omului modern. Jerzy Buzek, sprawozdawca. It is a major political success on which we have worked hard together in record time.

This is also thanks to you, Mr Buzek, and I congratulate you on your excellent work and thank you and all shadow-rapporteurs for your commitment in this file. This agreement now completes the Energy Security package proposed by the Commission just last year, in February One of the Energy Union objectives is to ensure secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy supplies for European consumers — for households and for businesses.

The new Regulation that is subject to a vote today brings a step change, enhancing and making operational the necessary instruments to prepare for and mitigate potential gas disruption: regional cooperation becomes real and operational; better transparency on gas supply contracts will help improve the risk assessment; the spirit of solidarity is for the first time translated into concrete action and cooperation between Member States so that no household in any Member State remains in the cold during a gas supply crisis.

I am very happy that the most important elements of the Commission proposals have been preserved or even strengthened during the negotiations. Let me just highlight some of these elements, starting with regional cooperation. The current Regulation includes only an optional cooperation between neighbours.


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Carlos Zorrinho, relator. Mariya Gabriel, membre de la Commission. Anne Sander, au nom du groupe PPE. Vandaag gaan zij de dupe worden van de verspilzucht van de Europese instellingen. Een jaar geleden stond voorzitter Juncker inderdaad hier, het is reeds aangehaald, en lanceerde hij in zijn State of the Union het ideetje van gratis wifi voor de burgers. Ik heb hiertegen drie concrete bezwaren. Ten tweede zullen de senioren en de doorsneetoerist, twee doelgroepen die toch expliciet geviseerd worden, amper gebruik maken van een gratis hotspot.



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