Toggle navigation. Samir Elias added significant new material to the third edition - the main focus of which is making money in multiple ways. You can make money by purely trading stocks using numerous combinations of technical indicators described in several chapters and supported by practical market examples. You can also make money by raising cash on your long term holdings using effective and simple option strategies. In addition, you can make money by increasing your return on profitable trades while significantly reducing losses on unprofitable ones by using risk control strategies described in a special chapter.

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Now With Over 23, Reviews! Login or Register. Search 10, Financial Products. Samir Elias' Generate Thousands. Category: Newsletters.

Generate thousands. Through computational analysis we screen thousands of stocks each week to gauge the extent of buying Greg, You indicate difficulty in spring , but the performance the site lists is outstanding. Is the reporting accurate?

Is the difference in fills so dramatic as to make the listed performance unachievable? One or two positions still struggling as I write. For our account the trouble was I did not have enough courage to go with the more recent trades, which, even as the service provider suggested in one of his emails, have been uncharacteristically aggressive, in response to the difficult trading environment.

So short answer: I believe the trading record is quite accurate - however it would have taken courage to follow some of those trades and so match the record in your account. This is typical of the way he has managed trades during difficult times, which keeps most of the track record 'green' - if you have courage to trade all of the alerts without exception.

Of course in a non-corrective market everything is much less aggressive, and is more like a conventional stock picking service e.

However as I continue to view the signals, there is probably nothing there that could not be entered prior to market-open i. Hope that helps, Regards, Greg. Greg; Thanks for your comments. I have Dr. Elias' two books and have been trying for three months to subscribe to the service but without success. They have had posted dates for accepting subscriptions and each time cancel at the last minute.

The last announced date was today and the notice was deleted from their site as I sat and attempted to subscribe. Did you have problems subscribing? Some questions submitted have been answered, others not. Does this hit-and-miss communication get better for subscribers? Covered calls don't look like being exercised any time soon - but at least we keep the premium for selling them. Re: signing up for the system - I was able to get in by setting my computer alarm for the exact entry time, and then subscribing that very minute.

Not sure if that helps you any however? Chris is pretty good to responding to actual technical or trade questions once you sign up e. I think the comments below will explain why people have found it difficult to join recently quote from a GT email : Possible changes to trading strategies. For that reason another option we are looking at is to increase the stock prices we are trading. We have made every effort to limit the number of members to preserve performance and for that reason the site was opened to new members only twice since early May.

This does not meet our goal of accepting new members once a month , thus requiring we look at higher price stocks They also mention that possible short selling will soon be introduced to take advantage of the current market Actually this is really a 5 start system - would change my ratings if I could. These guys are pretty serious professionals The site seems to have gone unresponsive. Can only suggest checking back at the site from time to time.

Greg I was looking to subscribe to this service and ran into Dr. Samir Elias' new site by coincidence : www. Just thought I would post this since I believe the new site is not highly visible yet on search engines and that probably is the reason it is still open. Leave a Comment. This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials.

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Dr. Samir Elias' Generate Thousands

Now With Over 23, Reviews! Login or Register. Search 10, Financial Products. Samir Elias' Generate Thousands. Category: Newsletters.


Investment Books by Dr. Samir Elias

Welcome to generatethousands. No need to be alarmed about the stock market's volatility. Samir Elias' model has worked for him and thousands more who wanted financial freedom through unlocking the fortunes within the stock market. Subscribe to Generate Thousands.


Generate Thousands in Cash on Your Stocks Before Buying or Selling Them

He worked as a research engineer at Owens Corning in Ohio and for eight years at Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas, before leaving in In , he raised venture capital to start an environmental protective coatings and sealant company which was eventually sold to an international entity in He holds several engineering patents issued between and Presently, he is full-time options and stock trader and investor.

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