If you see errors or omissions please contact us at. GearSolutions , a technical publication, has many gear topics of interest. Example: hobbing throated worm gears Fly Cutting and Tapered Hobs on machines with tangential feed, as well as Radial infeed. EngineersEdge is a website of specs, formulas,etc. Excellent source of data, formulas, standards, etc.

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If you see errors or omissions please contact us at. GearSolutions , a technical publication, has many gear topics of interest. Example: hobbing throated worm gears Fly Cutting and Tapered Hobs on machines with tangential feed, as well as Radial infeed. EngineersEdge is a website of specs, formulas,etc. Excellent source of data, formulas, standards, etc. Example: Spline documentation-courtesy of EngineersEdge spline specification. QTC's excellent website contains easily accessed on-site topics of technical documentation and illustrations to aid in the understanding and selection of QTC products.

These are links to copyrighted material on other websites. Please if you find a missing or broken link. Can I disable it? I have a version of Windows that doesn't run bit apps.

There are two black windows under the DosBox window. If I move the DosBox window the mouse sometimes gets stuck. What files do I need to retrieve from a backup copy to restore my custom machine and summary data?

My first setup on a new differential machine doesn't work - How can I find the problem? How is a traditional hobbing machine set up to cut a spur gear? How does a non-differential hobbing machine cut helical gears? What is the Pickup Constant method used to find change gears to cut helical gears on non-differential hobbing machines? What if hobber has feed change gears and a stepping lever? What are typical machine constants for hobbing machines and what are they for?

Where can I find the Differential Formula for my gear hobber? I have a Lead Checker. How can I use it to find the Differential Formula for my gear hobber?

What can I use to check gear lead angle if I don't have a lead checker? What is the trial and error method to find the Differential Formula for my gear hobber? Worm gears: A few hints and suggestions I've tried everything but it won't cut a good gear - what's wrong? What is Gleason's Versacut method and how is it used to cut spiral bevel gears? When a spiral bevel set has a cone distance much larger than the largest cutter available, what effects will this have?

How are cutter numbers interpreted for Gleason No. What is the change gear setup for a Fellow's No. Where can I find manuals for my gear cutting machinery? The selection, considering that most material is long out of print, is pretty good. I believe they are adding to listings, so check them from time to time.

I checked the Gleason section and would like to see more there, but they do have a Gleason No. They have a Brochure section offering free information to those looking for machine specs. Thanks to Harvey Snowden for finding and posting this to the forum! A good selection of Gleason manuals also. They are probably always adding to their inventory, so check them out from time to time.

Their search facility is quite good and easy to use. Adam is the guy with whom I've corresponded. Crown Hollander Inc. As they say, "If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask. These folks say they will buy them, and I'll bet that someone somewhere sometime will be glad you passed them on! Gear Works in Springfield Vermont specializes in Fellows Gear Shapers, and I understand they can provide manuals for repair, operation, etc.

They also offer services for Mikron gear hobbers. Recently found this site in the UK called Lathes. Where can I find parts for my SouthBend Lathe? I see a lot of folks looking for repair parts or accessories for South Bend Lathes. Chris Saurwein posted the following info on the Meshing with Gears Discussion Forum: South Bend has a nice website where you can order parts by Email, or you can use their number also available on their website.

This window is one of Window's dubious "protections" that can nag you to distraction. It came with one of the SP updates. So the first question to ask yourself is "Should I disable it? This warning appears when you download from the net, or when you access files from your LAN local network. It would be nice if you could leave it in place for internet downloads, and remove it from local file use, but I don't know a way to do that.

If you want to disable it altogether, here are the steps:. To enable this window again just follow the procedure above, but when you get to "Variable Value" enter 0. I have a version of Windows e. Vista 64 or Windows 7 that doesn't run bit apps. Ignore the UAC screens if displayed. When you get to the "Choose Components" screen, choose "32 bit Version" and continue installing. When you get to the "Choose Components" selection screen, choose "64 bit Version" and continue installing.

This will automatically install DosBox. Download the CPC Software you need, and start installation. Not so obvious is the best way to preserve your bit applications e. CPC software on that hot new Windows 7 machine. There is a download for software to "check" your PC for suitability. Check it out if you are interested. To conclude, there is an installation option in CPC software for every situation Windows might present. And, when you are in the XP window, it's practically as fast and just as full featured as XP was.

Besides the fact that the installation is simple and complete and everything works, DosBox is a bit slow. If I must recommend a Windows upgrade I like Windows 7. I haven't warmed to Win 8 or 10 even with work-arounds for touch screen navigation - I'm still a mouse and keyboard kinda guy The two black cmd windows under the DosBox window are only necessary at start-up. This topic shows how to remove them so that a "clean" DosBox window is displayed, and mouse movement is unrestricted but may not be visible when overlapping another window.

There is a space between EXE and -. Right-click the desktop icon and open "properties". Under the "Shortcut" tab, find the Run: prompt box. Drop down the choices and select "minimize". Save the properties to return to the desktop. This will happen if you move DosBox screen to partially overlap the Command Window.

What is a software demo version? Demo versions allow someone to have and use a software program for trial testing.

A good demo looks and feels exactly like the full version solution without being the full version. Certain inputs are restricted in a demo so that it is not useful except for testing and evaluation. Why do some demos fail to download? Some products are in beta testing, or undergoing revision, and are removed from the download form temporarily. If you are unable to download a specific product, please you are interested. This will help us prioritize our work to your needs.

How do I install the software? Downloading and installing CPC software from this website is much easier now than before. Click to download a Demo or click to update your licensed program. Why am I seeing this window when I start the software? This window is displayed by MicroSoft for any bit program that tries to access the hard drive. All of the CPC programs are compatible with any operating system that can run bit applications, including Windows.

This is for information only, and should never have used the words "Choose 'Close' to terminate After all, you want to run the application, right?

Just click on 'Ignore' to continue to your program. By the way, you won't see this window every time you start up. Maybe MicroSoft knows why.


gear cutting formulae

Hobbing is a machining process for gear cutting , cutting splines , and cutting sprockets on a hobbing machine , which is a special type of milling machine. The teeth or splines of the gear are progressively cut into the material a flat, cylindrical piece of metal by a series of cuts made by a cutting tool called a hob. Compared to other gear forming processes it is relatively inexpensive but still quite accurate, thus it is used for a broad range of parts and quantities. It is the most widely used gear cutting process for creating spur and helical gears [2] and more gears are cut by hobbing than any other process as it is relatively quick and inexpensive. A type of skiving that is analogous to the hobbing of external gears can be applied to the cutting of internal gears, which are skived with a rotary cutter rather than shaped or broached.





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