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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Compact anesthesia monitor, compact critical care monitor pages. The equipment may cause radio frequency interference to other medical and non-medical devices and radio communications. To provide reasonable protection against such interference, this product complies with emission limits for Group 1 Class A Medical Devices as stated in EN —1—2.

Page 8 CE marking of conformity. December, Updated. June, - The Stop symbol may be replaced for certain countries, such as China. It is designed to supply all the information required for the correct use of this equipment. Page Section 2 - Description 8. However, it is possible for special purposes such as physicist testing for example to disable this interlock see chapter 3 for a detailed explanation. The Examination arm consists of: 1. X-ray Tube and Tube Housing Assembly.

The Collimator consists of the slot for the diaphragms. It also allows easy access to the light bulb for easy replacement see Chapter 3 — Page 22 Red light for cassette detection and exposure inhibit. It provides two functions: Receives operator commands. The Control Console consists of: 1. But since the features are different between the Senographe DMR and T, some keys will not be operational on the Senographe T control keyboard the focal spot and track selection keys.

Page Section 3 - Control Keyboard 5. Focal Spot selection: Since the focal spot selection is ensured by the insertion of the appropriate collimator diaphragm into the collimator slot, this key is not operational on the Senographe T. The readout indicates the size of the selected focal spot in the language programmed at installation.

Filter selection: Press key to change filtration two selections are available: Molybdenum — Mo or Rhodium — Rh. In AEC and manual mode, the key selects one of the two filters.

The central section of the Control Console Keyboard is used to select and display the kV and mAs values. This section is used to prepare and initiate an exposure, control the centering light, and for decompression and system reset. Exposure Enable lamp green When illuminated, exposure is enabled.

Page Preparing An Examination 18 x 24 Bucky. The operator can modify the density correction. The system displays the inhibit conditions.

When the Bucky is removed and the cassette holder is being used, the mAs values are approximately divided by 2. Be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect equipment surfaces that contact the CAUTION patient and all equipment surfaces likely to become soiled during use. Louis, MO, U. A maintenance program, whose frequency varies according to the type of use of the equipment, is outlined in the table below. Maintenance Program The gantry is hot and needs to Wait until the gantry temperature goes cool down.

If fault order. If the fault con- tures in the machine are inhib- tinues, note ALL messages and con- ited. To confirm. Press selected key Page Minimum Optical Density Selection In order to guarantee best results, the programming of this maximum allowable drop must done by the GE field service engineer.

If you do not wish to allow any drop in optical density, then a value of zero must be programmed for the maximum allowable drop. D-m 1. Page Exposure Interlock Disable 4—7 Exposure Interlock Disable The Senographe T is equipped with an exposure interlock feature which prevents an exposure from being made if there is no cassette in the Bucky, or if the cassette from the previous exposure has not been changed.

Press repeatedly until daily use display Open the bulb protection cover 1 by pulling down on it and pivoting as shown in the illustration. Note: The symbol located on the collimator cover means that you must read the appropriate chapter in the operator manual before taking any action. Page 74 7. Close the bulb protection cover by pulling it down and pivoting it. Refit the collimator cover see illustration in point 2 on page 3— Switch on the Senographe T.

Line frequency: 50 or 60 Hz 1 Hz. Full field Transparent plastics used in compression paddles are of polycarbonate Lexan. Print page 1 Print document 82 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


GE Senographe 800T Mammography

Advanced Search Search Tips. As the pioneer in breast imaging for the last two decades, GE has continued to be a leader in mammographic innovation, introducing a number of technological breakthroughs - from the first rotating anode to the application of rhodium for enhanced image quality. In the process, Senographe has become the recognized leader, with the world's largest installed base of mammography systems. Complete unit including 18x24 and 24x30 buckies.


GE SENOGRAPHE 800T Operator's Manual


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