Gamko has the largest bottle cooler range in the industry and we can provide a solution to every situation, click here to see what we can do for you. Page 2. Storage capacity. Gamko Export. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price. They have been independently tested and meet their standards on energy gakmo Recycling is the cornerstone of sustainability.

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Manual zz. Gamko Product Selection Guide January Gamko is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional coolers for the bar and leisure industry. We are global leaders in the manufacture of professional drinks We are proud to design, manufacture and supply our impressive coolers for the bar, leisure and catering industries. Gamko range of drinks cooling equipment tailored to meet the products have delivered our unique blend of inventive spirit and changing needs of the bar, leisure and catering industries.

Mainly service, no Mainly service, no production Production startofof Production start beercoolers. Own 40sales countries worldwide.

Own uction facilities. Companies Companies Inc. Germany far East. Introduced Flexbar the acreditation Introduced Flexbar the Introduced Flexbar the Introduced Introduced Flexbar Flexbar the the Speciality Equipment Mainly service, no first and only modualr first first and and only only modualr modualr barbar first and only modualr bar first and only modular Companies Inc. With more than 50 years of refrigeration expertise we have always been experts in our industry. Our continued purpose is our dedication to excellence, ingenuity and innovation, driven by customer demand and customer service.

Our company values are: Trust A successful and proven history Heritage We have always been bar cooling Our Mission Statement equipment experts To inspire, innovate and succeed through our products and Quality actions. We will deliver fully tailored, trusted, stylish products, always delivering a perfectly chilled drink on demand. Dutch engineering. From our factory in the Netherlands we deliver world class engineering Our Vision solutions, ensuring our drinks We will continually inspire our customers by providing the best highest quality solutions to meet their unique and individual requirements: We will nurture and develop our partnerships with our customers, and champion the expertise of our people.

We will be responsible towards the environment, helping to create a sustainable future. Collaboration We engage and work with our intermediaries and customers to find the best solution. People Our people are experts in professional drinks cooling. A highly qualified, experienced and above all a passionate team dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

Thanks to the Maxiglass cooler, the beverage inside the bottle is always served at the correct temperature, whilst the taste and quality is guaranteed. Maxiglass bottle coolers are available with energy efficient properties a maximum capacity of litres and 3 doors and as a tall upright model a maximum capacity of litres and 2 doors. Maxiglass Noverta Premium The new energy efficient Maxiglass Noverta Premium will save you money and contribute to protecting the environment thanks to its lower energy costs.

The new design makes the Maxiglass the leading choice for presenting beverages in bottles and cans. Fitted with an energy efficient LED light with even, clear light distribution in order to display the contents of the cooler as effectively as possible.

A modern and Fitted with 2 hinged glass doors with a stainless steel door frame and machine front. Exterior made of anthracite steel panels an energy efficient manner. Shelves Adjustable shelves and shelf support clips are standard delivered with each cabinet. Fans Display Efficient and energy saving fans to ensure that cold air is effectively and quickly distributed throughout the cooler.

Variable temperature calibration visible on display. Adjust the temperature to your requirements. Save even more energy by slightly increasing the temperature at closing time.

Handles Anthracite models with a hinged door are fitted with a stylish and robust integral handle which is installed across the entire length of the cooler. Over 10 years, the money you save in energy could pay for your next Gamko drinks cooler Professional energy efficient refrigeration with E3 bottle capacity: increased storage capacity.

Designed and x 33cl bottles - 2 door manufactured by our leading team of Dutch x 33cl bottles - 3 door engineers, the E3 benefits from the wealth of x 33cl bottles - 4 door technology found across the Gamko range, to deliver exceptional storage capacity and outstanding fast beverage cooling.

Drawer cassettes Why not add solid drawers to your E3 bottle cooler and you will not only create a practical, but also a sleek and ergonomic bar layout. The E3 drawers are mounted with telescopic rails and fit into any type of E3 cooler. The drawers are fitted with the same broad and sturdy handles as on solid doors and have a lock feature lock needs to be ordered separately. For each drawer you can fit a minimum of 42 x 33cl bottles.

Tests conducted on Gamko coolers were carried out at customer sites in real life conditions. The test includes built-in and frequent opening of doors and replenishment with non-refrigerated bottles. Since then we have continually improved our offering which is called - Flexbar, as the name suggests: flexibility is what counts. Today it is one of the most popular flexible bottle cooling solutions on the market. Gamko manufacturers and supplies special custom made corner pieces used when building a round or curved bar station.

The refrigerated sections are connected to this. Using the supplied remote control, you can set the and finish it with a set of end panels Step 3 Make the Flexbar even more complete and attractive by incorporating entire bar layout to one colour, allow freezer units, corner pieces, unrefrigerated sections, counter tops and the colour to change automatically and cocktail accessories. Storage Segments Storage Segments with glazed, anthracite or ferritic stainless steel front are available in the variants above in two width dimensions: 41 cm and 54 cm.

End panels End panels are always needed to finish the total bar configuration. Using the machine unit or zones in one configuration or for hygenic reasons in combination evaporator fitted with a lock control, the bar with waste bin segments. Straightforward, fast, safe and no section can be overlooked. You can choose which modules you need, where you need them and at what temperatures ambient or heated to store a wide variety of things you need in your front bar area.

Easy to install with height adjustable feet, Flexbar is the perfect front bar partner. Flexbar eQuip adds an extra dimension of sophistication to the overall atmosphere and experience of your bar, creating the perfect environment for your customers. With seamless eQuip fronts you can be your own interior designer, affording you the flexibility to be totally creative.

You can also create your own eye-catching design. You can choose how many models you would like in your Barista Coffee Station from two to five or even more depending on how small or large the area is that you have available for a coffee station.

Create a plug ready modular bar configuration or make it suitable for a split design with an evaporator. Continue to expand with sections in two width measurements: 41 cm and 54 cm.

All FLEXBAR fronts have a organic external design, are seamless and can easily be cleaned, are robust, solid, sustainable and fit into any interior. Create for instance, a right-angled bar, a curved bar, a bar with doors on both sides, or a cocktail bar with professional stainless steel accessories or a combination of these.

Create variety with handy extras such as drawers, bottle racks, bottle coolers in the front of the counter top, unrefrigerated sections with rinsing racks and waste bins, coffee-waste drawers and stainless steel cocktail accessories. Quick to assemble on site thanks to the Cam Lock system and, where necessary, complete with specific installation instructions.

Our project team can design your bar layout free of charge. The cooler provides a good view of the bottles from above. As a result you can conveniently and quickly see what you are looking for to ensure smooth service behind the bar. In addition, a bottle cooler built into the counter top is a real eye-catcher, and when you combine it with the correct glasses, you give the bar a professional image.

Gamko supplies 2 ranges of keg coolers: keg coolers for under the bar and panel construction keg coolers. In this way, they can also be installed in difficult-to-access places, such as a cellar. An installer assembles the keg cooler for you and connects the machine unit. The coolers can be supplied in five variants in terms of storage capacity.

A Gamko machine unit is always fitted on top of the cooler for optimal distribution of cold air. Featuring new technology and quality design, this range offers your bar genuine benefits by becoming a spectacular focal point, helping to increase sales. With a range of finishes and options available, they will seamlessly fit in your bar design.

Your customers will want to become part of the drinking experience this froster creates - meaning more money in your till! These standalone glass frosters have their own machine unit. With this separate freezer you can easily create a separate temperature zone within the bar installation. The freezer can be supplied with an anthracite glazed front or with a solid anthracite front. In view of the ever more stringent regulations governing food safety, this is an indispensable supplement in the kitchen.

Refrigerated storage of waste is hygienic and prevents nasty unwanted odours, food contamination or vermin. The sophisticated Easy to keep clean connection system facilitates quick and easy installation, even possible from the inside, Exclusive of wheelie bins ensuring that the waste cooler is also ideal for installation in smaller spaces.

The hygienic stainless steel base is easy to keep clean and slopes slightly, making bins easy to move. Two versions of the Gamko waste coolers can be supplied: for chilling one or two bins made of hygienic stainless steel, or practical anthracite-coloured sheet metal.

The waste disposal coolers are supplied without wheelie bins. Interior and exterior made of stainless steel. Exterior made of anthracite coated steel panels and interior made of silver-grey coated steel panels. Gamko Quality Gamko supports a broad range of customers including architects, bar owners and hotel chains, offering smart bar solutions in diverse locations, to meet a huge variety of business needs.

Gamko Key Product features Low energy LED lighting as standard Increased bottle capacity giving you more for your money Fast pull down Easy to service We work to ensure our product range cooling equipment tailored to meet the is as flexible as our customers need it to changing needs of the bar, leisure and be, adapting to changing markets, and catering industries.

Each customer is unique, each bar is unique, each Gamko product provides With a Gamko bar cooler you know a unique stylish solution: seamlessly you are getting a high quality bar complimenting the look and feel of any cooling product manufactured in an bar. We are proud to design, manufacture environmentally responsible way. Since its establishment in , Gamko has grown into an international company, which focuses mainly on manufacturing, selling and maintaining a complete range of professional drinks coolers.

Aspects such as design, functionality, customer satisfaction and the environment play a major role in this. Gamko is ISO and ISOcertified, guaranteeing the quality of our products and processes and ensuring continuous improvement. Modern production of equipment guarantees an excellent price-quality ratio and because production takes place in the Netherlands, Gamko also has highly flexible delivery times.

If you choose Gamko, then you will be choosing quality, flexibility and sustainability. Gamko: an international player with world-class products Gamko has its own export department with a worldwide network of agents and its own sales organisations in Benelux, the United Kingdom and France. Our sales organisation delivers a complete range of cooling equipment, in particular for the bar and leisure industry right throughout the world. Gamko manufactures and supplies see also www.

Content, technical features and prices subject to change. Related manuals Gamko Product Selector Guide 24page.


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Manual zz. Gamko Product Selection Guide January Gamko is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional coolers for the bar and leisure industry. We are global leaders in the manufacture of professional drinks We are proud to design, manufacture and supply our impressive coolers for the bar, leisure and catering industries. Gamko range of drinks cooling equipment tailored to meet the products have delivered our unique blend of inventive spirit and changing needs of the bar, leisure and catering industries. Mainly service, no Mainly service, no production Production startofof Production start beercoolers. Own 40sales countries worldwide.


Gamko waste refrigerator model KFK/1CS

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Efficient and powerful cooling system Frozen glasses within a few minutes For ice-cold bottles of liqueur and spirits Outstanding taste experience With heated glass door to prevent condensation Professional display. Gamko manufactures and supplies freezers for inset or fitting on the back bar counter top. These plug ready freezers have been specially developed for rapid freezing of drinks glasses and for giving out ice-cold bottles of liqueur and spirits such as vodka or gin. Thanks to the ultra-efficient cooling system and fan MF models , within a few minutes you will have access to frozen glasses. By selecting the heated glass door, you can also provide an attractive display of bottles of spirits and liqueur. Gamko supplies three variants of freezers for glasses and bottles. Two professional freezers with a capacity of litres, in which the one is fitted with a heated glass door and the other one with a solid, rigid chromium steel door.

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