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Before you start to use this machine,. If you have any questions regarding t h e use of your sewing machine p l e a s e d o not hesitate to contact your supplier or ourselves. Mark Way,. BR8 8NQ. Accessory b o x Needlle plate Feed dogs Presser Threadguide foot.

Thread tension spring. Face cover. Channel for simplified t h r e a d i n g Specialstitch selector. Special stitch indicator. Stitch width control Reverse stitch control S t i t c h l e n g t h c o n t r o l. M8 Shuttle cover. Bobbin winder tension disc. Thread guide. Rear support release button. Presser foot lever. Thread cutter. Automatic clutch. Needle clamp screw. Bobbin winder. Changeable needle plate.

Rear support. The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance w i t h t h e following code:. As the colours of the wires i n t h e. The wire which iscoloured b l u e must S. The wire which iscoloured b r o w n. Fit a 3 amp f u s e when using.

I BS fused plug. If any other type. If in doubt consult a competent. Push foot control plug into the. See illustration. When leaving your m a c h i n e o r w h e n servicing or changing mechanical p a r t s or accessories, your machine m u s t b e disconnected from the m a i n s s u p p l y by removing t h e p l u g f r o m t h e socket outlet.

Rear Support. Remove the accessory box f r o m the machine by lifting it f r o m t h e left side. Release Button. Fig, 2. The sewing. See Fig. T o a t t a c h the foot, raise the presser bar to its highest position by raising the presser toot lever. Loosen the presser foot thumb screw, c h o o s e t h e proper toot and insert from the front. Should it become detached, or should you.

Loosen needle clamp screw. Hold n e e d l e so that the flat side is away from you, slip blunt end of needle as far as it will go into needle clamp, Tighten clamp screw. Use System needles. The size of the needle should conform t o t h e s i z e of the thread a n d b o t h s h o u l d b e suitable to the material. Never use a bent needle n o r o n e w i t h a blunt point,. Thread Size. Continental American.

Machine embroidery. Sheer cottons, s i l k. Silk A. Cotton 60 Mercerized Cotton 30 - Heavy weight cottons,. Mercerized h e a v y.

F o l l o w the procedures directed by 4 illustrations below. Release clutch by pulling hand wheel,. P u s h i n h a n d wheel to return to stitching position. Raise needle t o i t s highest position,0. Insert afull bobbin into bobbin c a s e as illustrated. Pull thread under tension spring. Holding latch, position case into. Holding the spool stationary with the right h a n d , d r a w thread through rear.

Continue to thread down t h r o u g h. Place both threads u n d e r a n d t o t h e back of the presser foot, leaving 3 to 4 inches of thread clear. Always have. There are many reasons for having to.

The required as well as the type of stitch you are. A perfect straight s t i t c h :. Threads are locked between t h e t w o layers of fabric with no loops on top or bottom. Upper thread too tight- Decrease tension. When stitch is satisfactory, a s i n. When adjusting the tension on the bobbin case, make slight adjustments with a screwdriver. Turn clockw. Turn counter clockwise. The stitch length control regulates the l e n g t h o f t h e stitch you select.

The stitch setting you use will be determined by the thickness of the f a b r i c y o u are sewing. A higher stitch setting s h o u l d b e u s e d for thicker fabric or more layers of fabric.

A basting stitch is made by using. This control regulates the width of the stitch you select. The higher the number, the wider the stitch. You may v a r y your zigzag and decorative stitching by adjusting this control to the. This control must be on "0" in order to d o straight stitching. I t is best to begin and end seams with a few stitches taken in reverse.

W h e n reverse stitching is needed, turn the control clockwise and hold there d u r i n g sewing. The fabric will immediately start feeding backwards and seam will be fastened. A s you become familiar with this machine you will find this.

Detailed instructions are given on the n e x t three pages. Straight and zigzag s t i t c h. You can straight stitch and zigzag stitch by setting as follows:. Stitch Length Control:. Blind Hem. Ii' U. You can make blind hemming by setting as follows:. Stitch Width Control: 4. Fancy Hem. You can make fancy hemming by setting as follows:.

Special Stitch Selector:.


Frister Rossmann CUB 2 Instruction Manual

Before you start to use this machine, please take a few minutes to study this booklet. You will find it will be time well spent in understanding your machine. If you have any questions regarding the use of your sewing machine please do not hesitate to contact your supplier or ourselves. Adjusting bobbin tensions Blind stitching

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Frister Cub 7




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