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Drawing upon a legacy of more than 70 years, the Engineering Sciences Data Unit ESDU provides reliable validated engineering design data, methods and software to engineers and designers. Data and methods applicable to the project design of aircraft, guided weapons, space rockets, including:. Validated data on the prediction, propagation and suppression of aircraft noise, with applications beyond aerospace industry related to noise barriers and sound propagation. Includes data on noise prediction and sound propagation:. Data for the stability, response and controllability of any system that can be modeled, for some part of its motion, by linear constant coefficient differential equations.

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Abstract: The design engineer faces an ever-increasing demand for products with a performance that must be substantiated under stringent conditions of cost and environment. Assuming the basic skill of the designer, no other single factor can contribute more to the economic preparation of a satisfactory, competitive engineering design than ready access to good reliable design data.

Data concerning aerospace structural materials are widely scattered and, when located, are of variable quality and relevance to industrial applications. The task of collecting and evaluating all the relevant data available on a particular material property is time consuming and therefore expensive. Even if such a task is performed it is often found that the customer will wish to view the design, not against some locally derived data, but against what can be demonstrated to be the best data that can be ascertained and which are vouched for by a significant cross-section of the engineering and scientific community concerned with both derivation and application of materials data.

Accordingly, this Handbook has been prepared to meet design requirements with regard to aerospace structural metallic materials properties for both the designer and his customer and, by serving the needs of many, accomplishes the task at much lower cost and with a higher reliability than could the individual.

Metallic Materials Data Handbook. Table of Contents Summary. Introduction Preface Location of relevant Data Sheets for superseded or withdrawn specifications Conversion factors Section 1 : Derivation and use of design data Section 2 : Notation and definitions Section 3 : Property relationships Section 4 : Limitations and variations of allowable stresses Section 5 : Standardised test procedures Section 6 : Aluminium alloys Section 7 : Copper alloys Section 8 : Heat resisting alloys Section 9 : Magnesium alloys Section 10 : Corrosion resisting steels Section 11 : Non-corrosion resisting steels Section 12 : Titanium alloys.

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ESDU 00932 PDF

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