Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Copying Copying Photos Replacing Ink Cartridges Precautions This sheet tells you how to set up the printer and install the software. Basic Operation Guide -for use without a computer- this book This book provides information on using the printer without connecting to your computer, such as instructions on faxing, copying, or printing from a memory card.

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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Copying Copying Photos Replacing Ink Cartridges Precautions This sheet tells you how to set up the printer and install the software. Basic Operation Guide -for use without a computer- this book This book provides information on using the printer without connecting to your computer, such as instructions on faxing, copying, or printing from a memory card. If you have problems using the printer, see the Solving Problems chapter in this book.

Online manuals User's Guide This guide provides instructions for printing and scanning from your computer and information on the software. This guide is included in the software CD-ROM and installed automatically when you install the software. To read this guide, double-click the icon on your desktop. It provides detailed information on the application. Warnings, Cautions, and Notes Follow these guidelines as you read your instructions:.

Note: Notes contain important information about the printer. Tip: Tips contain hints for using the printer. Copyright Notice No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Seiko Epson Corporation. The information contained herein is designed only for use with this product.

Epson is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other printers. Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product, or excluding the U.

Seiko Epson Corporation shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable products other than those designated as Original Epson Products or Epson Approved Products by Seiko Epson Corporation. Seiko Epson Corporation shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from electromagnetic interference that occurs from the use of any interface cables other than those designated as Epson Approved Products by Seiko Epson Corporation.

All rights reserved. General Notice: Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Epson disclaims any and all rights in those marks.

Use of another cord may change in performance. If or insert objects through the slots. It will not operate properly if it use, protect the ink supply area from dirt is tilted or at an angle. And make sure the and dust and store it in the same back of the printer is at least 10 cm away environment as the printer.

Do not touch from the wall for sufficient ventilation. Doing so may cause fire. There may be a remote Personal Information risk of electric shock from lightning. We recommend that you use the following For European users: procedure to erase the memory if you give the printer to someone else or when you We, Seiko Epson Corporation, hereby dispose of the printer. Press F Setup.

For use only in; UK, Ireland, Germany, 2. For New Zealand users: General warning The grant of a Telepermit for any item of terminal equipment indicates only that 3. It indicates no endorsement of the product by Telecom, nor does it provide any sort of warranty. Above all, it provides no assurance that any item will work correctly in all respects with another item of Telepermitted equipment of a different make or model, nor does it imply that any product is compatible with all of Telecom's network services.

Select OK, and then press OK. All data stored in the memory is erased. English Control Panel h j. Lights show which h Numeric keypad As well as fax mode is selected. You can change the setting menus and the photos on use this button as a the LCD screen. You can use this button as a back space button when entering or editing numbers or characters.

You can use this button as a pause button to enter "-" when a,c,d e entering or editing numbers. When b entering characters, c you can also enter a "-". LCD screen Note: a Press l or r to select the setting item. The LCD screen may contain a few small bright or dark spots, and because of its features it may b Press u or d to select the menu item.

These are normal The highlighted part moves up or down. Press u or d to select the setting item and then press OK. Check the clock. English when you turn the power on. Press F Setup to enter the setup mode. Press l or r to select Maintenance, Restarting automatically after a then press OK. You see the following in fax standby mode or printing, it restarts screen. The printer runs through the following procedures when it restarts. The printer beeps for about two seconds.

All LEDs turn on and then turn off one at a time. The LCD screen turns on, it begins initial operations, and then restarts. Press u or d to adjust the brightness of w Warning: the screen, then press OK. If the power fails when the scanner unit is open, do not put your hand inside the printer after it Adjusting the angle of the LCD restarts until the print head and so on have screen stopped moving.

You could injure your finger You can change the angle of the LCD screen. In this case, you can restart by pressing P On. Turning off the Power Power saving function To prevent you from turning the power off After 13 minutes of inactivity, the screen accidentally, when you press P On, an turns black to save energy.

When the power is turned off, the following data stored in the printer's temporary memory is erased. Handling paper Loading Paper 1. Open and extend the paper support. Selecting Paper Before printing, you need to select the correct paper type setting. This important setting determines how the ink is applied to the paper.

Slide out the output tray and the Choose from these paper types and settings: extension. Flip the feeder guard forward and slide Heavyweight the edge guide. Load the paper short edge first, even for Follow the same steps to load A4 paper. The printable side. English is often whiter or brighter than the other side. Handling Originals When faxing or copying you can select the document table or the automatic document 5.

Place behind the tabs. Placing Originals on the Document Table 1. Open the document cover and place your original face-down on the document table. Slide the edge guide to the right. Make sure it fits under the arrow inside the left edge guide. Note: You can place more than one photo on the document table when copying photos.

Close the cover gently. Tap the originals on a flat surface to even 10 sheets Legal the edges. For these kind of documents you can use the document table. The print out is cropped if you copy an original larger than A4. Placing the originals 3. Slide the edge guide until it is flush with the originals. English This product lets you send faxes by entering Checking your selected fax numbers or selecting entries from a speed dial list.

You can also set up the product to 1. Select Maintenance, then press OK. Connect the phone cable leading from the wall jack to the LINE port. Connect one end of another phone cable to the telephone or answering machine. If you need to change the region, use u or d to select your region. Press OK. An information screen is displayed. Select Yes, and then press OK to change the region.

Connect the other end of the cable to the 7. Press y Back until you return to the first EXT. Before sending or receiving faxes, you may Entering dial number want to create a fax header, select your fax preferences, and set up a speed dial list of frequently used fax numbers.

Select Fax Header, then press OK. You Space] moves the cursor one see the header information input screen. Entering characters 5.



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