Bizon, E. Kurt Performance analysis of the tracking of the global extreme on multimodal patterns using the Asymptotic Perturbed Extremum Seeking Control scheme. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 42 28

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Bizon, E. Kurt Performance analysis of the tracking of the global extreme on multimodal patterns using the Asymptotic Perturbed Extremum Seeking Control scheme.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy , 42 28 Zulueta, E. M Power control optimization of a new contactless piezoelectric harvester. GOR , E. KURT Waveform characteristics and losses of a new double sided axial and radial flux generator.

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Kurt, E. An analysis of the spatial homogeneity of a photodetector surface in an infrared image converter using the fractal dimension. Imaging Science J. An analysis of the image homogeneity in an ionozation type infrared image converter using the fractal dimension. Bolukdemir, Y. Akgun, E.


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