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Skip to main content. LHL Home. Log in Help. Advanced Search. Find results with: error div. Add another field. Search by date Search by date: from after before on from: to to:. Searching collections: Color and Optics. Add or remove collections. Home Color and Optics Front cover. Reference URL. Front cover. Page Flip View. Extra Large. Full Resolution. This page. Image Text search this item. Text Search There is no text for this item. Object Description Title Dioptrique oculaire.

Dioptrique oculaire. Subject Optics -- Early works to Telescopes -- Design and construction -- Early works to Identifier col Call Number QC Title Front cover. Thumbnails Content Dioptrique oculaire. Paste-down paper with bookplate. Blank page. Blank page, verso. Title page. Letter, first page. Letter, second page.

Letter, third page. Letter, fourth page. To the reader, first page. To the reader, second page. To the reader, third page. Order, first page. Order, second page. Order, third page. Table of Contents [Page 1]. Table of Contents [Page 2]. Table of Contents [Page 3]. Table of Contents [Page 4]. Table of Contents [Page 5]. Table of Contents [Page 6].

Table of Contents [Page 7]. Table of Contents [Page 8]. Table of Contents [Page 9]. Table of Contents [Page 10]. Table of Contents [Page 11]. Table of Contents [Page 12]. Table of Contents [Page 13]. Table of Contents [Page 14]. Table of Contents [Page 15]. Table of Contents [Page 16]. Table of Contents [Page 17]. Table of Contents [Page 18]. Table of Contents [Page 19]. Table of Contents [Page 20]. Table of Contents [Page 21]. Table of Contents [Page 22].

Table of Contents [Page 23]. Table of Contents [Page 24]. Table of Contents [Page 25]. Privilege of the King. Notice to Binder. Foreword, first page. Foreword, second page. Foreword, third page. Foreword, fourth page. Page 1. Page 2.

Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Plate, recto. Plate 3. Page 9. Page Plate 5. Plate 6. Plate, verso. Plate 7. Plate 8. Plate 9. Plate Table of Contents, A. Table of Contents, A - B. Table of Contents, B - C. Table of Contents, C. Table of Contents, C - D. Table of Contents, D - E. Table of Contents, E. Table of Contents, E - F. Table of Contents, F - H.


Dioptrique oculaire.




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