Deep down, isn't that what we all want? Power over others, power to induce them to do our bidding, power to get what we want when we want it. Even better, psychic power, so one can control people with the mind, without resistance or resentment. Just what I want for my birthday, in case you were wondering. That is the promise of this book.

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Deep down, isn't that what we all want? Power over others, power to induce them to do our bidding, power to get what we want when we want it. Even better, psychic power, so one can control people with the mind, without resistance or resentment. Just what I want for my birthday, in case you were wondering. That is the promise of this book. Its author, Frank Rudolph Young, says he is a master of yoga: whatever the truth of that claim it is apparent he is not a master of understatement.

The blurb on the rear cover tells us, for example, that this book will demonstrate:. That aside, Cyclomancy is so impressive in its scope that some might be sceptical about the reality of Young's claims, but he sets all such doubts aside by presenting some impeccable credentials:. There you are then. It must all be true, surely. Sometimes promises made on the exterior of a book are belied by its content, having been composed by some unscrupulous hack rather than its author.

However in this case the tone of wild overstatement is continued throughout, and in fact the content of the book is even more insane than its blurb suggests. You run into Martin on the street, in the office, at a social gathering, in your house, or his, the golf course or anywhere else. Instantly visualize his torso, from head to thighs, as secreting within it a profusion of acetylcholine at every Nerve Gap. Or you can just visualize his torso and at the same time think strongly of a juicy steak or of something else that you relish eating.

Maintain that thought or vision clearly for two seconds. This mental picture will automatically be telepathized into Martin's mind. It will be a picture of a painless torso, for acetylcholine is secreted by your loving nerves, and those are nerves of pleasure , not pain. Martin's conscious mind will subsequently ignore any pain sensations from his Sensations Recording Center which originated in his torso or which are caused by it reflexly, like a stomach headache.

So he feels better immediately and subconsciously associates you with that feeling. He is left eager to meet you or associate with again. You have created mutual rapport between you two To encourage people to fantasise about the torsos of those they meet, bathed in secretions, seems frankly dangerous.

I've seen American Beauty , you know. To write like this, one must have a very warped sense of humour, or none. To help you decide, here's some more of Young's strange advice:. When you lie there, win back a vacillating romantic partner, or wife or husband, with the Psychic Antidrom. Maybe later, when my Brain Horns are rested.

Gosh, I've overdone the Zembla again. Hi, i have copy of the book. You have some for Sale? Good Evening! Hi, I recently came across this Amazing author.. Frank Rudolph. I think that Frank, was wanting to help many people achieve just that?..

Please reach out to me. I am not a bookseller, Sam. I wish your daughter all the magnificent prospering possible, but I fear this book will not help.

It is merely a fraud perpetrated by the cynical on the gullible. Batz, the author makes audacious some would say ridiculous claims. He says you can learn how to move objects without touching them, for instance. It is not "negative" to doubt such extraordinary claims, it is reasonable, because generally people cannot do such things.

The book makes a lot of assertions but there is not one jot of evidence supporting any of them. It seems to me that it is much more likely that the author is a liar than that he really has some sort of magic powers.

There are an awful lot of liars in the world, after all. You could say pretty much the same thing about the Bible and all religions. But billions of people still believe. Do they teach you how to view objects at a distance of two thousand miles in your sales class? This nonsense has as much to do with quantum physics as it has with balloon modelling. Quantum physics has a coherent theoretical basis and it makes clear predictions about observable phenomena that can be verified, unlike Young's ramblings.

It is entirely the work of "intellectual minds", and it cannot be used to justify vague notions about psychic phenomena. I am not surprised to hear he wrote this same stuff in several forms to appeal to different classes of sucker. I have another book also published by Parker, apparently written by one Walter Delaney, that I would be willing to bet was also by the same hand. It has the same vainglorious style of bogosity. As Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but there is none to be found in this book.

Anyone can say they can perform powerful feats of magic, but as this video shows, the wise man avoids putting himself to the test. As it happens I used to believe all kinds of tosh. Gradually I realized that the many tosh merchants disagreed with one another in fundamental ways, and their systems could not be reconciled. So I stopped believing in it all, and I've never regretted doing so. The idea that believing in something for no good reason makes you in some undefined way superior to those of us who insist on rationality is a familiar one, but no less depressing.

You are the one with a narrow view, in my opinion. There surely are many things beyond my experience or understanding but that does not explain why anyone should believe in some intangible supposition purely on the word of another doubtless fallible human being.

It is preposterous. Especially because, as I said earlier, the believers disagree amongst themselves. A pox on all your houses! I doubt we'll ever be in agreement, if you can countenance that Young might have been anything other than a huckster. I'm not sure exactly what brand of tosh you favour The dreaded "Law" of Attraction, perhaps?

Humanity believed in and practised magic for thousands of years with bugger all to show for it; science came along relatively recently and here we are, actually communicating at a distance instead of pretending to do so. Bob, anyone who manages to contact you on the basis of this comment is probably so psychic they don't really need the book. Actually, "what needs to be understood" is that to convince others of your point of view it's wise to provide arguments based on evidence, rather than making a series of unfounded assertions.

Otherwise you are liable to be taken for a charlatan. And if you don't agree I shall melt your socks, simply by thinking about it. What, you don't believe me? Why ever not? Kerry, I am curious too. Curious as to why, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this book can impart any special powers or indeed that it contains any useful information at all , people such as yourself are willing to shell out inflated sums for it.

This book, and others published by Parker, such as Telecult Power and Ultra-Psychonics, scream "quack" from every page. Yet still people lap them up, apparently. Kerry, you come to a page on which I have roundly mocked a preposterous work of non-literature, and you gush about it as if it were written on tablets handed down from on high I don't care where you live or where you went to school, and the fact that you mention these things only makes you seem sillier.

It's what you do with your education that counts, not where you happened to get it. Only the shallow think otherwise. Where did Albert Einstein go to school? Mahatma Gandhi? As for rudeness, I'd like to say my late mother taught me everything I know, but she was a somewhat sweeter person than I. It's not a virtue to be rude, but it's not much of a sin, either.

Some of the most vicious bastards have excellent manners. Never mind, when you do get a copy of Cyclomancy, you'll be able to exact your revenge on me with your almighty psychic powers. You and all the others I have irked over the years: I wonder why I am not plagued with boils already.

Funny thing about engineers You practically wet your pants when someone makes these ridiculous assertions. You so want to believe this tosh, don't you? Never mind me, though, spoiling the fun as ever. Tell you what, if you have this so-called power, use it to induce me to stop saying your beliefs are utter bollocks. Shouldn't be too hard. Cause me to post another comment in this thread in which I agree with you.

Amaze us. Except you can't acquire x-ray vision simply through honesty, can you? For that you need to use the terrible power of Belief in Bullshit.


Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control

View Larger Image. IMO a nice an suitable copy of a super scarce piece of esoterica in the mystical arts. No dust jacket. This is NOT an x-library.


Cyclomancy - the Secret of Psychic Power Control

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