One of the common types of images files is TIFF. If you are a graphics designers or your work involves you having to deal with a couple of blogs on a daily basis, you would be having a lot of TIFF files. Storing them will definitely take a lot of space, since they are image files. You also may not need all these files immediately.

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But the documents scanned in TIFF or PDF formats occupy considerable storage space, making it too cumbersome to handle and organize the scanned files. Hence these documents are condensed using compress scan techniques. This method of compressing scanned documents has several advantages including - optimization of disk space for file storage, better usage of bandwidth while sharing scanned documents, easy handling of files for upload and transfer.

Documents scanned as PDF files can be compressed by two main methods : the lossy and lossless compression techniques. The main difference between these two techniques is the compromise which is made on either the size or the quality of scanned files. Lossy compression technique makes the file size much smaller, but also reduces the quality of the scanned document.

This technique can be used for compressing PDF files containing still images where there is less emphasis on quality. In contrast, lossless compression technique does not condense the scanned document as much as lossy technique does, but completely preserves the originality of the file.

The lossless compression technique is usually used for important text and data files where there is more emphasis on the reliability of information being compressed.

When one decides to decompress a file that has been compressed by lossy technique, the original file may not be recovered intact whereas lossless algorithms preserve the reliability of the file and do not change their contents.

There are many software applications that can be used to compress scanned documents and a number of them are also available for free. Open source software products are easily available online, but with limited options for usage.

For serious users, there are commercially available software applications that provide a wide variety of features such as - text search on scanned image file, different compression algorithms suitable for specific image types grayscale, black and white, color etc.

Based on the requirements, users can choose their software application for compressing scanned documents. Download Contact Store. Compress Scan. What is Compress Scan?


Compress PDF Files for Free Online

Portable Document Format or PDF offers several advantages over other file formats, which is why it is used so much today for file sharing and distributions. Information in such files is secure because of the many security features that PDF provides. PDF files can be easily sent by email and uploaded to web sites for information distribution. However, it is when the PDF file contains considerable text and image content that it becomes difficult to handle, which is where the need for PDF compression software comes in. PDF files can be compressed using compression software. PDF file compression software makes use of a special compression algorithm by which the file size is considerably reduced but the quality of content in the file is maintained as such.


Compress PDF Files

In instances wherein the PDF file is larger than it should be, some of the reasons that immediately come to mind are use of older PDF versions, inefficient conversion, and unoptimized elements among others. When you compress PDFs, the process is carried out internally, which means that the elements are optimized individually. The process to compress PDFs when done efficiently will result in a smaller sized file with the same quality and readability as the original. Utilities which compress PDFs can reach ratios anywhere from zero to 99 percent optimization. The algorithm is responsible for deleting non-essential objects in the document. Non-essential objects are those which are not used, or duplicate entries.


PDF Compressor and Online Conversion

To compress a PDF is very simple. There are various compression programs which can do this for you. The software available to compress PDF makes use of special algorithms and compression techniques by which the file size is reduced considerably. The quality however is maintained.

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